Lowrance Hook Reveal 7 Review

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  • Date: July 15, 2023
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Lowrance Hook Reveal 7

Lowrance Hook Reveal 7 Overview

The HOOK Reveal 7 is the perfect choice for those who want an affordable and powerful fish finder with great features. It has all of Lowrance’s best-selling technologies, like dual suspended LCD screens that make it easy to read from either mount position or while wearing gloves.

Lowrance has come up with a unit that is as simple to use for newcomers, if not simpler than their other products. It’s low cost and easy enough right out of the box so it’ll be perfect. There are also tons more features which make this an excellent option in comparison with HOOK² such as mapping capabilities.

When you buy a HOOK Reveal 7, we’ll make sure to tell all about its best features and what not. We want this unit for everyone.

Lowrance Hook Reveal 7 Pros and Cons

Lowrance Hook Reveal 7


  • Extremely Customizable

  • Easy To Use/Set Up

  • CHIRP Sonar (With Great Range)

  • High Precision Internal GPS

  • Easy To Adjust Gimbal Mount

  • Great Mapping

  • Fish Reveal


  • Somewhat pricey for a hobbyist model

  • Buying the wrong package can lead to   disappointments

Lowrance Hook Reveal 7 Key Features

Lowrance, known for their easy to use units has come up with one that is more complex than the last but also includes plenty of features. The mapping system can be easier to navigate and understand as well as an increased selection transducers which means you’ll get your job done faster 

Display and Interface

The display on the HOOK Reveal 7 is a high-quality version of what Lowrance has used for years  SolarMax HD. This type if screen provides clear images and readable text, which will make your day easier when you’re out fishing.

The 7” screen is a great fit for most setups, whether you’re on the water or not. It’s bright and easy to read from any angle – even at night! With 10 people in your boat with different needs but all wanting information they can find quickly without hassle, this might just do everything they need it too while still being affordable enough.

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The 7” screen is a great fit for most setups, whether you’re on the water or not. It’s bright and easy to read from any angle even at night! With 10 people in your boat with different needs but all wanting information they can find quickly without hassle, this might just do everything they need it too while still being affordable enough that there isn’t worry about running out of space when trying other devices later down road.

Lowrance has introduced a number of new color palettes for this model, so you’ll be able to adjust the colors on your sonar charts and StructureScan. All classic visual adjustments like zooming in or out are available here too plus there’s even an option that will let you turn Flasher off while jigging weights up.

The HOOK Reveal’s interface is simple and intuitive. It has no touchscreen, but we really like how the pad works touchscreens can get wet which makes them difficult to use in rain or underwater (impedes navigation). We do prefer touchpads for ease of use, however most units don’t offer both options so this one does.


The Hook Reveal comes with three different transducers the SplitShot, Triplette & 50/200 HDI. Each one is good for a particular task that you might need out fishing like navigation or determining cuisine levels in deeper water but what they all have common? They’re designed to help fishermen find their way around by sound.

To help you make your decision easier, we’ve included a list with the technical specs for each model. The SplitShot is by far our least expensive option and it still offers SideScan 3D mapping technology. If range or depth are what interest you then go straight to their 50/200 HDI sonar transducer since they offer greater capabilities than any other unit.

The Lowrance Tripleshot and SplitShot both offer 200 kHz CHIRP sonar (which is actually 130-210kHz). This means these transducers can more accurately assess the size and shape of objects because they send out different frequencies to receive returns from various depths.

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The CHIRP sonar of the SplitShot and TripleShot both offer 200 kHz. Lowrance says that this means it delivers double coverage compared to most fish finders, which could be a big advantage when you’re looking for something specific in deep water or under rocks where other types may not work so well since they don’t have as wide an frequency range.

The right choice for you depends on your desired use of the charting and imaging features. The TripleShot is ideal if maximum mapping/imaging potential interests are what matter most, while any one else can save some money by going with a less expensive option like 50/200 HDI sensors instead but there would still be something missing from their fishing experience without these higher-end technologies.


Imaging on your HOOK Reveal will depend on what transducer you have. If it’s the SplitShot or 50/200 HDI, then DownScan is available while those who opt for triple shots also get Side Scanning capabilities as well. The down Imaging helps with seeing both structure and fish swimming around them which can improve catch rates when paired up nicely along side a Sonar Chart before going out fishing at local lakes.

The HOOK Reveal 7 offers a range of imaging options to suit your needs. You can either have more accurate and sharp images at 800kHz or if you’re looking for something with less noise, then 455Hz is what will work best. This fish finder also comes in many color palettes so that it’s easy distinguish between structure/fish when diving deep underwater.


Instead of a chart, these models come with an onscreen map that can be scrolling through. If you want to use your fish finder/chartplotter for deep sea fishing or other high seas adventures where there’s no signal available then this might not work well because it only shows one layer at once but if all else fails just set up two way radio communications.

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If you want to fish in specific areas of your favorite body of water, chances are that it’s part the Contour+ map pack. This means C-MAP has 24K U.S and Canadian charts with 1 foot contouring.

Create waypoints or routes easily using Hook Reveal’s powerful features for recording trips out there easy navigation through different types terrain is only one benefit when fishing from shorelines as well because these same capabilities make them perfect if we’re talking about moving around during hunting season too.

Genesis live has an active community of fishermen who share their own maps online. You can download other people’s charts for free, which will expand your options in the water and make fishing more exciting.


The technology behind this product may be old fashioned, but the way you can use it is anything but. You’ll never have to worry about pesky cords getting in your way again once they’re gone.

A team of mountain men had just finished hiking up an arduous slope when one guy spotted something sparkling on top it turned out there were USB-C outlets at each end waiting for people like us who needed some extra juice or two while our batteries died from being too far away from any source of power.

We realize that this device isn’t for everyone, but we also know there are a lot of people who would love it. It can get expensive quick if you want more than what Lowrance offers with their beginner friendly package design.


The best way to find your next fish is with this incredible device! With its low price, it can’t be beat. We just wish that there were more networking capabilities and a better transducer but those things aren’t going stop us from giving you our full recommendation of “yes” if all else fails at sea or on land alike when looking for some fresh catchin.

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