Humminbird 999ci HD SI Review

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  • Date: July 9, 2023
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Humminbird 999ci HD SI Review

Here we are again to serve you and bring you closer to your goals.

Are you sick of coming home without bringing fish after a long day in the waters, you have programmed a picnic but you ask the question and having doubts about the possibility of finding fish to complete your dishes?

Today we have brought you a revolutionary technology of fish detection, a brand new mapping device to save you time, energy and energy, so always win competitions at tournaments with your colleagues. is the Humminbird 999ci HD SI, the magic that has transformed traditional fishing into a modern science.

Now you start asking the big questions about the price, about reliability, its life time as well as its availability and ease of use

What is the Humminbird? 

Humminbird has developed the Down Imaging technology that allows you to see exactly what is submerged under your fishing boat. With a fascinating realism. In the search for ever more performance, Humminbird has developed Side Imaging technology that allows you to see the bottom of the water as if it were open. Discover on the screen of your Humminbird a 3D representation of photographic quality. The Humminbird is powerful and very easy to use thanks to its drop-down menu and direct access to the most common functions.

Equipped with a powerful remote sonar sensor

This detector is equipped with a remote sonar sensor of the latest technology, this sensor provides an accurate and ultra wide mapping that covers up to twice the depths of water, it has two main functions which are the DOWN IMAGINE function and lateral imagery that allows both detection of fish in a perimeter of 250 feet next to your boat (SIDE IMAGINE function), and also allow detection up to 1500 feet in depth (DOWN IMAGING function)

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GPS System Combined

Humminbird has not forgotten to equip his invention with the GPs utility which is now a neccessity in modern fishing, the GPS function provides a detailed gartography of lakes, reefs and mountains in your surroundings, it allows you to follow wherever you go and keep you connected to the world that you leave behind and shows you the right path and it is thanks to its connectivity with the Ethernet network for an XD mapping of contours

Switchfire Technology:

Allows you to simply choose the detail displayed on the screen of echo returns, maximum detail or a more active filter

Light and Compact

Humminbird also has not forgotten the design side, the 999ci HD SI comes in a compact and lightweight form, easily portable, with its small size of 14x12x5 inch, and a lightweight mass of 2 lbs.

Software upgradeable

From the Ethernet network, you can update the software to improve the performance of your Humminbird device and remain in the latest version, so you are sure you have the latest versions of the cartography in your area

High definition screen

Humminbird 999ci HD SI

Bright colors, clear images for easy reading in a blazing sun. the Ff999HDSI handset is equipped with a large widescreen 8 ” widescreen display in 16 / 9th format at 65,000 colors (resolution of 480×800 pixels) you will be able to obtain photographic quality background images on a 180 ° coverage


The Humminbird is also equipped with two slots for SD cards, one for recording screenshots and the second for map and other functions

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999ci HD-SI Specifications

  • Side Imaging Technology
  • Waterproof IP67, English and French menus.
  • Screen 8 “/ 16/9 TFT 65000 colors.
  • Screen 800 x 480 pixels, of 185 x 90 mm.
  • Peak power 8000 watts (1000 W RMS).
  • 83/60 ° probe at 200 kHz / 20 °, 4 beams.
  • scan up to 180 °
  • X-Press Menu for direct access to the most used functions.
  • view of 3D maps
  • Compatible with NMEA 2000, Ethernet network, iPilot Link, AIS reception and Radar.
  • Dual SD card reader in front
  • Number of Waypoints: 3000
  • marine chart (optional)
  • Quick disassembly without connections.
  • Standard water temperature (with table probe).
  • GPS Speed Sensor


  • Sonar screen
  • Transom probe
  • Probe stirrup
  • Screen mounting bracket
  • GPS antenna
  • Power cord
  • User Manual

GPS function

Humminbird 999ci HD SI
  • Arrival alarm
  • Drift alarm
  • Off-road alarm
  • Card reader
  • Road projection line
  • North map orientation
  • Map to destination orientation
  • Road plotter
  • GPS speed

Pollster functions

  • Low battery alarm
  • Temperature alarm
  • Fish alarm
  • Depth alarm
  • Pause
  • Bottom lock
  • Screenshot
  • Giant figures
  • Customizable data
  • Split screen with 2 frequencies
  • RTS window
  • Noise filters
  • Fish ID
  • Fish ID +
  • Fishloc
  • Temperature graph
  • History of navigation data
  • ID Structure and Inverse
  • Navionics Card Reader
  • Gray line and white line
  • X-Press Menu
  • Selection of displayed colors
  • Integrated simulator
  • Echo Enhancement Sonar
  • TruArch Technology
  • Water temperature
  • Direct access key
  • Scrolling speed
  • Optional surface speed
  • Speed background
  • Zoom on the bottom

Humminbird offers the fastest PROCESSORS and the best image resolutions attested by professional magazines

This method of underwater detection and graphical representation will be particularly useful to locate fish, submerged objects and to discover new wrecks

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 In addition to this revolutionary Side Imaging system, the 999HDSI has several features. The classic sounder (vertical sounder), the Down / Side Imaging function and the Gps plotter / card reader

These functions can be used in turn or simultaneously as needed, knowing that they are both complementary and closely related. The Humminbird 800.900 and 1100 series are now compatible with latest-generation radar, and this advanced technology puts Humminbird displays at the forefront of multi-function displays. 

Benefit from precise radar echoes with an incomparable level of detail. The Sd card reader allows to display on the screen all the details of the geographical environment stored on the Navionics Gold or Platinum card. With its integrated Waas GPS antenna providing a precise position at 3 meters, you will be able to locate areas with abundant wildlife and memorize them for an upcoming outing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

Q1: Is there both a Down & Slide imagery?

A1: Yes both functions

Q2: Is the manual in several languages (translations)?

A2: yes, it is

Q3: What is the difference between the 899c and the 999?

A3: The 999 is a developed and sophisticated version of the 899c, the 999 is equipped with some features recently discovered

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