Simrad GO7 XSR Review

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  • Date: July 9, 2023
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Simrad GO7

The powerful multifunction displays in the Simrad GO7 is designed to make your life easier and allow you to make the most of your trips to the sea, thanks to its latest technological innovations, which ensure quality, safety and efficiency everywhere and always.

They are perfect for small sport fishing and pleasure boats and for the central consoles, The Go7 Xse is fully customizable according to your type of boat and your favorite aquatic activities in its form, as for its operation, the display of its Screen is also customizable according to your wishes, with shortcuts to the most used and wished options, choose a background etc, thanks to the adjustable views on split screen.

The Simrad GO7 is equipped with the latest technological advances, especially the ultra-clear and pure imaging of its multifunctional touchscreen, equipped with a built-in GPS which serves to precisely locate your activities at any time, also we add a sonar module , wireless connectivity and a NMEA 2000® network tailored to international standards in the electronics and electrical industries.

So you can connect, or browse, connect and control your mobile devices and accessories via WIFI functionality, with the GO7 also you can navigate with confidence and security in a professional level thanks to the sonar module. This way you can choose the safest and shortest paths to save time, fuel and energy that can be used to make other things.

GO7 XSR SIMRAD: The powerful and compact multifunction display

simrod 7

The Simrad GO7 XSR is a 7 ” scalable 7 ” multifunctional touch screen with 800 x 480 pixels. The GO7 XSR is fully customizable depending on your type of boat and your favorite water activities. In full use you can organize the layout of each function and choose what to display and on what panel size.

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 The new GO7 XSR is now compatible with Simrad’s radar antennas. It has a radar plug that will allow you to add this function by associating it with a BR24 or Halo type antenna (optional) to access all the functions of your device.

simrad on boat

The GO7 XSR has in addition to the GPS function, a sonar function of last generation. In fact, the integrated sounder gives you access to Broadband CHIRP technology for a classic high quality sounder, then Structure Scan HD for an almost photographic image of the background. By associating a suitable probe you will be able to access these functions.

fish in sea

In this case, the TA HDI / CHIRP 83/200/455 / 800kHz sensor delivered with the GO7 XSR allows you to access Broadband CHIRP (83 / 200kHz) and DownScan Imaging (455 / 800kHz) sounder functions.

The Simrad GO7 XSR can also manage the audio installation of your boat. If you connect it to SonicHub 2 then you can stream music from your tablet or smartphone, play USB sticks or simply listen to AM / FM radio.

What’s more to add!!  it is a perfection of the 21th century!!!

The GO7 XSR integrates a Wifi communication system that allows it to access innovative functions via the internet. Just bring the device back to your home, connect it to the internet to download updates, maps, etc. Wifi connection will also allow you to control your screen from a tablet or smartphone.

Radar options

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