How to rig a fishing pole

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Whats the Rig?

If we take into consideration that what the term rig actually means, then this term simply implies or refers to the overall arrangement of the items that are used for fishing. So, the overall arrangement of the fishing items can be referred to as the rigging process. Further, there are different ways to rig. 

This rig can be assembled by lines, hooks, bobbers and lures as well as other fishing tackles etc. So, this arrangement can be called as the rig. Another important aspect of the rig is that it can be used in various ways. For instance, a rig can either be held by a rod or even by hand. Furthermore, some rigs are designed in such a way as to float on the surface of the water whereas some rigs sink into the water bottom.

Rigging a pole

Fishing actually requires all the necessary equipment that are required. Without these equipments, fishing could not be done. Fishing experience can be enhanced by having necessary equipments that are suitable for the required conditions. Further, not only acquiring these equipments is necessary, rather, an angler should also know casting etc. And also, be able to rig a pole effectively. 

If an individual can rig a pole in the right way, then he would definitely be able to catch fish much more effectively. After a proper rigging of pole, he would be able to use the equipments much properly and in a better way.

So, in order to rig a pole, you should follow the steps that are mentioned below.

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Steps for rigging a pole

Following is some of the steps that you should certainly follow of you want to rig your fishing pole in an effective way.

Tie the hook to line

The first step while you are trying to rig your fishing pole is that you should begin the process by tying the hook with fishing line. The hook is actually tied to the end of the fishing line that you are going to use. So, this acts as the first step in this process. Further, you will do this by tying a knot, and indeed there are a lot of ways to do so, as there are different methods that can be used to tie the knot. You should try to make a knot that is more suitable and would also be strong and durable.

Insert the line

After completing the first step, that was about the tying of hook with the fishing line, the next step that you will have to complete would be the insertion of the line. In this step, you simply have to insert the line. You will start this by inserting it from point and then you will reel it up all the way towards the other side. So, this is the second step.

Attach the bobber

This is indeed the third and the last step in this regard. In this step, you simply have to attach the bobber. This bobber is actually placed at the at the top of the line and usually near the hook.
So, this is indeed the overall step by step guide in order to rig the pole and line.

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Important points

Following is some of the points that you should definitely keep into your mind while you are rigging your pole. By following these points, you would surely be able to catch fish much effectively as well as efficiently.

Keep it light

This point implies that keep the tackle light. You do not require a comparatively large sinker. Further, another aspect is that if it would be kept light, then the fish would not be alerted and would easily get into your trap.

Use of the bobber

What this point means that you should use a small bobber so that the fish can pull the bobber and would not feel that much of a resistance. It will help you in catching fish.


Therefore, if you want to rig a pole, then keep in mind the steps that had been mentioned above. If you would keep on following the steps above, you would definitely be able to rig the pole much effectively and your overall fishing experience would also be enhanced.

 Further, some other points are also mentioned that you should keep into account in order to rig the pole effectively. If you would take into consideration these points, you would definitely be able to have an amazing fishing experience.

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