Shimano Stradic FJ Review

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  • Date: July 9, 2023
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True to the reputation of the Stradic, this shimano stradic FJ model benefits from excellent value for money. Renowned for their rapid recovery and exceptional fluidity, the Stradics are sure values! This FJ version has one more bearing than the FD and its crank is simple. The “X-Ship” system guarantees smooth rotation and rigidity of the gears. The “Aerowrap II” oscillation and the AR-C coil optimize the throws.

Shimano stradic FJ reel. if you want a reel made of the latest technology with exceptional qualities? of course this stradic FJ reel from the innovators at Shimano: machined aluminum x-ship technology makes the handle easier to handle, with or without load / weight.

Also equipped with a rotor made of graphite which ensures lightness and resistance, flange entirely metallic, as well as the gears of paladin for more durability.

 Aero Wrap II oscillation reduces the line-to-line of friction for longer throws; super stopper II non-return uses a one-way roller bearing which eliminates back-play. Provides you with Instant hook-setting power

Dyna-balance which ensures a perfect balance during your throws and your recoveries to eliminate tremors and instability even if you are in motion.

 Propulsion function guarantees you longer throws without max effort, while considerably reducing the risk of reactions, wind knots or tangles of cables; fluidrive II has a great Gear master polished using a dressing process, increasing the efficiency of recovering it; Direct drive mechanism; slide waterproof; easy port maintenance for corrections.

Stradic: excellent value for money, fast recovery and fluidity, stradic are safe values.

Stradic has one more bearing than the FD and its crank is simple. The “X-ship3” system guarantees smooth rotation and rigidity of the gears. The “Aerowrap” oscillation and the AR-c spool optimize the launch.

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Its particular design takes on the look of previous versions, adding an avant-garde touch.

The stradic FJ always benefits from the high ratio which characterizes the series

The new Stradic incorporates the latest X-SHIP technology, which ensures excellent fluidity whatever the traction exerted on the line.

Characteristics :

– X-SHIP technology

– Propulsion Line Management

– S A-RB bearings very resistant to corrosion

– New machined aluminum handle

– Waterproof brake, aluminum rotor, maintenance port

– Other technologies: Shimano “SR” system, Power Roller III, S-Arm Cam, Aero Wrap II, Fluidrive II, Floating axis, Dyna-Balance, Super stopper

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