Shimano Stella Reel Review

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Shimano has been one of the most trusted brand of fishing reels and has always been as the top priority for almost all of the anglers. Shimano has been making some amazing and extraordinary fishing reels for a very long time.

The reels by Shimano are simply amazing. The reels are of high quality. The overall build of the reels is excellent and the features that the Shimano reels provide are also amazing.

Shimano Stella Overview

Shimano stella reel is also known as the king of saltwater spinning reel. Unlike all the other reels by Shimano, this stella or the king of saltwater spinning reel, it is quite highly priced. If we consider the price range of this specific reel, then it costs more than a thousand dollars.

This legendary reel falls into the category of super spinners and is amazing in terms of its build quality and performance as well.

Further, this reel is also waterproof as it is nearly impossible for water to enter the rotor. Also, in terms of performance, this reel is extremely smooth.

The casting and retrieving is also amazing. In terms of durability, it has no other match.

Key features – shimano stella fishing reel

As already discussed this is indeed an amazing saltwater fishing reel that is equipped with some extraordinary features. Some of the main key features of this spinning reel are as follows.


The overall body of the Shimano stella is made from a high quality metal. The three components of the stella that are the rotor, the body and the handle are all made from high quality material.


These parts are constructed in such a way as to reduce the loss of power. The body of the stella fishing reel shows no signso of flex during fishing. Overall, the body is quite durable and strong. 

Drag system

If we take into consideration the amazing drag system of this specific reel series, then it is simply awesome. These reels are equipped with the X-tough drag. This X-tough drag provides a drag force between 29-66 lbs of drag. This drag system is indeed one of the toughest drag system that has ever existed in any of the shimano’s reel.

This X-tough drag basically provides an extremely smooth drag system and helps in fighting against some really big fish. The drag system generally consists of a stack of carbon fiber washers and these washers are present because these would prevent the entry of water into the reel. This makes it an incredibly durable fishing reel. 

X-ship technology

The Shimano stella also makes use of the X-ship technology in this reel.

If we talk about this specific technology, then the X-ship technology basically refers to the use of two ball bearings on each end of the pinion gears.

These provide support to the gears and are also involved in providing alignment to the gears.

The use of this technology ensures that the hgears remain properly aligned despite the heavy load on them. 

X-shield technology

The Shimano stella also has amazing protection features as well. It is equipped with the X-shield and the X-protect technology. The use of these two technologies ensures that the stella reel remain waterproof.

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These technologies are one of the best that are present in the market in this regard. Apart from being resistant to water, the reel is also safe from sand and dirt as well. It doesn’t allow the sand and dirt particles to penetrate through as well.

Because of these amazing technologies, this stella series reel can even operate if it is submerged into water, and this is indeed quite astonishing and amazing.

Line management system

This reel has a propulsion line management system, and the management system of the line consists of a spool that is composed of a longer stroke design. Further, the new design of the spool lip basically allows the line to peel off and go through the spool without causing any kind of wind knots.

Also, the line management system also makes use of the aero warp technology. This aero warp uses special gear oscillations that ensure that the line remains onto the spool and the best cast is provided. 


If we consider the gears of the Shimano stella series, then it makes use of a cold forged aluminium gear along with a hardened brass gear.

This combination basically provides a very long lasting smoothness to the performance of the reel and is also very much durable. This is what a Shimano reel is famous for.

Apart from this, the gears also involve the fluidrive II technology as well.

Shimano Stella

This technology ensures that the gears mesh better and as a result, they provide an extremely fluid feel to the gears and makes the overall performance of the reel very smooth. 

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If we talk about the bearings of the stella series, then these have 14 shielded A-RB ball bearings. These bearings are resistant to rusting and are very durable and smooth in terms of performance. These shielded ball bearings are extremely beneficial for saltwater fishing conditions.


What I conclude about this Shimano stella series is that it is indeed one of the best fishing reel available in the market. As already discussed that it is also known as the kind of saltwater reels. The fact is that the features that this reel provides make it the king for saltwater conditions.

The X-shield technology ensures that the reel is resistant to water and sand or dirt also. Further, the bearings and drag system of the reel are also outstanding. These ensure a smooth performance of the reel. The overall construction of the reel is also amazing and the reel itself is made of high-quality material. If we talk about the performance of the stella series, then it is highly smooth. The casting and retrieving of the reel is also extremely smooth.

Overall the reel is comfortable to use and provides with an unmatchable fishing experience. One important aspect of this reel is about the price that it has. It is a little bit more expensive but when we compare it to the features that it has, then the price range seems reasonable. Therefore, I would definitely recommend you guys this Shimano stella series if you can afford it. Overall, it will definitely satisfy you in terms of its performance. 

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