Garmin Striker 4 Ice Fishing Review

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  • Date: July 15, 2023
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Garmin wants to take an important place in the fishfinder market, it strikes again but this time even stronger with the STICKER 4 for ice fishing.

This echo sounder Garmin Striker 4 for ice fishing  embeds CHIRP technology for breathtaking images. Nothing will escape you, at least on the screen, at the end of the line for sharp images and unbelievable target separation.

A Bi-beam transom (TA) sensor (77/200 kHz) is included, although you can connect this sounder to the built-in probes of Minn Kota and MotorGuide engines.

The STRIKER echosounder is a tool designed to locate fish and locate submerged structures especially in ice area , but also to remember the location of your favorite fishing corners to find them more easily. The built-in GPS also indicates your speed background (SOG).

4 ” full sun screen and intuitive user interface Rugged design designed to withstand all environments.

The STRIKER ™ 4 for ice fishing with integrated GPS and almost 4 ” screen integrates a CHIRP sounder for breathtaking and perfectly detailed images. this built-in GPS that will allow you to mark and join waypoints for reuse later to trace your paths but also to display the speed of your boat.

Nobody has an idea about your favorite fishing areas when you have the STICKER 4

The sharpness of the CHIRP sounder

The STRIKER ™ 4 echosounder features CHIRP technology to give you clear, detailed images. The Garmin CHIRP sounder provides optimal target discrimination and excellent resolution in shallow, deep waters. The underwater reliefs are perfectly visible even at sustained navigation speeds. This sounder also has advanced signal processing capabilities for an ever more accurate rendering of what’s happening under your boat.

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Garmin GPS Echo Finder

GPS echo sounder

The built-in high sensitivity GPS antenna displays your GPS position wherever you are. The GPS allows you to memorize the position of your favorite fishing spots or note the position of the launching wedge. It also allows you to quickly navigate to different points and find your fishing spots with ease. Finally, the STRIKER ™ 4 allows you to display the speed of the boat so that you can maintain a suitable speed in the restricted areas or succeed your drift.

Designed for you

With the STRIKER ™ 4 ice fishing echosounder, fishing becomes child’s play. Designed to work in the most hostile environments, it has an ultra bright sunscreen and anti-reflective coating. The intuitive user interface makes navigation easy, no matter what features you need. So, you are ready to face all situations once on the water.

STRIKER depth sounders are delivered “ready to use”. Everything you need to start fishing is provided in the box including a rear mount (TA) or electric motor mounted probe.

Main duties :

  • Available in 3.5 “, 5” and 7 “
  • Built-in GPS antenna for storing waypoints
  • Robust design, designed to withstand the toughest conditions
  • Swivel / tilt bracket
  • Displays the bottom speed (COG)
  • Possibility of sharing the echosounder data with another STRIKER echo sounder or with an echoMAP GPS handset
  • Optional portable kit to take your echosounder anywhere with you

Echosounder functions:

  • All models incorporate a traditional CHIRP echo sounder
  • Compatible with a wide range of 50/200 kHz, 77/200 kHz probes, as well as Minn Kota and MotorGuide integrated electric motor probes
  • Transmitting power: 300W (RMS)
  • Locking the bottom
  • Integrated flasher mode for vertical fisheries
  • Shared screen zoom
  • Ultrascroll: ensures faster refreshment of the echo sounder image
  • Fish symbol (Fish ID)
  • Auto Sensitivity (for cleaner echoes, no noise)
  • Customizable depth line (helps identify the depth of a target)
  • A-scope (displays echoes of fish passing in the beam of the probe in real time)
  • Chart and water temperature log
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  • Temperature sensor built into the probe
  • Screen size: 3.5 “
  • Screen type: HVGA
  • Screen resolution: 480 x 320
  • Power supply: 10-20V
  • Power consumption (at 12V DC): 2.8 W
  • Max depth (with probe included): 480 m
  • Caliper type: Swivel / tilt
  • Compatible frequencies:- Traditional: 50/77 / 200kHz- CHIRP (avg, high)
  • Probe included: Bi-bundles (77/200 kHz)
  • Sealing standard: IPX 7
  • Transmitting power: 200 W (RMS)
  • Shared screen zoom: Yes

The probe :

  • 4-pin connector
  • Power: 500 W
  • Max depth 274 m
  • Frequencies: 77/200 kHz
  • Cone angle: 45 ° / 15 °
  • Suitable for hull inclinations between 0 and 70 degrees
  • Supplied with TA probe, mounting kit and documentation

In the box :

  • STRIKER screen
  • GT20-TM probe
  • Rear-Panel (TA) mounting brackets or electric motor
  • Power cable
  • Reclining stirrup
  • Documentation

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