Lowrance elite fs 9 Review

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This elite fs 9 is a fish finder that is manufactured by Lowrance. Lowrance has been in this industry for a comparatively longer time period and has made its name in fishing products and technological innovations. The fish finders manufactured by Lowrance are pretty impressive in their functioning and are much durable with a quite reasonable price tag. Now, if we refer to the elite fishing system (fs), then it is all about the new and innovative technology of Lowrance combined with an affordable display in order to deliver the best quality and functional fish finder with a decent price tag.

The Lowrance elite fs 9 provides you access to the top-of-the-line fish finding tools developed by Lowrance. For instance, with this elite 9s you get access to ActiveTarget sonar, Active imaging and lots of pre loaded maps and contours. All of these will enhance and improve your overall fishing experience and will make it a memorable one.

Lowrance elite fs 9

Lowrance elite fs 9 Features

Now, we will take a look at some of the features that are present in this elite fs 9 that is manufactured by Lowrance. There is no doubt that it is a fish finder with pretty amazing characteristics and features included in it that make it stand out in front of other fish finders.


Now, referring to the display of this elite fs 9, then it has a massive 9 inches screen. This screen is made from WVGA colors and TFT LCD. Overall, it is an impressive display that is very bright. You will probably give no issues in order to read data or see graphs from the screen even in bright daylight conditions. This elite fs 9 has a peak brightness of about 1200 nits. Further, this fish finder has a resolution of 800×480 pixels. The display screen can be navigated or controlled through touch as well as it is a touch screen. It also has the feature of providing split screen. This means that you can view different screens simultaneously on the main screen. Overall, we can conclude that display is absolutely fine in this fish finder.

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This is also an amazing feature that should be present in almost all of the fish finders. This elite fs 9 comes with a pre installed C-MAP and Navionics. This C-MAP includes details of the water bodies such as lakes, rivers and coastal areas. With this feature, you can keep an eye on the underwater topography of the specific region and gain benefit from it.

Sonar technology

As we have already discussed that this Lowrance elite fs 9 is equipped with Active imaging three-in-one sonar. It means that this elite fs 9 contains three most important sonar technologies that have been produced by Lowrance. These include the 2D CHIRP, DownScan and SideScan.

CHIRP basically consists of medium or high frequencies and it provides clear pictures of the fish underneath the boat. Similarly, the DownScan is basically referred to the down imaging technology of Lowrance. It is actually responsible for providing a concentrated image of the fish and other things present just beneath the boat. It leads to a better targets resolution in order to identify it. 

Finally, the SideScan provides detailed view of the things that are present at both the sides of the boat. Overall, we can say that these three technologies provide an excellent underwater topography and lead to a detailed view and the presence of fish just beneath your boat.


This elite fs 9 also provides different connectivity options as well. It supports a Bluetooth connectivity and Ethernet as well. It also has connectivity options for the NMEA 2000. Furthermore, it also has Wi-Fi networking as well. So, you will definitely not face any kind of difficulty while transferring data, maps or waypoints etc., to other devices because you have so many connectivity options.

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elite fs 9 by Lowrance Pros and cons

This elite fs 9 by Lowrance has definitely got amazing features and I think it has a lot of pros but very little cons. Firstly, if we talk about its pros, then it has a 9 inches display that is really bright and amazing in terms of the visuals that it provides. It also has touchscreen, and is easy to use and it also has extensive mapping features as well. It is a high-end fish finder with a moderate price tag. It is also very much durable.

Now, referring to its cons, then I think that it doesn’t have any specific cons or disadvantages. It is no doubt an impressive and highly functional fish finder in the market.


Now, accounting for the conclusion of the whole discussion, then in my opinion, this Lowrance elite fs 9 is one of the best options for you to consider. This is an amazing fish finder that you can add into your fishing gear. It has pretty impressive and amazing features such as the three-in-one sonar technology that it has. It is a top-of-the-line technology by Lowrance. Further, the display is also huge and the touch screen provides the user with one of the best fishing experiences. 

Further, it also contains detailed maps and charts as it includes the C-MAP and Navionics. The imaging, mapping and networking features of this elite fs 9 are all amazing and high-end in terms of their performance. So, I highly recommend this elite fs 9 by Lowrance to you if you were thinking of changing or buying a new fish finder that will enhance your overall fishing experience.

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