Garmin EchoMap Plus 63cv Review

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  • Date: July 15, 2023
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Garmin has introduced the new EchoMap Plus 63cv fishfinder that is among their most recent series of products. The unit replaces the older model, which was a 53CV and offered an updated screen size with ActiveCaptain compatibility, LakeVu charts and Wi-Fi features for easy connection to other devices like smartphones or tablets so users can use them without having another device on hand. It also comes equipped with installation hardware as well as instructions in its package for simple setup by anyone who wants these advanced features while out fishing.

The EchoMap Plus 63cv has an LCD screen with full-color WVGA and 800×400 pixel resolution. Adjustable backlighting makes it easy to see the images even in direct sunlight, and IPX7 waterproofing prevents damage if water spills on your device. Unlike larger models that come equipped with a touchscreen display, this model doesn’t have one but still features Wi-Fi connectivity so you can easily link up your laptop or smartphone for wireless viewing of maps anywhere there’s internet access. 

The microSD card slot holds cards with 32 GB storage capacity (a large amount!), which means no more deleting old data when new fishing spots are added at home base.

Garmin ECHOMAP UHD 63cv

Garmin ECHOMAP UHD 63cv Features

Echomap UHD 63cv comes with a wide range of features:

Navigation Capabilities

The Garmin EchoMap has a high quality GPS that updates the boat’s position five times each second. With this level of accuracy, anglers are able to pinpoint specific waypoints or follow their current location on an interactive map. The engine speed is also calculated and displayed for anyone who wants to know how fast they’re going with just one look at the screen!

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The Garmin EchoMap comes equipped with a 5 Hz GPS which monitors and updates your vessel’s location smoothly five times per second, giving you more accurate coordinates of where you want go next time out fishing than ever before.

Users of Garmin units enjoy the ability to save routes, waypoints and tracks. The 63cv also has a conversion function that enables users to add points or retrace their progress on any given route.

LakeVu Charts

The LakeVu charts are a resource for anglers who need depth and contour information about lakes in the United States. The software provides more than 17,000 lake maps with one foot contours of over 13,000 US lakes to provide great image clarity at either high or low resolution as desired by the user. Users can also use Quickdraw Contours function which combines GPS data along with sonar readings on location so users have current depths drawn out even if they don’t update their fishing chart updates themselves.


SailAssist is a brilliant app for sailors of all skill levels. It offers useful features such as course over ground lines, enhanced wind rose, headings and lay liners that allow one to maximize their advantage with the wind by seeing apparent and true winds angles along with speed data at your fingertips. The prerace guidance page shows virtual starting line on top of burn before start timer plus race time clock.

Sonar Features

The CV20-TM transducer comes equipped with an integrated temperature sensor, a 20-foot cable and a four pin connector. The single transducer produces the images for both the 2D and ClearVu sonar which is great if you’re looking to save on time in your fishing day. It also has dual frequency beams that enable anglers to use them simultaneously when desired, this enables you to search more efficiently without having too much noise or clutter interfering with what’s really important.

Chirp 2D sonar uses a conical beam of 45 degrees on the 77 kHz frequency to detect fish. The 200 kHz frequency has a very narrow 15 degree cone. Traditional sonars operate at depths up to 2300 feet in freshwater and 1100 feet in saltwater, but Deep Sea’s monitor works well below that depth reaching as deep as 6000 meters or 3 miles. You’ll see both an image of your target plus rough outlines for underwater structures like trees and rocks with this new technology even if you dive into murky water all thanks to its super wide angle coverage.

ClearVu was developed by fisherman for fishermen, enabling them to differentiate between fish and other objects on the water from a safe distance. Clearvu works at depths of up to 250 feet in either 455 or 800 kHz frequency with an inverted fan shaped beam that spans 1.5 degrees fore and aft on low frequencies while being 53 degrees wide side-to-side when operating as high frequencies (455).

The Echomap Plus 63cv comes equipped with the features of previous models, such as A Scope and Depth Alarm. This fishfinding machine also includes Fish Symbols and Flasher in addition to Sonar History Rewinds and Recording capabilities.

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For all the fisherman out there who are looking for a quality fishfinder and well worth the money, this is your chance to get an excellent product with features that have never been seen before. This unit has many good qualities such as being universal in freshwater bodies and saltwater destinations offshore.

The Garmin EchoMap Plus 63cv Fish Finder provides you with exceptional value at an affordable price while also providing versatile features not found on other units currently offered by competitors of Garmin’s caliber like Humminbird or Lowrance.

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