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Presentation of the bluefish

Bluefish is the only kind of fish Pomatomus. and this articles is the best articles to know the Best bluefish lures.

This carnivorous predator is able to injure or kill its prey with no intention of eating them, just for the fun of hunting! With its elongated body endowed with a large forked tail allowing it to attack quickly, its large jaw made up of sharp pointed canines: the bluefish destroys everything in its path.

When to fish bluefish?

In autumn, at a time when many species are becoming rarer, the bluefish returns to the coasts. September, October and November are undeniably the most favorable months for its capture. Then prefer estuary outings at sunrise and sunset to take advantage of his getaways for food.

What techniques to fish for bluefish?

To locate it, the activity of birds above bluefish groups is an excellent index.

Often also betrayed by the presence of mules and orphies which jump on the surface to try to escape them, the bluefish also feeds on mackerels, sardines, anchovies and herring. Not very selective, this voracious attack almost any fish within reach. This astonishing specimen can be fished in different ways: live, submachine gun, surface lures, live drift, surfcasting, spinning with large poppers, jigging etc.

Courageous, he does not hesitate to jump out of the water to free himself: thanks to his astonishing strength, he reserves for the fisherman an unrelenting battle. But even if he does not want to cut your line, do not cut short this fight. At the end of the day, grilled, braised or poached bluefish will delight you!

In this guide, our expert team will give you a ranking of the best for bluefish

     The bluefish has the particularity of adoring topwaters – which will delight all lovers of lure fishing! This species can thus be searched for stickbaits, poppers or even propbaits.

1- Bluefish loves surface’s lures!

Hunting more often in groups more or less provided near the surface, the bluefish is certainly one of the species which appreciates the topwaters the most. So much the better for the sport fisherman! So, if this predator can be fished with all types of lures, know that he loves surface lures such as stickbaits and poppers. Even if the bluefish is capable of attacking large prey in view of its size, it will especially be sought with topwaters of 7 to 12 cm approximately. There will be no need to invest in a combo and a simple 10/20 lb. power bar set that can propel 10 to 30 g lures will suffice for fishing. Some people use a steel or titanium hook for fear of the formidable teeth of this predator. However, cuts at the bottom of the line are rare with surface lures and many fishermen prefer the traditional fluorocarbon which, being much more discreet, allows to have more touches. It’s a prior choice!

  • Seaspin Mommotti SS 140mm Lure


    The Mommotti 140 and 180 SS (slow sinking) are two jerkbaits lovable Bluefish lures  that have quickly become references for all fishermen. They have been designed to have optimal swimming even in the strongest conditions. They thus remain very stable – even in the presence of lateral currents. Their weight / volume ratio has been specifically studied for very long distance throws. They are equipped with a mass transfer by tungsten balls for better throws. Their specific profile with a slight ventral curvature gives them a particular swimming action which seduces the most apathetic predators like Bluefish. The bib and hooks are reinforced and their full through wire full frame guarantees them a very strong robustness – even against the most powerful bluefish.

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  • Type: Jerkbait (slow sinking)
  • Size: 140mm
  • Weight: 16 gr
  • Swimming depth: 50/70 cm
  • Hooks: Strong iron triple (2 X) saltwater treated size # 6


  • Slow recovery: slight rolling
  • Regular recovery: wobbling and rolling
  • Fast recovery: intense and wide wobbling
  • Jerking: It is advisable to give back your hand after each jerk so that the lure is not flanged in its lurch. During the animation, alternate continuous recoveries, breaks with jerks

2- Bluefish with stickbait

       Stickbaits are also adored by the bluefish, stickbaits swim flat and catch water well will be recommended so that they can be handled fairly quickly. Models with good density and evolving low in the surface film will therefore be preferred. Even if your lure jumps a little out of the water or “splits” on the surface during the animation, know that it does not frighten the bluefish in any way. This pelagic hunting in packs, it is frequent that several individuals follow the stickbait without attacking it frankly. A good solution to decide them is then to do long slides – that is to say side swerves of high amplitude. The trick of suddenly stopping the lure and handling it almost on the spot is also very effective. For the specific tracking of this species, we recommend this selection of stickbaits:

  • Z-Claw Zenith:


       Its profile associated with a very good balance allows long throws even in headwind, which is a real asset when you know that educated fish keep away from the edge. Particularly recommended for prospecting large water bodies,

    Tip: by giving the rod a fairly dry cane downwards and then slightly accelerating your recovery with the reel, you will be able to pass the Z-Claw slightly below the surface, you can then continue your animation by walking the dog under the film . On certain days this animation makes it possible to provoke numerous attacks and the Z-Claw specialists know how to abuse it. When the classic walking the dog doesn’t work and neither does prospecting below the surface, try to take long breaks. The Z-Claw is capable of launching attacks even after long seconds when stopped, and quite often this is how the biggest bluefish get caught.

Characteristics :

  • Length: 100mm
  • Weight: 20 gr
  • Model: Floating

Super Spook Heddon:


A legend !

     It is certainly the best selling stick bait in the world since its creation. Suffice to say that it is also the surface lure that has caught the most bluefish in history!

Modern version of the legendary Zara Spook invented by Heddon in 1922, the first bait stick invented in the world, the Super Spook remains the essential lure for all surface fishing at sea.

