Lowrance Elite 7x hdi fish finder review

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  • Date: July 15, 2023
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Lowrance elite 7x hdi has been equipped with the power of two technologies. These two technologies have been the award-winning technologies of the time. These technologies provide the best possible view beneath the boat. The first one is the Broadband sounder. This technology is basically very much affective for tracking line action in the water bodies. The other technology is the down scan imaging. This down scan imaging provides a detailed picture and view beneath the boat. This device has been equipped with a bright screen and it allows its user to view details of the screen in all conditions. It has a 70% larger elite color display.

Some of the specifications of this device are as follows:

Lowrance elite 7x hdi
  • Broadband sounder
  • Down scan imaging
  • Built in GPS
  • Detailed US lakes
  • Compatible with Insight Pro
  • NMEA 2000 networking
  • Down scan overlay
  • Trackback

The first thing that I noticed about this Elite 7 hdi is its big wide screen format. This widescreen format is similar to iPads or tablets. So basically, it’s just a nice and easy transition to start found towards going the widescreen format. Further, the important thing about this widescreen format is it has a three-panel split. This three-panel split enables the viewer to have a separate section for map, traditional sonar and the down view, and all of these for very nicely onto this widescreen. The sonar expel tin is the broadband sonar so it is the same fluid at each DSS.  This elite 7 hdi is also equipped with GPS. This device has an internal GPS antenna. Furthermore, this device accepts the ramp insight pro cards as well as the Navionics premium cards for the cartography. The Elite 7 hdi also supports the Insight genesis mapping as well. If you are an insight genesis user then, you can log your sonar data on the unit and ultimately you can convert and make your own map and you can even save that map on the SD card. So, it definitely supports the Insight genesis mapping.


Power and Networking features of the lowrance elite 7 hdi

If we talk about the power and networking, as far as the connections on the back, you’ll see there’s NEMA 2000, NEMA 3000 and the elite 7 is a for waypoint transfer and LGC 4000 hookup. These allow you to share your waypoints back and forth. If we talk about the power cord, then it is the same power cord the HDS uses. For the down view, we have the HDI transducer.

If we consider setting up this device, then firstly, you would notice the new page layout having a full screen structure, a full screen broadband sonar, full screen GPS, sonar plus down view and the three-panel page. So, this was the overall page layouts when you start this device. In my opinion, the most suitable is the three-panel page and I myself like this layout because it gives us three vertical columns. These contain the GPS, traditional 2d sonar and the down view. A lot of screen space is dedicated to each view but still one might ask that whether they have the capability to customize and adjust according to their need then the answer is yes. 

This elite device is the first product where the user is allowed to customize and adjust the screens accordingly. You simply have to go to menu, then select the chart panel size. From this option, you would be able to adjust the chart panel pages or the sonar panel pages depending on how you want them to be. This feature is quite useful as you are running on water and the chart is very important for you because you will see the majority of that but still, you would also be able to see the sonar reading along with down scan imaging. This device is also equipped with the trackback feature. This feature allows you to go back and store the waypoint.

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lowrance elite 7 on boat

In addition to being a world-class fish finder, the Elite 7 hdi is also a top performance chart plotter. It gives you the power to navigate through the water with pinpoint accuracy. And all of this is due to the built-in highly accurate GPS antenna. These provide the users with the most reliable mapping options available and this elite 7 hdi also enables its user to create their own maps by using the insight genesis. Another useful navigation tool the ability of this device to share waypoints with other elite 7 hdi or HDS devices. With this new Lowrance Elite 7 hdi series, you have the fishing and navigation tools easily make the most of your time on the water. This device also features an incredible tool known as the down scan overlay. It allows you to overlay down scan images onto the broadband sounder display. It gives you a more detailed view that clearly separates and exposes fish targets from surrounding structures. This feature is especially beneficial in identifying fish and bait suspended in and around flooded timber as well as other structures.

Therefore, what I am seeing now is a widescreen unit by Lowrance, the Elite 7x HDI that gives you absolutely incredible detail. This is surely a remarkable device by Lowrance.

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