Humminbird 1199 Review

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  • Date: July 15, 2023
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Humminbird 1199ci HD SI

Humminbird 1199ci HD SI Overview

The Humminbird 1199ci is indeed one of the most performant fish finders. Although one may think that the price range of this fish finder or chart plotter is a little bit high but the features that this Humminbird fish finder provides makes the price tag much reasonable.

This Humminbird chart plotter has a wide range of amazing features and it also has various upgrade options as well.

This fish finder comes with a 10.4 inches display screen and this display screen is basically powered by an LED light.

Further, this chart plotter also contains down imaging and side imaging technology. This fish finder is also equipped with the humminbird’s dual beam plus.

It also supports ethernet functioning and also the GPS chart plotting.

This fish finder is indeed one of the great devices available in the market. Although it is one of the older fish finders but still, it offers a decent range of sonar and navigation features.

Key features – Humminbird 1199ci HD SI

We will discuss some amazing features of this chart plotter one by one.


This 1199ci HD SI basically features a large 10.4 inch display along with an LED backlight. Thai si indeed quite a large screen. If we consider the resolution, then it has an 800×400 pixel resolution along with a display color scale of 65000 colors.

Further, the presence of a backlight makes it easier to use even in bright conditions. Therefore, in terms of the overall display, this fish finder is quite amazing. The screen is quite wide and the resolutions are simply awesome.

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The humminbird’s screen is indeed one of the best so far in this category. It is 10.4 inches in diagonal. It can display plenty of information on the screen. Even in sunlight or in dark conditions, the visual display is quite good. Another important aspect of this head of the device is that it is IP67 waterproof.

This does not allow dust particles or water to penetrate inside. Therefore making it much durable and safe. Further, this unit also has a high quality processor.


This humminbird 1199 is equipped with built-in side imaging as well as down imaging sonar. Both of these technologies are supported by the help of a transducer.

If we talk about side imaging, then this fish finder basically covers a distance of 480 feet approximately from side to side. If we calculate the distance on each side, then it become approximately 240 feet on each side of the boat. Further, the down imaging view is indeed crystal clear.

It is overall much easier to locate fish using this amazing fish finder. By using this amazing device, one can identify and determine the correct depth of boat and fish. Another important aspect of this humminbird fish finder’s transducer is that it comes with its own built-in temperature sensor. This basically helps the unit to identify and indicate the temperature of the water.

This chart plotter so provides the fisherman with a temperature graph function. This specific function enables the user to identify temperature changes or variations in the water.

This humminbird fish finder also has an amazing feature known as the switch fire. This specific function basically aims at supplying a quick switch between a view to all sonar information that is available in the device. It also focuses on fish size. Furthermore, the humminbird fish finder also has a feature known as the fishID+.

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This basically gives various fish icons to the sonar returns that are interpreted as fish. This generally enables us to distinguish between fish and other structure. This amazing fish finder is also equipped with sonar recording function. This function simply provides you the ability to record and review the sonar activity.

GPS feature

This 1199ci humminbird fish finder also has an accurate GPS feature. It has a 50 channel internal GPS. Further, this humminbird fish finder is equipped with ContourXD charts.

These built-in charts provide the data of approximately 3000 lakes and tell the main fishing spots. These ContourXD charts also provide other information like boat access points and navigational aids etc.

We can say that this device has indeed superior navigational awareness in it. Furthermore, this humminbird device can also store the waypoints and tracks. This unit can store 50 tracks and upto 2750 waypoints and all of this data can be saved in the SD card.


What I conclude about this humminbird fish finder is that it is indeed the best fish finder in the market. It has all the amazing features that an angler would want a fish finder to be.

Although it is not that much cheaper for the features that it has, its price is reasonable. It is indeed a powerful chart plotter that has amazing sonar technology and one of the best navigation systems. I would highly recommend this fish finder.

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