Okuma Andros Fishing rod review

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  • Date: July 15, 2023
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As we know that jigging is getting more and more popular. As a result, the anglers are looking for more quality gears for fishing. As a consequence, many rods were created to meet the requirements of the fishermen.

An attempt was also made by the Okuma brand and to be honest, in my opinion the Okuma Andros rods are quite impressive. One of the most important features of the rod is its weight. 

These rods are very light in weight when compared to similar competitive rods. This Andros rod is constructed and made with graphite. Due to graphite, these rods are light in their weight and are more powerful and durable. If we talk about the grips of these Andros rods, then these grips feel nice in the hand.

The Okuma rods are made in such a way that there is no difficulty in their transportation. These are easily transportable fishing rods. Also, one of my favorites feature about the Okuma rod is the fact that they are actually two pieces that are separable from each other. 

Well, actually this two-piece design has an important advantage. Such a two-pieces design is easy and convenient for the transportation of a fishing rod. Further, there is a connection point where both the pieces of the rods are connected with each other.

This point is called as the handle ferrule connection. This handle ferrule connection actually allows for the natural bend of the rod and it also gives the rod a one piece feel. These rods by Okuma are definitely astonishing. As I have already discussed that these rods are light in their weight. One might think that if the weight is reduced then definitely the power would also be less but that is not the case with this rod. This rod actually features some parabolic blanks. 

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andros rod review

The function of these parabolic blanks is to increase the power of the rod. If we discuss about the composition of these parabolic blanks, then these blanks are made up of IM-6 Graphite. These graphite parabolic blanks provide strength to the rod. These are used to shed the weight and enhance the power of these rods. Further, the rod is made up of two pieces, although it is separable into two pieces but still, the rod gives a performance that is much better than that of a single piece rod. The ferrule connection enables to deliver such a high performance, while one of the most important aspect of this split rod is that it is very easily transportable. 

It can be transported from one place to another without any difficulty. Furthermore, this rod is also equipped with split rear grips. The main purpose of the presence of these split rear grips is to assist the underarm jigging stroke. These split rear grips eliminate chaffing when employing such strokes. This Andros rod is also equipped with an aluminium casting reel seat that has been designed to use without the reel clamps. For ergonomic grip, the rod by Okuma is equipped with finger grooves. 

These machined finger grooves are the source of positive and an ergonomic grip. Without any doubt, one can say that these Andros rods do maximize the opportunities for the fishermen.

Andros rods have important key features. 


Andros rod summary 

If we talk about the purpose of the development of these rods, then Andros casting rods are developed as a highly advanced vertical jugging rod. These are no doubt astonishing and amazing rods. The graphite parabolic blanks help in increasing the power and lesser the weight of the rod and the split rear grips are very useful for eliminating the chaffing. These rods do offer specific fishing actions for various fishing styles. These fishing styles include stick baiting, popper fishing and light or heavy weight jigging.

In my opinion, these rods are quite good and indeed amazing. Henceforth, if you are looking for some really nice fishing rods that are more convenient, durable and much stronger, then these Andros rods are a good option for you.

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