Raymarine Axiom 12 Review

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  • Date: July 15, 2023
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Raymarine Axiom 12 review

It’s hard to find a brand that does more than Raymarine for your next fishing trip. Their products are second-to none, and you won’t be disappointed in what they have on offer.

The Axiom 12 Fish Finder is the perfect piece of fishing equipment for any avid fisherman looking to find their next big catch. It features CHIRP sonar and advanced integrated navigation systems that help you zero in on where all those delicious little fish live.

The multifunctional device helps anglers plot graphs on its 12-inch touchscreen interface. It also gathers data from more than one source to present a clear and precise image of the environment underwater, making this an excellent tool for all types fishing enthusiasts.

Raymarine Axiom 12 Pros and Cons


  • Large screen is easy to read
  • Shows high-quality images
  • Does not lag or freeze
  • Multi-touch interface
  • Quick-response OS system
  • Can connect to Wi-Fi
  • Has thousands of maps


  • Expensive
  • Tricky use of touchscreen in rough seas

Raymarine Axiom 12 Features

The Raymarine Axiom 12 will be a perfect fit for many people who want an all-inclusive system with the features you need.

RealVision 3D

In the water, there is nothing more satisfying than catching your prey. The RealVision 3D Sonar System will let you see what’s hiding under all those rocks and weed beds without ever having to move from atop our vessel.

You can also zoom and pan the 3D image to analyze it from any viewing angle. Furthermore, gyroscopic technology allows for automatic offsetting as well.

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CHIRP Technology

The RealVision 3D creates HD life like marine graphs with its high frequency CHIRP technology. It sends out 60 different frequencies that are collected by DownVision and Side Vision Sonar, then combined to create an accurate representation of what you’re looking at in real time.

CHIRP DownVision offers a photographic underwater view underneath the boat so you can analyze fish and bottom structures.

On the other hand, CHIR Side Vision gives users an even bigger picture perfect for analyzing bait or catching that big one.

The sharp and clear image of the fish finder makes it easy to spot more than just one type. It has several navigation screens that you can choose from depending on what’s best for your needs – whether its depth readings, water temperature data or even attracting certain species with color markers.

All-Glass Display Screen

With the all-glass display, you can see your fish clearly no matter what time of day or year it is. The super bright LED technology and optical bonding will make sure that even when there’s dark night drowning out any light from stars above.

With twice the resolution of standard displays, this 12-inch all weather display offers 25% more brightness up to 1 800 nits. The impact resistant glass comes with Hydro Touch Nano coating that repels oil and water while enhancing visibility.

LightHouse 3 OS

The Axiom 12 has been designed with an intuitive keypad that allows you to easily mark your fishing spots. With customizable home pages, it’s easy for the user of this product find what they need in just one click.

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With a straightforward design and intuitive interface, the LightHouse 3 OS offers users an uncluttered experience while still providing top of line performance. The quad-core processor enables quick redraws for charts or seamless 3D imaging when using applications like Graphics Alive.

High-Tech Transducer

The transducer offers a convenient way to install and use RealVision 3D, CHIRP or Down Vision. You can also mount it on your trolling motor for clear bottom images that show where fish are holding in their habitat.

Maps and Charts

The Axiom 12 fish finder is a great tool for fishermen who want to venture out into new waters. It comes equipped with coastal coverage of the US and Canada as well as more than 20,000 rivers lakes & ponds pre-filled on its map making products such CMOR or Standard Mapping.

The North American nautical chart is not just an ordinary piece of paper. It’s made with premium quality material and has all the information you need for your next fishing adventure, including how deep water comes into play when targeting certain species.

Impressive Compatibility

The Axiom 12 has been designed to work seamlessly with other marine systems. It’s an MFD, which means it can communicate wirelessly or via network connection making this device perfect for your boat.

The advanced underwater camera system is a must have for any serious fisherman. It works with Quantum radar, audio integration and thermal imaging to generate an crystal clear image that you can even connect via Bluetooth or WiFI in order enjoy all updates/features from Raymarine app’s on your smartphone.

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The Raymarine Axiom 12 is a fish finder with an integrated autopilot that can give you better views of the environment below your boat. This means less time spent trying to locate them and more catching those who are already there.

The advanced sonar technology allows even smaller boats to map out their vessel’s location. This way, identifying both stationary objects and fish becomes easy.

The Axiom 12 is built with advanced underwater imaging technology that lets you go deeper into the water. As such, it can plot accurate maps and analyze them side-by-side on a split screen for increased map detail analysis.

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