How to set up a fishing pole?

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If you’re someone who has always been passionate about fishing or if you’re someone who wanted to try your hands on a new hobby such as fishing and are completely clueless about where to start, this article would help guide you with the basics one needs to know about fishing for beginners, explaining one of the most important and essential steps of fishing: How to set up a fishing pole?

 To begin with here are some of the essentials that you need before you set out on your little fishing expedition:

1.Fishing rod

The first and foremost item that you will need when you begin fishing is obviously the fishing rod. Fishing Raj are nothing but simple long lightweight rods made of metal or other durable materials which form the framework of your fishing pole. It is available in different sizes and different thicknesses based on the type of fish you’re about to fish out. If the catch is quite heavy then it is advisable to go for more durable ones. They are available as single piece as well as multiple pieces which can be assembled.

2. Fishing reel

Fishing reels are cylindrical devices attached to fishing to used to winding and stowing line. Different types of reels are available depending on whether you’re fishing in salt water proof fresh water. They are used to reel back the line which you’ve casted into the water body.

3. Fishing line

Fishing lines are cords made of nylon, silk or polymers that are used for angling. The far end of the line consist of a hook to which bait is attached. It is important to chose an easy to use and control fishing line for beginners.

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4. Baits or lures

Baits or lures as the name suggests are used to lure the fish. They maybe artificial or natural. Natural baits include food that may attract fish easily such as earthworms, and artificial baits are plastic materials shaped which allure fish easily.

Step by step guide on how to set up a fishing pole:

Before you set up your fishing pole, make sure it is clean, in a good condition, free of dust, dirt or sand.

Step 1 :Assemble the rod and reel

As mentioned earlier, the fishing rod might be of multiple components which need to be assembled together by following the manufacturer’s assembling guide.

Next attach the reel to the rod by slowly pushing it into the space provided for the reel. Ideally the reel should settle into the space it isn’t damaged or broken. The reel’s foot will lodge into the rod perfectly.

After the reel fits in, slowly and firmly tighten the reel. Make sure not to tighten the cool too hard for it might snap.

Step 2: Thread the Pole

The fishing line or thread is slowly placed on the fishing rod and tightened. Do make sure the thread as been carefully and tightly locked in its place.

Grab the line and pull it through each of the guides. You should make sure the line is running through the roller on the wheel. Also, make sure your jag is loose. It’ll help it from tangling.Lift the bale arm and pull the thread. Once down, you should get it through the guides on your fishing rod (most of them have around 4 or 5 of those). Close the bale arm once you’ve correctly threaded your fishing pole.

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When you put the line through the loop, pull that line in the direction of the main fishing line and pull the line to clinch the knot.

After it has a tiny knot, pull the main line to bring the knot to the hook.

Step 3: Bait chosen and placed

It is important to chose a suitable bait depending on the type of water body and time of the day for easy visibility. During summer

 time its advisable to use light colored baits.

Step 4 : Lure hooked to the thread

Make sure you’ve threaded the lure properly. Since the fish will have it in its mouthparts, there’s constant movement. If the knot is weak or opens too quickly, you’re prone to losing the fish you’ve just caught.

Check that the bait has been attached firmly to the hook on the rod.

Step 5 : Add a sinker

Sinkers are nothing but extra, added weights to the bait to help the bait go farther and slow down the fish a bit and help in casting

 Fishers often make use of slip sinkers with their rods and reels to add more weight.

Sinkers are optional, if you feel that your rod is heavy enough and there is no need for added weights then you can proceed. If not, you can shop a piece of cloth and attach to your rod.


These 5 easy steps to set up your fishing rod is all that you need to follow and you’re good to go on your fishing expedition!

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