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Review of the Best Surf Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

When we are heading to catch a big fish, then the first thing that comes into our mind is the rod and reel that we would use. When it comes to angling, the rod and reel is indeed the most important thing in this regard. This rod and reel combo is important for anglers. With a much vast available options in the rod and reels market, it is difficult to choose a combo that would be the most top class combination of the fishing rod and reel. And as we know that if you want to have a great fishing experience, then the fundamental requirement for this is having the proper gear. Here, having the proper gear means that we should be equipped with the best rod and reel combination that is available for us. This is because during surf fishing, we would have to handle large and powerful saltwater fishes. So for such an encounter during fishing, we definitely need the best combo of rod and reel that is available.

Penn battle II rod and reel combo

Well to be honest, in my opinion the penn battle 2 combo is the best surf fishing rod and reel combo out there. Out of so many options and choices that are available in the market, I would definitely recommend you guys this penn battle 2 combo because of the extraordinary features that it has. In terms of its performance, it is unmatchable. This rod and reel combo of penn definitely deserves the award of “editor’s choice”. I will surely give you a detailed analysis of this combo that will definitely make you agree that this penn battle 2 combo is the best available option.

This combination of penn fishing rod and fishing reel also called as the penn battle 2 combo is indeed the best combination to ever exist. It is a great reel, this combination is best in terms of money and this is a very nice combination overall. This fishing rod along with the spinning fishing reel combo is ideal for conquering bug saltwater fish. Overall there is the full metal body, side plate and a heavy-duty aluminium bail wire that gives this combination a much more durability. This combo also offers a drag system that is very powerful and the smoothness is just unexplainable. It also features the anti-reverse feature and the bearings are of stainless steel. The bearings offer extreme smoothness to the casting and retrieving process.

Key features – Penn battle 2 rod and reel combo


One important factor that is essential when you go for surf fishing is the cast. This is the point where a good fishing tackle and the overall design if the food and reel matter. This penn battle 2 combination offers such a design that is very much suitable for surf fishing experience. Also, this combo has an optimal weight and an extremely nice grip. 

This ideal weight and grip provide the angler with a great amount of comfort level during the surf fishing. The design of this combination is ergonomic and outstanding. It is indeed one of the most perfectly balanced design available. Therefore, it is definitely a much more reliable combination of surf fishing rod and reel to ever exist.


This penn battle 2 rod and reel combination has a very good sensitivity along with durability. This full metal body, side plate and rotor, the full metal build reel makes a lot of things possible. This combination has been forged with graphite composite construction that gives optimal durability to the rod and reel. 

If we talk about the spool, then it is made of anodized aluminum that basically allows you to tie super lines on the spool directly. This combination by penn is designed to catch fish with much more efficiency. I guess that is it, what a fishing rod and reel is made for.


If we talk about the overall functioning of this penn battle 2 combination, then it consists of 5+1 ball bearing system that are made of stainless steel. This super ball bearing system makes the casting and retrieving an extremely smooth experience. Further, the drag system along with the 5.6:1 gear ratio provide the best leverage during surf fishing. 

The penn battle 2 fishing reel is also equipped with the HT-100 drag system that is made up of carbon fiber. This drag system without any doubt exponentially increases the overall drag efficiency. Further, this reel does not require any monofilament backing. This is because the of the anti-reverse feature. This anti-reverse bearing allows the user to use a super line that would not slip off. Hence, no need of monofilament backing. Another important aspect is the line capacity rings that shows the angler that how much line is left. 

If we consider the rod, then it is a 2 piece blank that has fast action and is quite powerful. Also, the rod has its own stainless steel guides. These guides basically allow the smooth line slides. The best thing about this combination is that it is useful in both conditions, freshwater as well as the salt water conditions. Therefore, this penn battle 2 combination has its own specialities that make it the best choice for surf fishing.


This is indeed the best combination of rod and reel that is available at such an affordable and reasonable price range. Its price is very much appropriate.


This penn battle 2 rod and reel combination has definitely gained well deserved popularity. It is a combination of sensitivity as well as power. The full metal body, rotor and side plate along with full metal design reel make it extremely durable combination. Further the features that this combination offers are just outstanding. The anti-reverse feature, the HT-100 drag system, the line capacity rings and many more extraordinary features make this combination the best. What I conclude is that this combination is definitely a great pick for anglers. This combination has definitely got the best features and specific options.

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