Lowrance side imaging fish finder

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  • Date: July 15, 2023
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The difference between down imaging and side imaging is that in down imaging, we make use of one sonar beam and that beam looks directly towards the bottom whereas inside imaging, we make use of two beams, and these beams are slightly angled upwards on both sides.

As this side imaging technology makes use of two beams, therefore, these two beams create photograph-like images of the lake or water bodies, and ultimately reveal all the structures and fish in the water at the same time. This side imaging technology makes the work of fishermen easier and much more efficient.

Lowrance side imaging fish finder

If we talk about a fish finder from Lowrance that is equipped with the technology of side imaging then, definitely we would talk about the new Lowrance Elite 9 Ti total scan.

You know a good value when you see it but it’s performance that matters in the water. And surely, you get both with this device by Lowrance.

Popular premium features and new innovative sonar technology that is built just for you. It helps you to find fish at a price that is easy to afford.

  • Dual/Quad-core processor
  • Color sonar
  • Dual channel CHIRP sonar
  • Easy routing
  • One touch control
  • Wireless networking
Lowrance side imaging fish finder
  • MAP Genesis
  • Enhanced surface clarity
  • 3 in 1 active imaging
  • Wireless and Bluetooth connectivity
  • High-resolution multi touch screen
  • Smartphone notifications


So basically, these were some of the important key features of this device. This Lowrance Ti2 is equipped with an active imaging 3 in 1 transducer with active imaging sonar, fish reveal, fish targeting, and smartphone integration.

This device also makes use of the most advanced fish finder technology. This fish finder technology is known as the CHIRP sonar. It is also equipped with structure scan 3D and it allows the user to get the best possible view and structure of the various structures that are present in the water bodies including the fish as well.

Furthermore, these devices are also very fast in terms of their processing. Its dual and quad-core processors provide more than enough speed as well as the power to the device. These Lowrance devices also have new and dynamic color range results. These results are so much extraordinary that you would not have seen them on any previous device.

These wide ranges of colors enhance the photographic images taken by side-scan, down scan, and total imaging as well. These also allow the user to navigate faster with the new feature of automatic route planning.

This device also serves as great news for the anglers because many anglers are not satisfied with the small screen ratio whereas this device has a greater screen ratio craving larger screens for the boats, and this extra screen provides a better and enhanced view of the structure scan as well as the down scan.

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Further, this device is very much expert in identifying along with distinguishing fish from other objects in the water. 

Definitely, this Ti series by Lowrance has a lot to like about it. It has some amazing and astonishing features. It also has a very much reasonable cost when it is compared to the features and specifications that it is providing.

It surely makes the regular fishermen take the jump and buy such devices. These devices by Lowrance definitely have a premium feel. These look like high dollar gadgets and the touch interface is remarkably outstanding. The best thing that I liked about these devices from Lowrance is the use of technology in them. Lowrance has used three-in-one active imaging technology.

The all-in-one total scan transducer by Lowrance has definitely done the job and made this device a top-end gadget. 

Therefore, I conclude that these devices are of excellent value by Lowrance. With the release of these devices, anglers are now available with a greater number of options.

These have advanced technologies touch screen and a wide screen definitely, along with side scan imaging. I think that this is definitely a beast device and it would be very much beneficial for the anglers. These side imaging fish finders would not allow any fish to get away easily from your eyes without being spotted.

Also, the built-in smartphone notification capability will not allow a single text or call from your smartphone go unnoticed during your fishing experience.

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