Putting a Baitcaster on a Spinning Rod (Explained)

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  • Date: June 16, 2022
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Creating an improper fishing gear combination can have negative effects on your catch rate.

Well, it turns out that using a baitcasting rod and reel combo is really bad for your catch rate. Why? Well you’re about to find out.

Can a Baitcaster Be Put On a Spinning Rod?

Maybe not,

While it may appear to be an excellent alternative, using a bait caster on a spinning rod is not advised.

First and foremost, let’s be clear: These two types of fishing rod are not meant for each other. Not only will using a bait casting reel on an spinning setup reduce the effectiveness All fishing methods have their pros and cons but it is important to be aware of the factors before choosing which one you’ll go with. Here are two examples where baitcasting might not work well for someone who wants more control over their line setting or use a spinning rod because they break easily when fighting big fish like salmon etc.

How Do Baitcasting Rods and Reels Compare to Spinning Rods and Reels

The differences between bait casting and spinning reel are many, but this is the most important one.

Reel Location

The way you fish with a spinning rod is different from the one who uses bait casting equipment. The reel of your fishing line will be mounted underneath when you are using spinning rod, while those using bait casting equipment have them on top.

You might not imagine the difference between spinning rods and bait caster, but let me assure you there is plenty. With an upside down orientation on your fishing line it’s difficult to get any luck with fishing.

It seems strange, doesn’t it? If you try and cast with a bait cast reel on a spinning rod, that’s essentially what you’ll be doing.

Blank Rod

The construction behind the blank rod is important because it enables them to cast correctly and get the best distance when fishing. Doing it in a way that is contrary could cost you your rod.

How Many Rings

The difference in design between baitcasting rods and spinning ones comes down to one thing how many rings there are. A fixed spool rod needs some because it requires few line off each time you cast; however, on a multiplier style rod (which is what most modern fishing tackle uses), this becomes an issue with the less aid formation for such heavy weighting of gear. The type of reel determines the size and weight limit for your catch. A fixed spool is designed to keep tight tension on line, while multiplier reels can let more than one length flow through at once depending how fast you pull back with each cast creating less resistance which means better releases.

Rod Weight

In general, spinning rods are much softer than bait casting reels. This has several benefits for fishermen such as being able to cast lighter lures further and fight bigger fish with a lighter rod/reel combo because of how it handles force from your arm when casting. Bait casting wheels on the other hand, have stiffer gearings that make them more appropriate for heavier tasks such as fishing over lakes or slow moving rivers where the slightest movement could cause a line break. The firm bait casting reel allows you to cast further and heavier baits while still feeling comfortable with lighter reels. They also offer more resistance when fighting large fish because it’s harder on your arm than a spinning rod would be, which is good if fishing over deep water where fatigue could set in quickly.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Baitcasting Reel on a Spinning Rod?

Check out these obvious reasons why you shouldn’t use baitcasting reels with spinning rods.

lose significant distance

Remember when I said that because the rod is spinning, there are less eyes on it? This indicates that you will have a lot of loose line flying during your cast. As a result, this will raise friction and cause you to lose significant distance in your throws. Spinning rods are a poor choice for fishing because they cast too far and lose line.

Possible Broken Rod                 

Spinning rods are invented to bend in a way. If you’re thinking that way then, it’s not backward.

Inverting the bait caster will enable you to use it with a spinning rod. In other words, you’ll be bending the rod backwards. This raises your chances of breaking your rod considerably.

May Lead To Line Twisting

Let’s create a scenario where fewer persons say less than five lifting a heavy object and on the other hand we have other groups who are more than ten with similar task. You already know which group has an easier task. The group with baitcasting rod will find it easier, as they can cast more lines without getting tired out quickly from having to reel them in all at once. While spinning rods have fewer hands resulting in more line pressure.

Using Baitcastner and Spinner Rod may lead to line twisting because of their different designs.

The truth is, if you don’t have a set of matching reels and rods with your fishing equipment it will be easy for others to spot that something’s not right. So what should we do? Pair up those spinning gears so they match.


Overtime, I have come to observe that a lot of people make mistakes when fishing. One of the most common I have seen is using a bait casting reel on spinning rods. Perhaps, one can get lucky someday right? But having a bait casting reel on your spinning rod is one of the worst things you can do. It makes you look unprofessional, and it will destroy your equipment and fish while also affecting your skills at catching anything. I know there are plenty out here who still think this pairing up isn’t half bad but trust me when I say that if we want to get serious about our fishing skills then putting something like these together just won’t cut it . Do the right thing.

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