Telescopic fishing rod And Our selection of 6 telescopic fishing poles at the top!

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The revolutionary fishing rod

The rod is an equipment that has constantly evolved due to the demand of fishermen and advanced technology.

However, the appearance of telescopic fishing rods or fitting was one of the greatest revolutions in the world of fishing.

Specialists in the manufacture of fishing equipment such as Lixada, Daiwa, Ultrasport, Hensych, KastKing, Supertrip or Fladen now offer a wide range of models.

An ultra-practical rod

For a fisherman, it is always a nightmare to carry a rod more than 2 m. But, to the delight of all fishing enthusiasts, it is now possible to move everywhere with a minimum of space with his rod.

The specificity of telescopic travel fishing rods is that they are retractable and can be stored in a car trunk, in a glove box or in a backpack.

The advantages of the telescopic fishing rod

Space-saving and easy to use

A few years ago, no one could have imagined that one day you could slip a fishing rod into a backpack.

Nowadays, thanks to the innovative spirit and the know-how of the specialists, a telescopic fishing rod of travel of more than 2 m can have a closed length of only about 20 centimeters.

In addition to the small footprint, these rod models have the advantage of being simpler to use, since there are no strands to nest.

A rod goes everywhere

     In addition to the size, the versatility is also a strong point of tele reglable telescopic fishing rod. The latter can be used in different lengths and adjusted according to the fishing technique practiced.

These features do not detract from the sensations felt by the fisherman or the efficiency, since telescopic fishing rods travel are made from high quality materials both lightweight and resistant as fiberglass or fiberglass. carbon.

A price more than accessible   

Many fishing enthusiasts looking for quality cane, but do not wish to empty their wallet.

Adjustable telescopic fishing rods are much more affordable than nest fishing rods made from fiberglass or carbon.

In specialist shops and websites, everyone will have the opportunity to buy a cheap brand telescopic fishing rod.

Choose your telescopic fishing rod

how to choose a telescopic fishing

The materials

Telescopic fiberglass fishing poles have long been appreciated by passionate fishermen, however, they have become today’s favorite tools for beginners.

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Indeed, fiberglass is a solid material, heavier and a little stiffer than carbon. As a result, rods made from the material do not offer enough flexibility and sensitivity to the taste of experienced fishermen.

On the other hand it is the best cheap telescopic fishing rods on the market that attract most beginners and all those who wish to invest in a cane quality at low prices.

Carbon telescopic fishing poles offer more lightness, flexibility and comfort. These rods are designed to impress professional fishermen since they are much more technical and have a good performance. However, on the price side, lightweight carbon telescopic fishing rods are offered at prices that are more exorbitant than fiberglass ones.

The length

Although it has a very small footprint that facilitates its transport, a telescopic fishing rod trip can have lengths of more than 10 m once unfolded.     the length of telescope fishing

These rods are indeed known for their practicality, because of their foldable system designed to offer the minimum of space possible. A telescopic fishing rod of 10 m can then very well fit in your bag for a plane trip since it will be reduced to less than 1 m when folded.

The length of a telescopic rod is therefore chosen according to your needs and in particular according to your type of fishing. A telescopic fishing rod in a river varies on average from 3.50 m to 4.50 m depending on the size of the fishing area.

On the other hand, if it is a telescopic fishing rod at sea, for a fishing boat and watercraft, opt for a shorter model, even a telescopic fishing rod of 2 m. However, be aware that the longer the cane, the more power it will be able to throw away.

The power

The power of a rod is very important because it will define the ability of the blank to propel a mount. To do this, you must first know what kind of fishing you will do and what type of fish you want.

Fishing for small fish does not require the use of a telescopic fishing rod for predator that has an average power of 5 to 14 g or 7 to 21 g. If you are planning to catch small fish like bleak, bream, anchovy or perch, a telescopic river fishing rod with ultra-light or light power will be enough.

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On the other hand, for big-time fishing enthusiasts, it is better to equip yourself with a specific material with which you will be able to carry out the fights, like with a telescopic fishing rod in very powerful carbon of more than 50 g.

The best telescopic fishing rods

The choice of your cane will depend primarily on the practice you want to do. Indeed, we opt for a telescopic fishing rod trip when you often go on the move with fishing equipment.

This has a real advantage side clutter, since it can easily slip into a bag. Regarding the length, the power or the material, it is necessary to take into account the type of fishing that you wish to practice.

Be aware, however, that a telescopic fishing rod for the sea will not have the same characteristics as a telescopic fishing rod for the river. Take the time to make a comparison on the internet to find a quality model of telescopic fishing rod that will meet your needs.

Six telescopic rods at the best price

1- Telescopic Fishing Rods - Travel Storage - KastKing

KastKing Blackhawk II Telescopic Fishing Rods

The Travel Ranger model is also lightweight, durable and manoeuvrable as it is equipped with stainless steel guides with ceramic inserts, CNC machined aluminum coil seat and EVA foam handles.

This inexpensive telescopic fishing rod is perfect for trout fishing.

2- Telescopic fishing rod kit - classic 300 - Ultrasport

ultrasport telescopic rod

3- Miniport fishing rod - Hensych

miniport telescopic rod

In addition to being easy to transport, this mini fishing rod is characterized by its lightness and maneuverability.

It is indeed made from high quality fiberglass and has an aluminum alloy bait launching reel. Also, this inexpensive telescopic fishing rod is versatile because it is suitable for fishing by boat, dam and ice fishing.

4- Predator telescopic fishing rod - Supertrip

supertip telscopic fishing

This model seduces not only by its size, strength and lightness, but also by its efficiency and maneuverability.

In fact, this inexpensive telescopic fishing rod has 6 smooth, temperature-resistant guide rings and a comfortable, non-slip EVA foam grip for a better grip. It can be used for both boat fishing and shore fishing.

5- Telescopic fishing rod - Lixada

lixada telescopic fishing

This rod is specially designed to fit in a car trunk or even in a backpack because it has a closed length of 38.5 cm.

Also, made from carbon fiber, it is both lightweight and resistant. The ring located on the end of the cane was made of ceramic for a good dissipation of the heat.

6- Universal telescopic fishing rod - Fladen

It is suitable for various fishing techniques, since it is adjustable to 6 m, 7 m, 8 m, 9 m, 10 m and has powers of 25 to 50 g and 40 to 80 g.

In addition to its versatility, this rod is remarkably functional thanks to its fiberglass design, numerous comfortable foam grip sections, a spinning reel seat and ceramic line guides.

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