Raymarine Axiom 7 Review

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  • Date: July 15, 2023
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The Raymarine AXIOM 7 is one of the most popular fish finding devices which come with GPS and chart plotting functionalities. The AXIOM series is unique amongst the range of Raymarine fish finders due to its ability to be expandable and compatible with rest of the Raymarine devices. Multiple models are available with different sets of features.



The 7 in Raymarine AXIOM 7 indicated the display screen dimension which is a 7 inch LCD screen with a pixel matrix of 800 x 480 WVGA, and 1200 nits brightness,. The keypad-less, multitouch device is designed to mimic a tablet screen. The optically bonded display along with the LED backlighting makes it easier, reduces strain on the eye when viewing it under daylight and night time.

It has a high resolution, which leads to enhanced sharpness, hence the user can get a clear picture of the water body in which he is fishing, ascertain the movements of the fish and catch them accordingly. 

The screen can also be viewed in the dark because of its vibrant backlit display. It also has accurate side imaging features, which help us distinguish one fish from the others based on their color and also offers a clear contrast between the fish and water

Raymarine AXIOM 7 features an IP-X6 and IP-X7 waterproof rating, which means it can handle rain and water splashes but should not be submerged in water deeper than 3.3ft for longer than 30 minutes

AXIOM 7 features Raymarine’s LightHouse 3 OS. This allows the user to customize their home screen to their preference with the apps they would like to access quickly. The interface is user-friendly and powered by a quad-core processor, which ensures proper functioning and quick and smooth operation.

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Raymarine AXIOM 7 comes with the RV-100 all-in-one transducer. It supports High CHIRP as well as DownVision and SideVision. It has provision to attach an additional external sonar without changing the transducer.

Additional features include:

  • Temperature sensor
  • Gyro stabilization provided by 28 ft cable

The type of radars compatible with Raymarine AXIOM 7 is Quantum, HD color, Super HD color, and digital radars.

The unit does not utilizes CHIRP technology for 2D,covers frequencies of 50 and 200 kHz with the beam  being angulated at 25°.

It reaches a maximum depth of 900 ft for CHIRP, 600ft for DownVision, and 300ft for SideVision and RealVision 3D.


The Raymarine AXIOM 7 comes with Navionics Nav+ charts for the coastal US and Canada and is also compatible with Navionics Nav+ for Central and South America, LightHouse Coastal Vector Charts, and C-MAP Essentials and C-MAP 4D MAX+ with future LightHouse 3 updates. The GPS in this device is a highly precise system 10Hz GPS/GLONASS module. The 72-channel GPS provides faster satellite acquisition, increased sensitivity and accurate location making the power consumption significantly less. The GPS also calculates the speed of the boat and lure. It has enhanced satellite acquisition and improved sensing mechanisms updating the location of the boat rapidly.

The autopilot app that comes with Raymarine AXIOM 7 is compatible with numerous AIS and radar units. AXIOM 7 can store up to 10,000 waypoints with 150 routes (250 waypoints) and 16 tracks (up to 10,000 points per track).


 The Raymarine AXIOM 7 includes an in-built NMEA 2000, USB, and Ethernet ports as well as a microSD card slot apart from WiFi and Bluetooth options. It can be connected to SeaTalkNG with an additional A06045 DeviceNet adapter

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cable (F). It requires a 400mm DeviceNet female adapter cable, to connect with Sea Talk. It requires a 0.5A charging external storage device or accessory, to connect with the built-in USB port.

Can be connected with multiple devices and portals due to its versatile networking system.



  • Beginner-friendly User interface
  • RealVision 3D 
  • Down and SideVision  
  • CHIRP capability 
  • High-precision 10Hz 72-channel GPS 
  • Navionics+ for the US and Canada 
  • Autopilot 
  • High-quality multi-touch screen 
  • Numerous connectivity options, including Wi-Fi and NMEA 2000 


  • Not compatible with Lighthouse 2
  • Keypad not available

The The Raymarine AXIOM 7 with its versatile and unique , easy-to-use interface and high resolution, wide display screen,  is one of the best fish finder devices available in the market. It is the best buy option for its price with its plethora of advanced features making it one of the must-haves for amateurs as well as professionals.

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