Raymarine Dragonfly 5 Pro Review

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  • Date: July 15, 2023
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The raymarine dragonfly 5 pro is indeed a balanced fish finder. This specific variant has definitely been equipped with all the necessary features that will deliver the fishermen some high-quality results.

The features present in this device are outstanding. If we consider the price range in which this fish finder is, then as compared to its price, it offers amazing features that no other fishfinder does.

Raymarine Dragonfly 5 Pro Fishfinder Overview

The dragonfly 5 pro is one of Raymarine’s best offerings that is also equipped with CHIRP sonar technology. This CHIRP sonar technology means that even more signals are emitted into the water.

This increased number of signals leads to a more detailed result. This dragonfly 5 pro provides you with the advantage of a wide spectrum channel that is used to provide better images of the terrain along with a conical channel that basically helps to identify fish.

Key features – Dragonfly 5 Pro Fishfinder

The key features of the Raymarine Dragonfly 5 pro are as follows;


The screen of the dragonfly 5 pro is normal in its size. It has a five-inch screen.

It is neither large nor too small. The screen is moderately sized. If we talk about the resolution of the screen, then it has a 480×800 resolution. Yeh display of this device is indeed a quite noteworthy feature. This display deliveres high quality data.

The overall image quality is also great. Another important aspect of the display is that it also shows water temperature, the speed of the boat, and the location as well. Further, the readings on the display of dragonfly 5 pro are indeed amazing.

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Downvision technology

The dragonfly 5 pro provides the user with details of about 160 feet beneath the boat very accurately. The results are indeed extremely accurate in this range. Further, the images of the down vision technology are simply amazing. These feel like real pictures.

The important aspect of this high-quality sonar technology is that it makes use of different frequencies. With these several frequencies, the transmission basically spreads over a wider range and ultimately making the images much more clearer.

These clear and better images are very easy to interpret. Thus, these several frequencies are quite effective in enhancing the performance of the sonar technology.

The downvision frequency of the dragonfly 5 pro is 455/800kHz.


The Raymarine Dragonfly 5 pro is also equipped with GPS in this price category. It has a built-in GPS. Further, the device allows the user to store approximately 3000 waypoints and overall 150 routes.Another important aspect is that it also supports expandable storage. The user can further enhance the storage by using a microSD card.


The GPS also provides the user with his exact location and speed as well. It also provides great information about local fish and tells about great fishing spots. The GPS of dragonfly 5 pro will definitely not let you get lost in the water.


The overall controls of the dragonfly 5 pro are also amazing. As sometimes using the touch display is not convenient or easy so, the dragonfly 5 pro also has control buttons that will let you navigate throughout the display.

These buttons are quite easy to use. The buttons are quite big and have markings on them. Overall, the buttons of this fish finder are quite convenient.

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This is also an amazing feature present in the dragonfly 5 pro. This Wi-Fish app basically allows the fish finder to connect to the smartphone. This enables the user to even view sonar information on the screen of a smartphone.

Further, another important aspect of this app is that it also allows the user to capture images on the smartphone and he can even rewind the sonar information as well. Therefore, it is indeed a useful feature present in the raymarine’s dragonfly 5 pro.


Raymarine is indeed an industry leader that has been providing its customers with high-quality and amazing products. Overall, if we talk about this specific dragonfly 5 pro, then it is a good fish finder.

The display is quite amazing and the screen size is also normal. The pixel quality is also superb. The images on the screen appear to be more clear. The down vision technology and CHIRP sonar is also the best combination that is present in this device.

This dragonfly 5 pro has a maximum depth capability of 600 feet. The controls are also convenient and easy to use. Therefore from all of this, I conclude that this fish finder is indeed amazing. I would definitely recommend this amazing fish finder equipped with these amazing features at such a price range.

This definitely is an outstanding device with extremely good performance. The performance of sonar technology is also extraordinary and the detail is simply amazing.


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