Daiwa Saltist Spinning Reel Review

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As the name of this spinning reel indicates, it is a reel that is specially designed for saltwater conditions. This specific reel comes into seven variants or models. These various models cover wide range of lures and baits. This daiwa saltist reel has been designed and created for the anglers who are in search for a high performing and durable reels. These reels can even withstand harsh conditions. This company has been known for many years and is a great reel manufacturer. This is a quite suitable option for saltwater fishing.

This reel feels quite compact and light as well. This reel definitely feels, looks and also performs like an expensive reel. It can also be used for a wide variety of fishing styles.

Key features of Daiwa Saltist spinning reel

Some of the key features of the daiwa saltist reel are as follows;

  • Mags sealed line rollers
  • 8+1 corrosion resistant ball bearings
  • Lightweight
  • Air bail
  • Digital gear design
  • ABS spool
  • ATD drag system
  • Waterproof drag system
  • Mag sealed technology:

If we talk about the key feature that makes this reel prominent it makes it stand out from the rest of the reels, then it is the mag sealed technology. This sealed technology basically prevents the dirt, dust and saltwater to penetrate through the body as well as the rotor. Also, this reel makes use of a special magnetic oil that is present only and only in daiwa reels. The molecules of the oil act as a waterproof seal. These keep the water away and therefore prevent the chances of corrosion because of water. It also helps in the overall smooth retrieve of the line.

  • Body and design:
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If we talk about the body construction of the daiwa saltist, then it is made up of a metal alloy that is called as the hardbodyz by daiwa. This special metal alloy provides the reel with extreme durability along with strength and overall keeping the weight of the reel as minimum as possible.

The design of this reel feels quite compact and light with an attractive silver, blue and black shades. The overall carbon black-matte color is quite appealing.

  • Air rotor:

The daiwa saltist reel has its own air rotor design. This air rotor is basically used to provide a reduction in the weight of the reel. Such a design can decrease the weight upto 15 percent. Air rotor is a heavily ported rotor and it uses the least amount of material and most amount of space. It gives a really stiff rotor that doesn’t really flex to much under a load. Another important function of this air rotor is that it basically helps to dry the reel under the spool area very faster as in this area, saltwater acts as an issue.

  • Bearings:

If we consider the bearings of the saltist series, then these contain 9 ball bearings. These bearings are made of stainless steel and another important thing about these bearings is that these are corrosion resistant. The saltist reel also contains an anti-reverse ball bearing.

  • Gear design:

Now if we discuss about the gears of the saltist, then it uses the design of milled gears. These milled gears are without any doubt made for the maximum performance. These also aim to provide overall durability and transmit the cranking power of the reel to the gears and spool. The spool of this reel is designed in such a way as to hold a lot of line. Further, the spool comes braid ready and definitely there is no need for monobacking.

  • Drag system:
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The daiwa saltist spinning reel offers an ATD drag system. This ATD is known as the Automatic Tournament Drag system. This is indeed a very smooth system. The reel is designed in such a way to transmit the pressure from the spool to the main shaft very evenly. Another important aspect of this reel is that daiwa has designed the reel in such a way that they have minimized the jerky sensation. This jerky or pulsing situation used to be present at the start of the drag but is not present in the saltist reel.

  • Models:

Daiwa saltist reels come in seven models starting from the 2500 model and upto the 8000 model. These models differ in their weights and slightly differ in the maximum drag that they offer. For instance, if we compare the weight of the daiwa saltist 2500 variant to the 8000 variant, then the 2500 model weighs approximately 9.5 ounces whereas the 8000 model weighs about 30 ounces. So this is a prominent difference in the weight of the two. And if we consider the drag offered by these two models, then the 2500 model offers a 15 lbs maximum drag whereas the 8000 model offers approximately 33 lbs of drag.


Overall, what i conclude is that the saltist spinning reel by daiwa is indeed a workhorse. It is definitely designed to deliver continuous smooth fishing results even in extreme harsh salt water conditions. This reel has a nearly waterproof design and even the drag system of this reel is waterproof. Well I do like the daiwa saltist reel. In terms of performance, it is a beast. It delivers high quality as well as performance and is highly durable fishing reel. Therefore, I do recommend this amazing high performing saltwater fishing reel.

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