The Shimano Stradic CI4 Review

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The Shimano Stradic CI4

The Stradic CI4 + FB reel is one of the new additions to the SHIMANO brand for the year 2017, the brand’s desire was to replace the old models to incorporate new technologies while reducing the number of products. It therefore replaces its predecessor of the same name as well as the Rarenium thanks to a variation in two models equipped with different ratios. A mid-range reel for fishermen who want to have fun. The SHIMANO Stradic CI4 + is available in 4 sizes: 1000, 2500, 3000 and 4000, enough to satisfy many enthusiasts.

The Shimano Stradic CI4 Review 

With the craze of lure fishing, there is a quality reel that pulls out of the game and whose name keeps coming up: The Stradic CI4 reel, from a large line of reels, it is particularly suitable for lure fishing thanks to its lightness and power. Add to that a magnificent design which plays an increasingly important role when choosing fishermen and you get a quality bestseller reel!

The shimano stradic ci4 reel

shimano stradic ci4 reel

Generally compared with the Shimano Rarenium reel, there are still some differences and not the least: The higher ratio for the Stradic CI4 and the much more fashionable design. After, the Stradic CI4 shows a few extra grams of lightness (about 5gr) compared to the CI4 rarenium, a minimal difference but sought by some fishermen in ultra light.

Product details: reel shimano stradic ci4 + 4000xgfb

Light, fluid and particularly efficient, the Shimano Stradic CI4 + 4000 XGFB front drag spinning reel is a real concentrate of technology that will give you flawless pleasure during your fishing sessions.

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The famous Shimano Stradic reel has a new look! It now benefits from the latest technologies and innovations from Shimano to become an incredibly efficient reel that will delight technical fans of lure fishing.

This Shimano reel has a CI4 + frame. This material has an excellent level of robustness and rigidity for optimal protection of the internal mechanism. The weight gain obtained through the use of this material is considerable; with only 230 g on the scale, you will have in your hands a very light weapon, ideal for fishing for long hours without fatigue looking for predators.

The Shimano Stradic reel also benefits from “G Free Body” technology. The oscillation mechanism has been moved 19 mm upwards, bringing the reel’s center of gravity closer to the rod. This results in greatly improved fishing comfort as well as optimized casting performance, both in terms of the distances reached and their precision.

In addition, the Stradic CI4 + 4000 XGFB has a revamped Magnumlite rotor for increased performance. More robust, it also offers an additional weight gain for reduced fatigue in fishing action.

You will also appreciate the presence of 7 bearings (6 protected ball bearings + 1 with needles) which make this spinning reel Shimano a tool with bluffing smoothness and fluidity. The recovery and animation of your lures will be a real pleasure. Note that the 6 ball bearings have effective corrosion protection for an optimal service life.

In addition, the Stradic CI4 + FB is fitted with a Hagane drive wheel from Shimano’s own cold forging. This results in optimal power during recovery as well as further improved softness.

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The power obtained during recovery is reinforced by X-Ship technology. Positioned close to the main axis of the drive wheel, the pinions provide better power transmission between the crank and the rotor for superior performance.

The Core Protect technology that equips this reel is remarkable. It offers a perfect seal and thus prevents any intrusion of water into the internal mechanism and into the bearings for a longer service life.

Finally, the Stradic CI4 + FB has a micrometric front brake with a power of 11 kg and an optimal degree of precision which will allow you to rub combative fish with complete peace of mind.

With its fast ratio and its recovery of 99cm per turn of the crank it is cut for fishing with fast lures like poppers, stick baits, casting jigs and other swimming fishes which animate energetically.

A reel of excellent quality for bass fishing, fishing for skipjack or pelamids, freshwater fishing for large pike.

Characteristics :

  • Capacity: 0.30mm 180m
  • Weight: 230g
  • Ratio: 6.2: 1
  • Recovery: 99cm per turn of the crank
  • Brake power: 11kg
  • 6 ball bearings S A-RB + 1 needle bearing for remarkable smoothness and fluidity
  • CI4 + frame for more lightness, rigidity and longevity
  • G-Free technology for an improved center of gravity and better fishing comfort
  • Improved Magnumlite rotor for increased performance
  • Hagane control wheel for more power
  • X-Ship technology
  • “Core Protect” for perfect watertightness of the reel and an optimized lifespan
  • Micrometric front brake
  • Waterproof brake
  • Lightened AR-C spool with V-shaped lip for superior casting performance and reduced risk of wigs
  • Titanium pickup

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