Garmin ECHOMAP Ultra 106sv Review

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Garmin ECHOMAP Ultra 106sv Review

Garmin ECHOMAP Ultra 106sv Overview

The Garmin ECHOMAP Ultra 106sv is a high-tech, user friendly device that can help you find your way in the water with its easy to use features. It has CHIRP traditional sonar and clear Vü/Side variations for excellent clarity when targeting fish or other objects on screen.

With the Ultra series, you can now enjoy fishing without any pesky black boxes or bulky transducers. Not only does it support live scope sonar (no need for old school measuring), but also all of panoptix’s other products like their All-Seeing Sonars that give fishermen an infinite view underwater.

With the pre-loaded Garmin BlueChart g3 coastal charts and LakeVü g3 inland maps, this device is ready for anything. Built in Wi-Fi paired with ActiveCaptain makes updates or upgrades easy without a hassle – you can even do it while out on your boat.

Garmin Ultra 106sv Pros and Cons


  • Shows stunning detail of underwater structures and fishes
  • Enables confident navigation with preloaded maps
  • Wireless marine vessel management
  • Multiple vivid color palettes to choose from
  • Compatible with the NMEA 2000 network
  • Capable of multi-vessel networking
  • Quick mount and unmount


  • Might be too pricey for some
  • Bulky for handheld operation
  • Requires the LiveScope system for full
  • Panoptix capabilities

Garmin ECHOMAP Ultra 106sv Key Features

The ECHOMAP Ultra 106sv not only has a 10 inch display with WXGA resolution, but also comes equipped to help you find your way through the water. The heavy duty sonar system allows for precision navigation on any kind of mark.

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All-in-One Transducer

The included transducer, the GT54UHD-TM , is an all in one capable of dual frequency and beam SONAR.

This versatile unit supports traditional CHIRP high wide scans as well as clearvus/sidevu for greater depths underwater up to 2 300 ft., but cannot go quite so deep when operating on saltwater surfaces at only 1,100.

This sonar transducer is equipped with an impressive number of features, including bottom lock and recording. It also has a memory bank so you can store up to 100 readings in it! This device records water temperature data every hour on the hour as well perfect for tracking changes over time or observing seasonal trends.

Ultra-High Clarity Display

If you want to be able spot fish, structures and other underwater life with ease then SONAR is perfect for your needs. ECHOMAP’s Ultra 106sv has high contrast vivid color schemes that will make it easier than ever before possible. Plus this device comes equipped with an automatic or manual backlight option so whether its night time or daytime there’ll always been just enough light on screen.

The 10″ display of the SonarScanner provides a complete image so you can see all aspects, even if your scan is not wide enough. The bottom depth and water temperature are displayed as well!


Built-in Wayfinding

The ECHOMAP Ultra 106sv is an essential tool for any boater navigating US and Western Canada coastal areas. The chart set includes charts of the East, West Coasts as well as Canadian & American sides both Great Lakes plus Gulf Coast from Florida all way down to Texas.

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The LakeVu G3 maps are an excellent choice for navigating US inland lakes. It comes with 17,000 charts drawn by professional cartographers and can be used top lot points or routes on the screen as well.

With the built-in maps and Allowable Data Inputs, this device can store 5 thousand waypoints. Furthermore it allows up 50k track log points as well as fifty saved tracks.

Chart Plotter Capabilities

The ECHOMAP Ultra 106sv provides a variety of map modes to help you find what’s around your boat. You can navigate using perspective 3D, fish safely with fishing symbols on the maps as well as view specialized formats limited only by purchasable add on packs for increased navigation efficiency.

The 3D chart will function as an aid in navigation with views from above and behind the boat to help you find your way. It also shows detailed bottom contours making it easier for target separation when fishing outdoors or near obstacles like rocks that could confound typical sonar readings.

Quickdraw Contours is a great tool for anyone who wants to create their own maps, whether they’re experienced users or complete beginners.

Connectivity Features

With the ECHOMAP Ultra 106sv you can get real time data on your engines and manage autopilot from a smartphone or tablet. The device also works with Fusion Link receivers that use NMEA 2000 protocol for connection compatibility.

The ECHOMAP Ultra 106sv is a versatile device that can connect with other NMEA 2000 devices and wirelessly send data to your smartphone or tablet.

The free Garmin ActiveCaptain app lets you view live readings from onboard sensors, such as oil pressure monitoring systems (which are required by some states), while also tracking real-time speed over road condition via GPS satellites within their coverage area.

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With the ActiveCaptain app, you can scroll through your maps and update them with ease. Plus it has features like being able to forward SMS notifications or phone calls right on into ECHOMAP so that they show up as warnings if there’s an issues while out navigating.



The Garmin ECHOMAP Ultra 106sv is a fish finder with excellent feature offerings, but it lacks the latest transom-mount pairing from garmin.

Garmin has a new mapping device that is more advanced than ever before. The GT56UHD-TM offers three different beamwidths to choose from, including down and side imaging for an accurate depiction of your surroundings in real time.

The final word in channel separation and phase coherence is found within these systems. The double transducer offers an excellent cross-talk rejection rate while maintaining high frequencies that are difficult to transmit through other types of microphones or speakers due their limited range on either side (left/right).

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