Best 2023 Shimano Spinning Reels

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When you go fishing, it is important to check the equipment that you will take with you, namely the bait, the rod, but especially the reel. For the latter, remember to choose it carefully. Before purchasing, there are a few selection parameters to consider. These criteria are essential in order to benefit from the best conditions of use during your activity. We therefore advise you not to rely on a single product comparison.

In order to choose your specimen well, try to examine a few details, including the type, dimensions, or even the constituent elements. However, if you are reading this between two pressing activities, then take a look at the less bulky models like the Shimano Sienna Faith, or if you want to bet on the simplicity of use, take a look at the characteristics of the Shimano Ultegra XSD.

Christmas is an opportunity for many fishermen to renew the fishing equipment! So I decided to make a small selection of reels for any budget! Reels with the best quality / price ratio in their category which will bring complete satisfaction to their user.

How to choose good Shimano reels?

The choice of a reel should not be done at random. At the risk of making a bad investment, it is important that you consider a good number of criteria. You will then adapt them to your usual uses.

First, you need to know in advance that there are two main categories of reels on the market. Models with fixed or rotating drums. The first type is used because it is easy to handle. The second focuses on the braking performance of the coil.

You will have to elect your material according to your user profile, but above all, depending on the nature of your activity if you will perform the fishing with the blow, with the sharp, the carp, the knock and many others still

You will need to take a look at the size of your future device. It must be proportional to the rod you have in hand and to your body type. However, do not forget to check the line body recovery capacity, the turn of the crank, but also the speed ratio. The higher the latter, the more you will benefit from efficient equipment in terms of recovery.

The manufacturing material is also an element not to be overlooked. When you are there, it is obvious that you will not be protected from humidity. Therefore, favor references that are not likely to rust overnight. In this area, the most popular with buyers are carbon and stainless steel equipment.

    For optimal user comfort, focus on light models with multiple bearings. Thus, you will not encounter congestion concerns.

What are the best Shimano reels of 2020?

1- Shimano Stella FI

  The new Stella                                                

The Stella Shimano is recognized worldwide. It is one of the most coveted reels and the flagship of Shimano. But the Stella is much more than engineering excellence. It has a history, a soul and provides multiple pleasures. The simple fact of owning a Stella reel is already a source of great pride and immense pleasure for fishermen who are passionate about its mechanics. With a Stella in hand, you feel like a fisherman like never before. Discover the new generation of Stella from now on: take one and savor the pride and pleasure it will give you … after all, you deserve it!

Design and Innovation by Stella

Behind the graceful and elegant lines of the new Stella are hidden technological innovation and brilliant engineering, which gives it an unequaled fishing performance. Almost all of the components of the new Stella have been redesigned and improved. New gear systems, bearings, and even some internal components have been repositioned to create a reel that, in addition to having a more pleasant grip, will undoubtedly meet all your challenges. A first grip will allow you to fully appreciate this innovation: the finesse of the rotor when you give life to your swimming fish, the softness of the brake when fighting with the fish, the power of the gears when it is time to show him who dominates. . . The new Stella undoubtedly sets the bar

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much higher in terms of design, innovation and performance. It also pushes the pleasures of fishing even further, to become an unforgettable experience in itself.

An Incredible Softness

 MicroModule gear technology on the spindle reduces vibration during oscillation: a breakthrough in design, which delivers incredible softness without sacrificing the reel’s strength and durability. Such softness gives greater sensitivity than your rod, line and lure can transmit to your hand.

Reduced Vibrations

Compared to the previous generation of Stella, the size of the gear teeth has been reduced, in favor of their number which increases by 35%. This innovation linked to cutting-edge technology makes it possible to obtain 20%

less vibration. This reduction in vibrations benefits the fisherman, offering him a more sensitive

important. The increase in the number of teeth between the pinion and the drive wheel – 15% thicker – offers a smoother performance, without loss of power or resistance!

Infinite Anti-Return

The new design of the non-return bearing reduces friction inside the mechanism, allowing a lighter crank rotation. This flexibility combined with the extreme softness of the rotation reinforces the sensations that the reel provides: an emotion signed Stella.

“S-Direct” gear

“S-Direct” technology improves the alignment of the gear components inside the reel. By reducing the movement of critical parts of the reel, Shimano has eliminated the few minor flaws that may have existed in previous models. The result is an incredible feeling of solidity, maximizing the power and energy of the Stella.