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Handling in “walking the dog”, the Super Spook will be appreciated by both beginners and in the most expert hands. With a heavy ball diffusing low frequency waves, the sound produced will be more discreet and will lure fish

The Super Spook launches, thanks to this ballast, at considerable distances. Surface lure with a zig-zag action. The interior ball emits a noise which brings the Bar within a radius of more than 40 m. The frequency of the sound corresponds exactly to the frequency which triggers the aggressiveness of the Bluefish.

Characteristics :

  • Size: 125mm
  • Weight: 25 gr
  • Hook: n ° 4
  • Swimming: Surface
  • Action: Walking the dog

Mini Spook Heddon :


     The HEDDON mini spook has caught fish on all the seas of the globe. It is a lure to be animated using the Walking The Dog technique. A very enticing zig-zag swim and particularly attractive sounds on a multitude of species.

      The little brother of the Super Spook which it keeps the main characteristics but in a smaller size. Excellent throwing distances and a very powerful sound despite its small size. To be used in case of refusal of larger lures. 8.5 cm / 14 g

3- Bluefish popper lures

    The bluefish is a fish that responds very well to the popper. Thanks to its splashes, powerful pops and splashes of water, this type of lure creates multiple surface disturbances that attract bluefish over long distances. It is possible to handle it in “stop and gos” by successive pulls for a production of splashes and pops of sound. It is also possible to bring it back at high speed linearly, – which will have the effect of producing a very attractive trail of bubbles on the bluefish. Here is a selection of poppers that have already proven themselves on bluefish:

  • 3 D Popper Yo-Zuri:


     An exceptional weight / size ratio giving it very long throw distances. Thanks to the internal holographic film (3 D Prism Finish technology), the lure offers the advantage of not being damaged by the teeth of bluefish. Thanks to its enlarged mouth, it creates a lot of surface disturbance. Swimming very low on the water, it can be brought back very quickly without lifting. it has the ability to pass under the film, causing a strong wake of bubbles after it: super effective on bluefish! 9 cm / 24 g and 12 cm / 42 g.

3D POPPER 90mm lure, 24 gr, hooks n ° 2 Floating swim – Popping.

A lure cut for the bluefish !!

  • An enlarged mouth for powerful splashes.
  • A heavy lure (24 g and 42 g) for powerful throws allowing to reach great distances.
  • A polycarbonate body, integral frame, robust broken rings and 3X hooks make it ideal for the most ferocious fish like the bluefish with sharp teeth.
  • Tackle House Feed Popper 120 lure


The secret of an exceptional popper is to combine 4 qualities:

1- First of all, the pop must be easy, even from a great distance.

2- Second, a good popper must hold water by all conditions and all animations.

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3- Then to be effective, a popper must be addictive, even and especially when it is stopped.

4- Finally, like all tackle House lures, the Feed Popper launches at mind-blowing distances

      In the poppers range, it is rare to find a realistic model because of the stocky shapes generally encountered. The FEED POPPER departs from this rule. Its slender silhouette is very close to that of forage fish. It can be propelled without any problem both from the shore and from a boat. It is the ideal lure to move any predator and especially the bluefish.

FEED POPPER is one of the great successes of the Tackle House range. Its reinforced and traversing frame as well as the quality and the size of its hooks make it a popper with all tests. The much awaited size 100 comes to support its big brother and has already shown its talent.

Characteristics :

  • Length: 120mm
  • Weight: 30 gr
  • Action: Floating
  • Seaspin Toto 131mm lure


     Two years of research and development were necessary to its creator Antonio Crasà nicknamed TOTO to create this lure. This popper is revolutionary in more ways than one! Like all poppers, the TOTO has a large concave mouth that repels water, creating pops of sound, splashes and strong sprays of water. But as if that were not enough, its creator added to the TOTO a cavity in the back of the body for even more surface disturbances! Channeled through the side nozzles, water rushes into the hole. The pressure of the water makes this popper vibrate intensely and the wake of attractive bubbles is even more important. You multiply the stimulation on the surface! This cavity brakes the popper, you also have better control of the lure when handling. An ideal popper for BLUEFISH

For maximum resistance against the largest predators on the planet, the TOTO has a reinforced through-hole full-wire full frame.


  • Type: Popper
  • Size: 131 mm
  • Weight: 36 gr
  • Hook: Strong iron triple (3 X) saltwater treated size # 2

4- Bluefish using propbait

    The advantages of propbaits for the fishing of bluefish are multiple. This surface lure emits very powerful stimuli on the surface thanks to its rotary propeller that the bluefish particularly appreciates. Operating on simple linear recovery, a propbait does not require sophisticated animation and can therefore be used effectively by a simple beginner. This lure being brought back at good speed, the bluefish also attacks it with an unusual violence. The best for lovers of surface attacks! So many characteristics that make propbait a preferred lure for fishing for this pelagic. Here is a selection of models that are very effective on bluefish.

  • Drunken Mullet Chasebaits:

      This propbait is ultra realistic and even its fin-shaped propeller is hyper imitative. It has an exceptional density making it possible to reach long throwing distances. Even the smallest 95mm model weighs 19g – which is considerable! It also has the distinction of being articulated. During recovery, the propeller therefore makes it swim as naturally as a real forage fish. A must to try urgently for the fishing of bluefish! 9.5 cm / 19 g and 130 mm / 36 g

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