Shimino Saragosa review

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We can definitely say that the Shimao Saragosa series of reels has been the best saltwater fishing reel since its inception. This reel has been present in the market for a long time.

The important thing about the Saragosa is that it has some high-end features or features that were previously available only in the most expensive series of Shimano. The Shimano Saragosa series is available in six models.

The smallest variant is the Saragosa 5000 whereas the largest or top-end variant is the Saragosa 25000 model. Although these Saragosa series have large sizes, still if we talk about their weights, then these are lightweight with an all aluminum metal body.

The weight of the smallest variant is approximately 16 ounces whereas the top end model has weight 34 ounces.

Key features – Shimano Saragosa Fishing Reel

This Shimano Saragosa series offers a lot of high-end features that were previously available only in the most expensive reels of Shimano.

We will discuss these features in detail.


If we talk about the overall body of the Shimano Saragosa, then it is indeed made up of the high-quality hagane body.

This hagane body is a cold-forged aluminium frame that is known for its strength and durability.

This body is more rigid and it basically withstands the torque of even larger fish.

Another important advantage of a rigid body is that we do not lose any cranking power. Previously this feature used to be available in high-end reels by Shimano but now, this high-quality body is available in the Saragosa series as well.

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The gears in the Saragosa are also quite impressive in their functioning. These gears provide the smoothest retrieve that you will ever experience.

These gears are not cut but are rather forged. The hagane cold forged gears are definitely good performing gears present in the Saragosa series.

And if we consider the durability of the gears, then Shimano uses the combination of hardened brass along with cold-forged aluminium gears. This cold forging of the gears causes fewer defects in gears and make them smoother in their functioning.

This combination of brass and cold-forged aluminium gears is referred to as the paladin gears durability enhancement by Shimano.


Another most important aspect of the gear system is the presence of an X-ship.This X-ship basically provides a smoother as well as a stronger gear system.

This mechanism makes sure that more power is transferred from the handle to the rotor. Furthermore, the presence of A-RB bearings causes more stability as well as durability during extreme situations.

X- tough drag system

Now if we talk about the drag system present in the Saragosa series, then this series by Shimano consists of an X-tough drag system.

This system consists of oversized washers. The reason behind the presence of these oversized washers is that these add greater drag stability. Along with increasing the stability, these also decrease the wobble in the reel.

Overall, this increased stability enhances the overall performance of the reel and makes the retrieving process of the reel more smooth.

Another important aspect about these washers is that they are absolutely watertight. These do not allow even a single drop of water to enter into the reel.

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If we consider the bearings in the Saragosa series, then these are the S A-RB shielded ball bearings.

In the smaller series, there are a total of 5 bearings along with an anti-reverse ball bearing whereas, in the larger models, there is an extra ball bearing along with the anti-reverse ball bearing.

Line management system

If we talk about the lip of the spool, then it is cold-forged and titanium coated. This is because it lets the line roll-off smoothly over the spool.


This combination basically reduces the friction significantly during the casting process.

Therefore, this reduced friction enables you to achieve longer casts.


This is also a new technology in the mid-range reels as previously this X-shield technology used to be present in high-end reels of Shimano.

This shield basically protects the reel from the sand as well as water. It prevents the reel from damage due to water. This X-shield consists of sealing gaskets and rings in critical areas.

The presence of these rings and gaskets prevents the penetration of water and sand inside the reel and hence preventing it from damage.


What I conclude is that this reel is an excellent choice for you if you are looking for a waterproof reel that will have some high-end features and would be more durable and dependable, then definitely this is the best choice indeed.

This is an overall smooth reel that has an effective drag system. Therefore this reel is a good option as this reel is much more durable and is extremely smooth in terms of its functioning.

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If you consider your budget, then this is indeed a high-quality reel. This reel with its amazing gear design is definitely a good choice.

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