Shimano Symetre 500 review

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  • Date: July 9, 2023
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If we discuss about the Shimano Symetre 500 reel, then it is created by viewing the aspect that there was a need and a demand for such reels. The fishermen needed such fishing reels that were more durable and in terms of their weight were light. 

Therefore, the Shimano redesigned its reels and created the Symetre 500 reel. So, these Symetre 500 reels are made ultra-light for the stream anglers and various proppy trout guys. 

Now in my opinion, if you are a kind of person who does fishing into light to medium fresh and saltwater environment then I should definitely introduce you to this reel by Shimano that will surely be liked by you. The Shimano Symetre 500 reel offers some quite amazing features. 

key features of the Shimano Symetre 500


  • Compact body
  • X-ship
  • Line propulsion system
  • Varispeed II oscillations
  • Durable stamped bails
  • Quality and durability
  • Ultra-light weight
  • Comfortable grip

Some of the great features of Symetre reels are the compact body and the X-ship that is nice, smooth and has plenty of power. Further, it also has a line propulsion system that gives the user a bit of enhanced distance.

If we talk about the main key feature of the Shimano Symetre 500, then it is the compact body of this reel. A lot of anglers from various states asked Shimano to make fishing reels that are smaller in size, less in weight and still be more efficient and effective. As a result of this, Shimano took a step and made the Symetre series of fishing reels. So, these reels have been upgraded to provide strength and indeed have also been downsized in size but the performance has not been compromised. Also, it is worth mentioning that Shimano did not even compromise on durability. 

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The Symetre 500 has an ultra-thin compact body with a smaller profile and has less weight. In this reel, the X-ship technology has also been used by Shimano. If we discuss about this technology, then the X-ship technology is outstanding for cranking power and also smoothness. This Symetre 500 also contains varispeed II oscillating system. 

This varispeed II oscillations system basically layers the line flatter and improves the cast ability. Hence, Shimano has really worked hard in terms of meeting up to the standards and making a highly durable, efficient and light weight spinning reel. There are other important features present in this reel as well. These include aluminium cold forged spool, durable stamped bails and 5 bearing system for the smooth and consistent performance of the reel.


Henceforth, this reel is definitely a good choice for fishermen. This is a good reel with a downright great value. The Shimano Symetre 500 definitely delivers good in terms of performance as well as durability. Its ultra-light weight is its main feature. Being light weight and this much efficient and good in performance is a great deal. I would definitely recommend this Shimano Symetre 500 reel to fishermen and stream anglers. You will definitely like its great and amazing features.

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