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Lowrance elite fs 9

Lowrance elite fs 9 Review

This elite fs 9 is a fish finder that is manufactured by Lowrance. Lowrance has been in this industry for a comparatively longer time period and has made its name in fishing products and technological innovations. The fish finders manufactured by Lowrance are pretty impressive in their functioning and are much durable with a quite…



Lowrance HDS-7 Gen3 is one of the most commonly used fish fider/chartplotter devices by professional angler on FLW and BASS tournaments. The precise GPS features. high quality Sonar images, preloaded maps ,easy to use interface are some of the many highlights of this devce. In this article we shall delve into the features of Lowrance…

LOWRANCE HDS-12 review

Lowrance HDS 12 Review

The Lowrance HDS-12 which happens to be one of Lowrance’s top fish finder devices making it a go-to purchase for beginners and professional anglers. It comes with an array of advanced and unique features making this quite pricey device worth every penny. In this article we shall discuss the highlight features of the Lowrance HDS-12….


Raymarine Axiom 7 Review

The Raymarine AXIOM 7 is one of the most popular fish finding devices which come with GPS and chart plotting functionalities. The AXIOM series is unique amongst the range of Raymarine fish finders due to its ability to be expandable and compatible with rest of the Raymarine devices. Multiple models are available with different sets…

RAYMARINE A98 review

Raymarine A98 Review

The Raymarine a98 which comes in 4 models differing in display dimensions loaded with several features which makes it one of the most used fish finder devices used by professionals. This device has been in the market for quite a while which says a lot about its durability and advanced features, surviving in a market…


Garmin Echomap Plus 73sv review

Garmin echoMAP plus 73sv is an upgraded version of the same series 73cv model with added feature of SideVü SONAR to the existing 2D CHIRP and ClearVü SONAR. The 73cv and 73sv share the rest of the features such as Navigation maps,GPS, charts and related features. This bright, sunlight-readabke 7inch display device is supposedly the…

garmin striker 7dv

Garmin Striker 7DV Review

Garmin Striker 7Dv is an upgraded version of Garmin Striker 5dv. The 7-inch CHIRP Fishfinder with GPS and ClearVu Scanning Sonar is available in two models including 010-01553-00 which only has English and 010-01553-01 which is multilingual. It includes the Garmin GT20 transducer with CHIRP (77/200 kHz); transmit power (300 W RMS)/(2,400 peak-to-peak) with 455/800…


Garmin Striker 5DV Review

The 2016 launched Garmin Striker 5dv was initially introduced to provide an affordable fish finder in a market full of high-end, costly fish finders. The Garmin Striker 5dv had plenty of unique selling points which made the product stand out amongst its competitors. Although it is comparatively cheaper compared to its counterparts, it lacks chartplotters/maps,…


Humminbird Helix 12 Review

If you’re a pro-fisher or just got into the hobby of fishing and want to up your game to the next level, using a fish-finder or chart plotter to locate precisely the fish in a water body, especially when you are in the middle of a large water body such as lakes, rivers or seas…

elite 7 ti

Lowrance Elite-7 Ti Review

Lowrance Elite-7 Ti  launched in 2016 with added features as compared to Elite-7 CHIRP and HOOK-7 ,with its touch-screen and advanced features is one of the most popular fish finding devices available in the market. This Lowrance Elite-7 Ti Fishfinder has an easy-to-use and fluid performance when compared to its competitor brands, making it a…