Lowrance Elite 5 hdi Review

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  • Date: July 15, 2023
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Lowrance has definitely created a one high resolution package for its customers. Elite 5 HDI is an all-new fish finder and chart plotter. It is a 5-inch chart plotter with the combination of two technologies of hybrid dual imaging. All of this is packed up in a bright screen that definitely has excellent details and visuals under all conditions. 

This brand new 5-inch marine navigator combines the broadband sounder along with the down scan imaging technology. This combination of broadband sounder and down scan imaging is referred to as the hybrid dual imaging (HDI). 

It is one of the elite series by Lowrance and it is equipped with built-in GPS antenna. It also has a high definition and a high-quality mapping system in it. This device now provides us with option of hybrid dual imaging at a quite reasonable price range.

Features of the Lowrance Elite 5 hdi

This five-inch elite HDI marine navigator is equipped with some amazing key features. I will discuss these key features. This is an exclusive product by Lowrance. It has a quite high resolution display. It has a color display and the screen is 5 inches. 

One of the most important key features that I definitely liked about this navigator is that it has utilized two great technologies and brought them inside one single box. It has the key feature of a hybrid dual imaging. This important feature has utilized the sounding technology which is the broadband sounder and also the down scan imaging technology for a better navigation and chart plotter. Without any doubt, this new hybrid dual imaging HDI technology provides us with the best possible view of something beneath our boat.

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This device has a highly accurate Global Positioning System and US map that is featuring more than 3000 lakes and rivers. If we discuss about its down scan overlay technology, then this technology basically allows us to overlay down scan imaging onto the broadband sounder. This device with such massive technologies allows the marine navigator to see fish, various structures and the bottom details of water bodies in a more detailed and clear manner. Further, this chart plotter is one thumb operation device and gives its user a quick access to all the amazing features with just the press of a button.

It is also equipped with the feature of multi window display that enables the user to quickly choose from the pre-set page layouts.

This elite 5 HDI chart plotter provides us with a 256 TFT 480×480 resolution and it also has a fluorescent cold cathode for the backlighting. One of the amazing features that this device has and that I also liked about it is that it is supported by 30 languages. This chart plotter also provides us with depth alarm, shallow alarm and it also provides the temperature readings. It also has an IP×7 waterproof rating and this Lowrance device also supports memory cards for the increase and enhancement of the memory of this device.

So, if you are fishing for some amazing fish finder that is used by both professionals and experts, then this device is definitely a nice consideration for you. It is without a doubt, an all-rounder fish finder that I would recommend to you.

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Best ways to use 

Now, if we discuss about how to Mount this thing or how to use this device for marine navigation, then it is mentionable that this device uses the similar 7 pins connector that the Lawrence company has used in their older similar product. So, if you have been a user of similar products by Lawrence, then definitely you do not require any changes in the cabling and you could easily understand its cabling procedure. If we discuss about the mounting of this device, then it comes with a quick release bracket that enables the device to tilt in any direction. If you use this product, then the neat thing about it is that it utilizes two unique technologies within the same device, also the trackback gives you the opportunity to track back and lock anyway point.

Lowrance Elite 5 hdi on boat

If we get the elite 5 HDI, then after turning it on, we firstly have to select a language from the given list. Then, this device will ask us about running the startup wizard. This will basically help us to set our unit for the body of water in which we are fishing. By asking these questions, the device actually tries to set up our use mode and this basically helps to configure the Sonar. After answering these questions, we will be all set to go for fishing and the unit will work great for us.

At the top left of the screen, we have data overlays, including depths, water temperatures and speed over the ground. These are displayed on the front of the screen.

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Henceforth, I would conclude by saying that if you are a person with moderate fishing experience, then definitely this new elite 5 HDI will fit in perfectly with your requirements. This device surely has special set of features that work for everyone. If you are a kind of conservative shopper who looks for a kind of goods value within the specific budget, then in my opinion, this device is made for you. As it ensures that you get the best visibility under the water and its insight genesis surely has the flexibility to serve professional anglers. Therefore, this product is worth trying with its amazing features.

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