Shimano core reel review

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  • Date: July 15, 2023
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Shimano created some new low-profile reels after taking into consideration all the feedback and reviews from the fishermen. Prior to developing these high-quality reels, they kept in mind the needs of the fishermen who would be going to use these core reels for catching fish. Thus, before making these reels, the needs of fishermen were evaluated and analyzed, and as a result of this evaluation, such reels were created by Shimano, that would fulfill the needs of these people and would be beneficial for them. These new reels created by Shimano are lightweight casting reels that had no match in terms of strength. 

These core reels are compact, strong and powerful. These are kind of weightless and have very little weight. These core reels are designed to be the most ultimate bait casting reels. As already discussed, these reels are light in weight. This is because these are made up of magnesium. The frame and the side plates of these reels are made with magnesium and the spool of these reels is also of magnesium. Hence, because of the use of magnesium, these core reels are lightweight but still being lightweight, these are much more durable and stronger.

Shimano core reel feature’s

These core reels by Shimano has various features. Some of the features of these reels are discussed below;

If we talk about the core reels that are made by Shimano, then the aim of this brand has always been to make the reels that are lightweight, low profile bait casting reels along with being strong and durable. Basically, the core reels that are made by Shimano include the frame that is made by magnesium.

The spool of these reels is also of magnesium. The purpose of making the frame and spool with such metal is that these core reels would be light in their weight and would be much stronger and durable. These core reels are indeed light and responsive in nature but still these are durable and strong also as compared to their weight.

All of the core reels have precision ball bearings and are quite effective in their work. These reels by Shimano are surely suitable for all kinds of fishing environment. These lightweight and durable reels by Shimano aim to bring fineness and power together into one structure. These reels are quite efficient in their work and include high efficiency gearing. These core reels have 8 ARB bearings along with one ARB roller bearing. If we discuss about the gear ratio, then these have 6.2:1 gear ratio that brings in about 28 inches of line per handle turn. These reels do lessen the fatigue and are easy to use.

Shimano core reel review

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