Humminbird 197C Review

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  • Date: July 15, 2023
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Without any doubt, we can say that the Humminbird is a popular brand for fishermen. The products of this brand are of great importance for the fishermen as these products are of high quality and features as well. The products of this company definitely deserve recognition.

Humminbird 197c Fish Finder

The humminbird’s piranhamax 197c  is a top-class product that is equipped with some amazing features and the good thing about this fish finder is that its price is very reasonable.

This low-priced fish finder attracted a lot of fishermen because even having a little price tag, this device had some amazing solid features in it that were not available at such price range before. This product is basically built for freshwater fishing boats and is indeed a quality product by humminbird.

If we talk about the device, then it has a dual beam sonar in it. This dual beam sonar basically helps you to see everything happening below your boat. The display of this piranhamax 197c is moderate.

Along with this moderate display, the weight of this device is only 2 pounds. Yes! You heard it right. Indeed it is one of the most easily portable fish finders. This unit is basically designed for basic sonar fishing.

One thing about this device is that although it has dual beam sonar technology, butit does not have a navigation system in it. This device does lack a navigation feature. The sonar beam of this device operates at 200 and 455kHz.

Key Features – Humminbird 197c 

If we consider the maximum depth capability of this device, then it provides the fisherman to see clearly up to 600 feet approximately. Furthermore, this device is very easy to install and is quite easy to maintain. Its cost is also very much reasonable and is simply amazing.

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If we consider the display of this fish finder, then it has a 3.5 inch color TFT display. If we just take a look at the price and the display of this device, then we can say that it is fine. Although the display doesn’t produce an extremely high quality image but is still good in this price category.

The screen of this piranhamax 197c is quite compact and it can easily be used in smaller boats as well. Further, the display of the device doesn’t show any kind of issues while using it in daylight. The screen is quite visible. Also, the device enables the user to adjust the contrast settings. Overall, the display of the humminbird piranhamax 197c is just fine.

Sonar technology

This 197c variant also makes use of sonar technology. It basically sends out sound waves from the transducer into the water and displays various objects present in the path.

On a moving boat, the display of the device also moves from left to right and updates the information continuously.

HUMMINBIRD 197c fish finder REVIEW

The sonar of piranhamax provides quite impressive readings. The readings are quite sharp and detailed. At the primary level, the readings are quite good.

Selective fishID+

As I already said that this device has some amazing features even at such a price range. One of the features is the selective fishID+.

This feature basically interprets sonar returns for you. We can say that this feature is one of the most interesting features of this device. This fishID+ feature represents the fish through small fish icons. This fish icon indicates when the fish are around, therefore, making the job easier for us. It is quite a useful feature for the fishermen.

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Fish alarm

This fish alarm is also another useful feature that is added to the piranhamax series. This feature basically makes a distinct sound when a fish is spotted in the sonar.

Whenever a fish is identified, the buzzer or tha alarm starts ringing. Another such alarm is the depth alarm. This alarm starts ringing when the depth becomes equal to or lower than the selected depth.


This humminbird piranhamax 197c is indeed a basic fish finder that is equipped with some amazing features including sonar technology. The maximum depth capability of this device is approximately 600 feet that is quite good.

The overall cost of the device compared to the features that it has is very reasonable. Further, this fish finder is absolutely waterproof, and therefore, no damage will be done due to water. Yeh overall screen is clear and the colors are good.

HUMMINBIRD 197c fish finder

There will definitely be no issue in reading the screen of this device even in sunlight. The new alarm features and the fishID+ features are quite amazing. Therefore, I definitely recommend this amazing product. This will definitely help you to find fish and save your time.

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