Shimano Ultegra 14000 XSD Reel

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  • Date: July 15, 2023
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Today a small article to present you another jewel from the collection of reels from Shimano factories: the ultra model XSD 14000.

It was expected, here it is on the market. one of the best version of the famous SHIMANO Ultegra reel.

The SHIMANO Ultegra 14000 XS-D catches the attention of carp anglers at a glance. Indeed, the design has been reworked for a modern look.

In addition to the actual reel, this is also interesting because this reel is equipped with a spare spool and 4 capacity reducers (2×10.000 / 2×3.500).

The additional reel combined with the capacity reducers give the fisherman the possibility of using different types of lines and adapting to fishing situations.

The Instant Drag frees the spool by turning the lever, which is very useful when fighting with the fish. The reel benefits from the unique Shimano features: X-Ship, Super Slow Oscillation 50, Aero Wrap II, and Instant Drag.

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It is the replacement model for the ultra-XSC released years ago, which incorporates all of the brand’s latest innovations, in particular a slow oscillation.

      This model exists exclusively in size 14000, but it has spool reducers in order to be able to use finer wires without backing (as is the case on many reels Shimano for 2 years).

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The ULTEGRA XSD is supplied with two 14000 reels and 4 reducers (2 x 10,000 and 2×3,500) in order to respond to all fishing configurations.

Significant improvement compared to its predecessor: a slower oscillation which results in better winding of the wire.


X-Ship is a remarkable system. By positioning the pinion close to the main axis of the oversized drive wheel, the handle transmits more power to the rotor. The pinion is also supported by two Shimano A-RB bearings which stabilize the rotor and the pinion gears.


      The super slow oscillation allows optimal alignment and distribution of the wire on the spool. The absence of crossings and irregularities prevents friction when throwing, which allows greater distance. The reels equipped with this system benefit from additional spool washers, which allow to adjust the distribution of the wire on the spool according to the selected wire diameter.


    The instant braking system allows you to adjust the brake from a free reel position to a combat position with very few turns. In the interests of fish and environmental safety, please make sure not to exceed the resistance of the wire when you apply the brake, as this could result in breakage of the wire.


     The Parallel Body feature implicates that the spool is lined out parallel to the rod. This results in the reduction of line touching the rod and subsequently this increases the casting distance.

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     Cold forged aluminum is used in some round profile reels, fly reels and also in many spools. Made of a single piece of aluminum, these elements benefit from a great solidity.

SHIMANO Ultegra 14000 XS-D Caracteres :

• HAGANE gears to face the most difficult conditions

• X-Ship system for increased performance and smooth rotation in all circumstances

• G-Free frame to improve balance and reduce fatigue

• Aero Wrap system for excellent distribution of the wire, or the ultra fine braid, on the spool

• COREPROTECT technology to avoid any water infiltration

• AR-C cold forged aluminum coil

• Waterproof brake

• 5 Protected Bearings (1 S A-RB + 4 stainless steel) + 1 with Needles

• XGT-7 frame

• Single Machined Aluminum Handle

• Non-disengageable non-return (no piloting by button)

   In the end, it is therefore a great reel, which should once again be the best seller for Shimano, because easy to find and at a competitive price for a reel of this quality.

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