“G Free” frame

The “G Free Body” technology has been developed to bring the center of gravity closer to the rod. To make this modification, the oscillation mechanism was moved 19mm from the bottom to the top of the reel. By moving the center of gravity of the reel closer to the angler’s hand, the “G Free Body” system reduces fatigue and improves comfort during casting.

Front Brake Performance

To further improve brake performance and functionality, two new key features have been developed for the new Stella.

1. The size and shape of the front brake dial have been increased and improved to allow precise adjustments to be made in a simple and comfortable manner.

2. The coil spring is added to the new Stella to increase the power of the brake. With the coil spring design, the brake curve maintains its angle as the power of the brake increases, which allows stability and precision at all levels of adjustments.

Improved Wire Tie

Our previous wire tie was perfect for standard diameter lines, but sometimes encountered difficulties with thicker wires. The design of this new wire tie allows you to fish safely with braids like monofilaments of all diameters, from the thinnest to the thickest. You are therefore assured that your line will not move during transport.

Titanium Pick-Up Arms   ,    A longer coil     ,    “CoreProtect”     … 

2. Shimano Sienna Faith Size 2500

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Go fishing calmly with this model which stands out from the other Shimano reels in our selection with its weight of only 260 g. In your business, it will not weigh you down, nor will you feel the effect of its weight when positioned on the rod.

This specimen with a size of 2500 is capable of supporting fish from 1 to 4 kg. You can then consider practicing your activity in fresh water as at sea. This model of fixed drum type is easy to set up. You will not need to use your toolbox for installation.

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It can be suitable for all user profiles. Whether you are new to the subject or an avid fisherman, this Shimano reference will be of great help to you in your activity.

The Sienna FE is a versatile reel designed to track trout like freshwater predators (pike, zander and perch). It’s a successful entry-level with this reliable Shimano reel, ideal for the occasional angler.


  • Bearings: 1 + 1
  • TMV: 72 cm
  • Weight: 270 gr
  • Brake: 4 kg
  • Capacity: 240 m in 20/100 – 160 m in 25/100
  • Ratio: 5.0: 1

3- Shimano Stradic Ci4+ FB

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 The total overhaul of the Stradic CI4 + FB is a significant improvement over the previous range. The weight has been reduced by 5 grams or more, while other operational features have been improved to further reduce the feeling of weight. This model was developed around Shimano’s G-Free body, where the oscillating and worm gear system was moved closer to the spool rod. This lowers the center of the coil of gravity and makes it feel lighter in the hand. To enhance the feeling of lightness and tactile feather rotation, the new CI4 + FB model is delivered with the latest Magnumlite rotor. This new rotor design is unlike any other competing product. The design allows better rotational stability and increased rigidity, while being lighter than the previous model. The next update was the inclusion of Coreprotect. Coreprotect is a water repellent protective coating placed in the roller clutch and the line roller to prevent water from entering these key areas. Finally, this series comes with Hagane Gear. Shimano cold forged gears are smoother, stronger and more durable than others on the market. This gives the coil a much smoother speed transition, but also a lot of pulling power.

LIGHTWEIGHT SERIES: all of Shimano’s high technology at the service of maximum lightness.

HGN GEAR: Hagane gears for unequaled flexibility of operation and total precision thanks to Shimano cold forging technology. On the contrary, traditional gears (die-cast or machined) are less resistant with heavy loads. A major advantage for power, lightness and softness.

HAGANE BODY: the extremely rigid aluminum frame treated against corrosion constitutes an ideal shell to protect all the precision bearings and gears. This real breastplate is ultra resistant to shocks, it eliminates the losses of power caused by bending and it offers a perfect barrier against the aggressions of external elements.

X SHIP: technology offering incredible flexibility of rotation in traction thanks to the oversized and hyper-adjusted control wheel. Excellent rigidity and unrivaled power.

G FREE BODY: technology that brings the center of gravity closer to the rod to improve balance and fishing comfort. The mechanism has to be modified in depth, the axis of oscillation has been moved from the bottom to the top of the reel.

X AERO WRAP II: double oscillation speed and X Aero Wrap II system which ensure perfect storage of the line body on the spool.

