Garmin ECHOMAP UHD 93sv Review

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  • Date: July 15, 2023
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Garmin has always had a knack for producing high-quality mapping devices, and their UHD series is no exception. The newest addition to this line up of products was released in late 2019 with many improvements over previous models including better resolution maps that make it easier than ever before possible navigate through unfamiliar territory without getting lost or having your journey interrupted by errors on screen.

Serious, serious anglers should consider the Echomap UHD 93sv. It may be one of your best options for finding that big fish in deep waters.

Whether you’re an angler looking for your next big fish or just want to have more fun on the water with friends and family, this UHD 93sv will do everything that’s needed. It doesn’t matter if there are any other types of electronics around because its powerful transducer makes up for their lack in comparison.

Technical Specifications

Max Depth800 ft
FrequencyCHIRP 150-240 kHz
ClearVü/SideVü 455 kHz (425-485 kHz), 800 kHz (790-850 kHz), 1000 kHz (940-1100)
Screen Size9″
Resolution400 x 800 pixels

Garmin Echomap UHD 93sv Key Features


The UHD 93sv offers you a big, bright 9” backlit display that is easy to use in any weather. This provides the perfect solution for fishermen who want their fish finder functionality without sacrificing comfort or visibility at night when it gets too dark out there on your boat.

Combo screens allow users to easily view all of their data in one place, such as maps and sonar views. Combo units have three main menu options that can be paired with other features for an even greater variety when looking at your surroundings underwater or on land alike.

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CHIRP sonar is a high-end fish finder that uses radio waves to detect and identify objects. It provides much better target separation, clarity of returns (sound), range capability than regular old fashioned boring single frequency transmissions can do.

The transducer that comes with this unit is fantastic! You might, however have a Panoptix or other high-end ducer you want to pair up the Echomap UHD. It’s very likely able – because it’s compatible across many types and makes of sensors including CHIRP frequency at 77kHz for hit depths below 2000 feet deep which means extreme range capabilities.


The UHD has an amazing range, considering how clear and sharp everything looks underwater. You can also turn off this feature if you want more distance between yourself and what is below or above the surface – but most people will find 125+ feet satisfactory enough for their needs.

Imaging gives you a ton of information on where fish are hiding and moving to. If fishing with CHIRP sonar is good for the bulk, then imaging should be given serious consideration when trying catch more than just breakfasts.


With Quickdraw, you can create your own maps and download them from the Garmin community. Using this app on a transducer will allow for 1-foot contour map drawing which makes it easier than ever before to see what’s going underwater! You also have an option of adding points or locations that are significant – these make marking favorite fishing spots easy as pie.

The Echomap UHD 93sv is a perfect choice for tournament fishers looking to take their game up another notch. Not only does it allow you mark points of interest and see contour in advance, but with its community sharing features this device has become something more than just functional – they’re also enjoyable!

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The UHD 93sv is a very flexible and easily accessible device. It can connect with several devices, including your phone for ActiveCaptain app use as well other Echomaps in the line up or Ultra ones too! The boat’s wide connectivity means you have access not only from NMEA 2000/0183 networks but also Steadycast sensors like those used by fishermen.

The Garmin Force is a wireless-enabled trolling motor that can autopilot you along any of the tracks. They’re going out on a limb to make navigation as easy and convenient for their customers.


This is a fish finder that has been so highly rated it might be one of the best on offer. It comes with features to suit any boat size and budget, including mapping capabilities – not just simple LCD screens which sometimes don’t give enough information about what’s below water level or how deep certain species like trout can go! The unit also lets you network seamlessly through your devices as well if need-be making this more than worthy investment.

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