Best quantum code reel For 2022

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  • Date: July 15, 2023
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Quantum Code reel is made with the highest quality materials and technologies to guarantee exceptional performance. Ideal for casting and fishing for any type of predator, will allow you to make incredible catches.

An affordable front drag reel with plastic frame from Quantum, enhanced with a “metal” finish.

Naturally, it is equipped with the most requested features such as the Long Stroke coil and the infinite check.

The very low tolerances in its construction for a reel at this price level guarantee a very long service life.

The body of this fishing reel from the casting is made of aluminum, while the wire guide roller is made of titanium, so you will all have the strength and resistance necessary to undertake difficult fishing sessions. Equipped with ultra light spool with ACS, control system, in order to greatly reduce the risk of wigs, with Queues, you can maintain the best control at each stage and to make long and precise shots.

Available in many colors, the black color gives it a little retro feel, its openwork coil and foot confirm it as new for 2017. Due to its size, it is intended for trout and pike perch but as we tested during the closed season of the first, we fell back on the second .The coil is lined with a 0.12 mm braid and the winding of the turns is impeccable. It was in Europe that we first used it, starting with the black bass with stick bait and soft lures. 

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No problem to throw at thirty meters and not the slightest wig. Opening and closing the basket handle is a bit hard, nothing abnormal on a new reel and the recovery remains soft and fluid. The brake reacts well, even on a 4 kg catfish. . Zander made up the majority of the catch without putting the equipment in difficulty, common and Iberian barbels plus some crucian carp came to join the table confirming the robustness and reliability of this reel.

Also suitable for turning and capturing the bass, this casting reel is equipped with a “turning switch” which allows control of the output of the wire, thanks to the key with self-return, if it is released , re-activate the infinite non-return and block the coil.

With the Quantum Code reel your lance will reach incredible distances, and be able to enjoy absolutely incredible performance fishing sessions.

Carectere Of The Quantum code reels

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