COREPROTECT: system of seals and hydrophobic coatings which protect the reel from water intrusion without creating a feeling of hardness on each critical part: the non-return, the frame and the roller. The new monobloc roller on the bearing is waterproof and requires little maintenance.

ONE PIECE BAIL: one-piece pick-up (solidity, lightness and maximum precision).

SUPER STOPPER II (high tech non-return): when the reel is in the non-return position, there is no more play thanks to the “Super Stopper II” system. This absence of play allows micrometric adjustment for a hooking (important advantage for all ultra precise fishing).

• CI4 +: the CI4 + is an evolution of the CI4 material which considerably reduces the weight of the reel. The reel frame is 50% more rigid and the rotation is even more fluid. The internal reel mechanism works like a real Swiss watch.

• POWER ROLLER: maximum reduction of the twist of the thread, both during casting and recovery thanks to perfect positioning of the thread on the spool.

MAGNUMLITE ROTOR: latest generation ultra light rotor. Super size-to-weight ratio for even smoother rotation.

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S A-RB: highly corrosion-resistant AR-B bearings covered with protection against sand, salt or dust.

AR-C LIGHT SPOOL: openwork spool in cold forged aluminum equipped with the patented “AR-C” system with V-shaped lip and titanium coating which generates smaller turns for optimized throws. The 15% longer reel increases casting distances.

4. Shimano ULT 14000 XSD Surfcasting Reel Front drag

The Ultegra 14000 XSD Reel is one of the great innovations of the Japanese company Shimano.

It is a big pit reel, with a big reel, dedicated to deep sea fishing in surf casting, but also in fresh water for all these techniques require long throws. In fact, the peculiarity of this fishing reel is in the wire imbobinamento, much improved compared to the previous version XSC, thanks to the technology of the oscillation super lenta, which until last year only on the reels top of range, is now applied to these new Ultegra, equipped with a price more accessible to all.

The Ultegra 14000 XSD is also equipped with Instant Slip, or a clutch is the fast closing on a moment: it makes us faster and faster, the launch phases, it takes very little time to tighten the clutch before launching.

Entirely designed in robust elements, this specimen does not fear corrosion or humidity. In this sense, you are not likely to change equipment for a long time if you plan to buy it.

 This specimen is suitable for freshwater fishing as well as for activities at sea. With its bearings of 4.5, the comfort of use is assured. You are not likely to see knots forming on the reel or to feel tension during your throws.

Parallel Body technology, instead, makes sure that the spool is perfectly parallel to the raw rod, which is so that the spools of thread do not touch the barrel, and then lose speed in phase from the reel and immediately shorten our launches.

The products in the only version of the 14000, but with 4 reducers to adapt the roller with a diameter of angling (which is very appreciated by those who fishing surf casting) are the reels which are just just for those looking for the top at the right price.

Other features:

  • Size: 14000
  • Bearing: 1 protected bearing S A-RB + 3 stainless steel bearings
  • Oscillation: Aero Wrap + Super Slow Double Speed
  • Number of turns per oscillation: 50
  • Recovery per turn of the crank: 103cm
  • Spare coil: 1 in cold forged aluminum
  • Handle: Simple machined aluminum
  • Maintenance port: Yes (built)
  • Bearing: 3 + 1
  • Weight: 645g
  • Ratio: 4.3: 1
  • TMV: 103 cm
  • Capacity: 400m of 0.40mm

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5- SHIMANO STRADIC HG, 1000 Freshwater Fishing Reel

Shimano is probably best known for making bicycle components, but they use this technology to make some of the best fishing reels in the area. The Stradic has been around for a while and has gained popularity with both amateur and professional anglers. We chose it as our Premium choice because it is one of the best spinning reels on the market. Reels tend to be cheaper than their bait and trolling counterparts, but this one costs well over \$ 100, so you’re going to have to be very serious about your fishing if you are considering one.

They are available in sizes from 1,000 to 5,000, with the larger models asking for an even higher price. But you get serious coil technology for that. It is equipped with a transmission and a Hagane body, which makes it robust and extremely stable. Then there is the Dyna-balance rotor and the Fluidrive II system, which provide incredibly smooth launch and recovery. This, combined with the amazing construction of Shimano, makes it the smoothest, most durable and most reliable reel on this list. If you fish at night, check out our guide to the best underwater fishing lights.


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