The best ultralight spinning fishing rods : Advice & buying guide

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The fishing rod is to the fisherman what the sewing machine is to the tailor. It is a must to catch beautiful catch of swordfish and predatory fish. Knowing that each fishing technique corresponds to a specific model fishing rod, it is useful to navigate to avoid spending unnecessarily money in unsuitable equipment.

If you want to know what people are buying the most when they are looking for: “Ultralight spinning fishing rods” you are just in the right place, welcome !! but first let’s give you some lightening.

How to choose a good fishing rod?

Fishing rods are accessories whose design is currently more and more complex. To excel in this discipline, it is important to choose the right cane.

Characteristics such as power, resistance and dimensions must be taken into account. To ensure a winning purchase, consider following the tips for buying a good fishing rod on this price comparison.

Purchase guide fishing rod

The power

power fishing rod

How to buy a fishing rod better value for money? This is a very important question, but before you try to answer it, take a closer look at the power of the accessory.

In fishing, power refers to the weight that the angler can approximately throw and handle with his rod. Here, there is no question of the weight of the fish that the fisherman is able to bring back. The power or weight is expressed in grams, sometimes it is formulated in OZ (1 oz = 28 grams).

You will have the choice between the Ultra Light cane with a power of 0.4 to 5 g, the Light cane of a power of 2 to 7 g, the cane Medium Light with a power of 3 to 10.5 g, the cane Medium of 5 to 21 g, Medium Heavy rod of 7 to 28 g, Heavy rod of 10 to 40 g and Extra Heavy rod of 25 g to 80 g.

In general, a cane is chosen according to the type of fishing and the desired fish. For small peaches, such as perch or trout, a light or medium light cane will do the trick. On the other hand, for pike fishing, it is better to choose a medium, medium heavy, heavy or extra heavy rod.

Resistance of fishing rod

A fishing rod must be strong and not too heavy to be easy to handle. Most of the models on the market are made from carbon fiber.

The resistance of the carbon fiber cane is expressed in Gigapascal.

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As a result, the higher the module, the more stiff and resistant the rod will be. The rods manufactured with THMS carbon or Very High Module Superior have a 650 GPa module.

They are very strong, but not very flexible, because they are suitable for large peaches. For small peaches, our buying guide for the best fishing rods advises you to fall back on high-strength carbon of 230 GPa or Carbon Intermediate Module from 300 to 350 GPa.

The dimensions of fishing rods

dimension of fishing rod

   The size of the fishing rod also depends on the type of fishing envisaged. For fishing on board, it is better to opt for a rod quite long from 9 to 15 meters.

 For fishing by boat, a short rod of 2m or 2m20 should do the trick.

After going through these basic features, fishing rods should no longer have any secrets for you. Now is the time to move on to the most important question: “where to buy a new fishing rod”? now! you know as well as we specialists do, let’s back to the game

The best ultralight spinning fishing rods below! According to many consumer feedbacks, the ranking of the best ultra-light rods are thus ranked:

1- Ugly Stik Elite rods

Ugly TechTM construction with added graphite for a featherweight, increased sensitivity and better traction force and are perfectly balanced. It must be said that they are made from quality components. They benefit from a very neat finish. These rods have been specially designed for the European market and will allow you to practice many techniques and to fish several species both at sea and in freshwater.

Ugly tufftm one-piece stainless steel double-footed guides offer maximum durability and eliminate insert pop-outs

EVA combat length handles with contoured fore-grips for a comfortable grip with rubber gimbals

classic reel seats with stainless steel padded hoods

Actions specially designed for jigging and fishing down


2- OKUMA Celilo Graphite Ultra Light

Okuma CELILO Graphite rods are specially designed for tournament professionals, but their price is set for everyone. They are designed to throw heavy bait and catch big fish.

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Strong points of the brand:

  1. These rods are designed to combine power and feel, optimizing the length of your casting while providing the responsiveness you need to feel every little bit.
  2. They are designed for the sea and use stainless steel and ceramic composites for you to use, whether you are surfing or fishing at the lake.
  3. They are sturdy and durable. It gives you the power you need to pull a big shot from the bottom without worrying about whether your rod can withstand stress or not.


3- KastKing Calamus Ultra-Light Spinning Fishing Rods

 It is a big wonder designed with great care to provide all fishermen a unique and unforgettable sensation. This ultralight fishing equipment has a body with an absolute minimum weight, a rod perfect for fishing in warm and hard waters, with a deformation rate of 600K,

ultra lightweight fishing rod with a starting weight of 80 grams, are in perfect balance for comfort that lasts all day

4- St Croix Panfish Series Spinning Rods

Benefiting from the technologies and features that made its elders successful, the Panfish series is simply sumptuous. From fast to very fast action, each model has been designed to meet the demands of the most advanced fishermen. 

Only available in spinning, these rods are for light and precise fishing using small lures. Trackers of trout and perch should find in them irreproachable weapons of sensitivity, lightness and finesse, while being able to count on their astonishing power. If we add to this incredible cosmetics, we must be able to say that these canes are real jewels.


5- Goture Fishing Rods.

SENSITIVE AND STRONG: Designed with a 30-tonne carbon matrix, to significantly balance the …

REEL SEAT & GRIP: The reel seat adopts a high quality ABS material and the split EVA handles …

LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: The design of the rod in 4 parts facilitates the transport, no matter the air transport …

GUIDES: 7 + 1 corrosion resistant guides with ceramic inserts

6- FISHING GHOST Fishing Rod - Spinning Rod

concepts before buying a fishing rod

There are many technical factors that you need to consider when choosing the perfect ratio. Before sitting down and choosing your next fishing rod, here are some important things to keep in mind.

It is important to understand the relationship between the length of a cane and the distance at which you can launch your line. You often see it in the canes of surfcasting, which can reach 12 feet long.

The casting distance has everything to do with the acceleration of the tip of your rod and the weight of your terminal equipment.

To begin, think that the fishing rod is a whip. Everyone knows that a whip produces this crack, because its end breaks the wall of sound. The longer your rod, the faster your terminal equipment accelerates.

In general, long rods allow longer throws. But there are disadvantages to having the longest stalk on the lake:

-You need more space for casting.

-You need more practice because it is more difficult to free your line at the right time when you use a big pole.

-The weight matters

The weight of your equipment at the bottom of the line, that is everything connected to the end of your line, also plays an important role in the extent to which you can launch.

If you have paid attention to physics in high school, you know that force is mass multiplied by acceleration. More force equals longer throws, so the heavier leader moves further. Anyone who has already started a line will understand this concept by feeling alone.

Keep in mind that if you want to throw the lightest possible, you have to choose a longer cane to compensate.

The power of the rod is essentially the weight or pressure that a cane can bear to be able to flex. The power of each rod is specially designed to handle a certain range of lure weight and line sizes.

Anglers take into account the testing of their line and the attractiveness test when choosing a cane. The lighter the line and lure, the lighter the power has to be for effective handling.

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