Shimano Sonora 2500 FB Spinning Reel review

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  • Date: July 15, 2023
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shimano sonora 2500

Anyone who is looking for a perfect combination of the three more needed qualities which are high performances, fluidity and reasonable price, should absolutely be thinking of the Shimano Sonora 2500 FB Spinning Reel by Shimano, fluidity of the smooth casting/retrieves are insured by four shielded bearing made from high performance metals, which give to the reel the needed fluency and efficiency.

The reel is also equipped by a Super Stopper from the second generation, which gives an anti-reverse roller bearing and a rock-solid hooksets.

You have also the benefits of its castability and manageability insured by a varispeed oscillation, who can tell better? 

The quality of polished oversized drive gear FLUIDRIVE which gives a high performance retrieves and a good malleability/manageability

The advantages of avoiding aftershocks (blacklashes) thanks to Propulsion spool lip and the rotors DYNA BALANCE wich eliminate wobble during your retrieves

The reduction of torsions during recoveries thanks to a Power Roller III, which magically an oversized line roller not to mention the reel body made with the latest technology, side plate and graphite rotor which offers incomparable resistance and lightness.

The S-shaped cam keeps the relaxed line in contact with the line roller to further reduce the risk of tangles and line breaks.

In the event of an impact on a chassis, an S-Guard protects against damage which may result, made of cold forged aluminum


The Shimano Sonora 2500 is a lightweight graphite reel but it offers heavyweight features for your adventures. The top of the list feature of this product is that it includes line twist reducing propulsion line management system. It also has a spool lip added to the propulsion system that aims to prevent backlash and wind knots from forming and it also provides longer casting distances due to less friction. 

Various casting tests have determined that this spool lip design provides longer casting distances, preventing backlashes from forming. It also utilizes a long stroke design that aims to further enhance the casting distance. The propulsion spool has a unique shape and because of its unique shape, the lines flow consistently off of the spool. This propulsion spool lip consistently provides light friction which helps in overcoming situations of backlash and inconsistent line speed. For the protection of the frame and rotor, this reel also has twist reducing power roller.

Now referring to the Super stopper II, it uses a one-way bearing to eliminate back play and it provides instantaneous hook setting power. Furthermore, the dyna balance feature eliminates the wobble during the retrieving process. This is done by counter balancing the rotor. It in return, enhances the sensitivity and smoothness. It creates a smooth rotation and eliminates various vibrations that are caused by the real and the Fluidrive provides the angular with a smooth, efficient and powerful retrieve.

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The very low-end Shimano reels are the hard plastic barrel knobs. But the new handle is ergonomic and comfort table. It is also very much easier to grab. The size of the paddle is also large which provides more power. Further, this really is very well reinforced and it will even don’t show any signs of flex while fighting fish. About the durability, then Sonora is definitely well built and indeed it will surely have no problem supplying years of service.

Sonora 2500 definitely delivers good in terms of performance. The new A-RB bearings help in increasing the refinement of the reel and durability. This reel has premium features. Super stopper II, A-RB bearings and a spare cold forges spool make this reel of an even better value.

This Shimano Sonora 2500 is based on shimano’s initial philosophy. This initial philosophy by Shimano is called as the S-concept. There are three basic ideas that are inherent in the S- concept and these are smooth, silent and strong. The Sonora 2500 is also based on this S-concept as it provides smooth rotation and a very comfortable retrieve. It provides long casting distance and flawless operation. Further, the operation parts within the real are very much silent and reducing excessive noise and hence result in overall silent operations. For the powerful torque and drivetrains, the construction of this real is strong, functional and solid and ultimately it strengthens the angler.

Henceforth, we can conclude that Sonora 2500 real is definitely making us rethink the way we categorize value reels. This surprisingly cultured piece is definitely a very good reel and has a downright great value and those anglers that are looking for a great reel to simply get their line from point A to B and vice versa with the fish in tow, in my opinion, this Sonora 2500 is a perfect choice.

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