Lowrance HOOK 2 12 TripleShot Review

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  • Date: July 15, 2023
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Lowrance HOOK2 12

Lowrance HOOK2 12 Overview

Lowrance’s HOOK2 12 TripleShot US Inland Maps Fishfinder/Chartplotter Combo is the world’s easiest fishfinders. With its simple menus, easy access key functions and true game changer auto tuning sonar that actively adjusts itself based on fishing conditions you just have to cast a line or two before it does all of your worrying for you.

The TripleShot 3-in1 sonar system is both powerful and convenient with its wide angle, high chirp capability that provides twice the coverage of most fishfinders. 

This generous package comes equipped to find your next fishing spot or rediscover an old favorite location thanks in part by built in map detailing more than 3000 lakes across America along side precise 1ft contours for easy navigation around any terrain type.

Lowrance HOOK2 12 TripleShot Pros and Cons


  • 2D High-Wide CHIRP Sonar;
  • DownScan Sonar;
  • SideScan Sonar;
  • TripleShot 3-in-1 transducer included;
  • Sonar recording;
  • Overlay DownScan, A-Scope, Fish ID, Bottom Lock, and multiple other standard sonar features included;
  • Fast and accurate GPS;
  • Trail recording function;
  • Route creation function


  • No networking features;
  • Unit cover and flush mounting kit are not included;
  • Trolling mount for the transducer is not included.

Lowrance HOOK2 12 Key Features

The Lowrance HOOK2-12 is a fish finder & chart plotter combo that packs some serious power in its large size. With all the features of other units on one screen, it’s easy to see why this product was such an instant bestseller.

Sonar and transducer

The Lowrance HOOK2-12 offers three frequencies to choose from: 200kHz for its traditional 2D sonar, 455/800Hz which is ideal when looking through sided Underwater Scanners (USD) like the DownScan and Side scan.

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These two higher ranges also use CHIRP technology but their intervals are not specified so we’ll have you know that this means they can modulate sound waves at different times in order produce various tones without changing directionality or frequency.

The transducer included with this Lowrance fish finder is the TripleShot. This device has an 8 pin connector and can be mounted on boats or ships, integrating temperature sensors for accurate readings of water depths up to 60 feet (18m).

The TripleShot transducer is designed for sonar imaging that provides a true representation of the environment. With its wide range and high depth capabilities, this unit can detect objects down to 150 meters underwater while still maintaining an accurate bottom reading at 55 mph.

The HOOK2-12 TripleShot has a wide range of applications that are perfect for fishing. The first application, Overlay DownScan allows you to blend your CHIRP sonar image with the bottom scan providing more detail about where fish might be located in relation to structure around them. This also comes complete with basic options such as Fish ID and Amplitude Scope which gives an immediate assessment.

Navigation features

The Lowrance HOOK2-12 TripleShot comes with the U.S Inland basemap, which is a map based off C-MAP’s charts that cover more than 4 thousand US lakes and has 1′ depth contours for accurate depiction of boundaries between water/shoreline as well includes various points of interest like islands or other landmarks.

The unit supports various other high detail charts, such as Navionics® Hot Maps Premium and Fishing Hotspots PRO. The latter provides you with access to SonarChart Live where it creates an overlay of depth contours based on your own live sonar soundings. In addition they include dynamic tide icons too perfect for any avid fisherman or surfer alike.

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The StructureMap application is a great way to get an underwater imaging perspective that’s different from what you would see on land or in other water. It lets users overlay recorded SideScan images with their map, giving them more information about where the scanning was done and how it relates back ground facts such as depth contour lines for diving depths.

The device is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who are always on the go. Its lightweight battery life enables you to take your adventures wherever nature takes them, while still being able record every moment of it with ease.

Control unit features

The Lowrance HOOK2-12 is a durable fish finder with an easy to read 12 inch display that can withstand direct sunlight and rain. Its IPX7 waterproof construction means you don’t have worry about getting muffled sounds or alerts when out on your next adventure.

The user-friendly interface of this unit makes it easy to navigate, even if you’re not used the type or style. The start page can be customized with your favorite applications so they are quick access right from where ever in front. There isn’t any touch technology which means all navigation must happen on keypad right side.

The Lowrance HOOK2 unit is a fish finder that does not support NMEA and has limited networking possibilities. It only comes with two connectors on the back, one for Triple shots transducers (8-pin)and another power supply plug which we already know isn’t enough in today’s world where everything needs WiFIt or Bluetooth connectivity.

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This product offers a card reader for microSD cards, which will allow you to load your own data or upgrade the chart base if it becomes outdated.


This fish finder and chartplotter offers 3-in1 technology with 2D high CHIRP sonar, DownScan Side Scan GPS capabilities. It also comes equipped to track your every move thanks in part by its TripleShot transducer mount that can be attached at the boat or on board device of choice.

This unit is perfect for those who want the standard sonar and navigation features but don’t need anything more. It has a wide range of options that can be altered with just one button, making it easy to use even if you’re not very tech savvy.

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