Shimano Tekota 500 Review

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Shimano has been a reel manufacturer for a long time and the fishing reels made by this company are entirely amazing. The company has always strived to provide its customers with more compact, more ergonomic, and more comfortable fishing reels.

Shimano Tekota 500 Reel Overview

Shimano Tekota 500 series is one of the amazing fishing reels made by Shimano. These reels are more compact and more comfortable. These new models feature hagane bodies and are water-resistant. These also have line counter versions and these reels haul in 38 inches of line per crank. The gear ratio is about 6.3:1. This Tekota 500 carries 240 yards of braided line on the spool.

Without any doubt, we can say that the Shimano has an excellent reputation in the market of fishing reels. For a long time, this company has been manufacturing some of the best freshwater as well as saltwater fishing reels.

The Shimano Tekota 500 is indeed one of these fishing reels. It is a lightweight reel along with an extremely smooth cross carbon drag. The size of this reel is small and is also light in terms of its weight but despite all of this, the reel has not been compromised on the spool size and depth.

Also, the power of this reel is unmatchable. Also, the Tekota series has been upgraded to provide the core protect water resistant feature. Further, a clicker has also been added.

Overall, the Shimano Tekota 500 is lightweight, quite effective, and a powerful reel. Also, it is very smooth in its functioning and when it comes to durability, it is highly durable.

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Key features – Shimano Tekota Reel

The Shimano Tekota 500 series has quite impressive features in it. These features are as follows;

Body and design

The Shimano Tekota series is designed in such a way as to fit comfortably and smoothly into the hand of the anglers. This reel does not have an enormous size but the size is quite suitable as well as comfortable for the hand.

The overall body design of Tekota is quite ergonomic. This fishing reel is also quite sturdy and is indeed a lot more durable. In terms of performance, it is very impressive. With this Tekota series, you can even fight with the big fish in the water all day long.

SHIMANO TEKOTA 500 reviews

Apart from all of this, the Tekota reel is indeed a piece of art. Its overall appearance and looks are simply outstanding.

It is not just that it looks beautiful but it is also a beast reel in terms of its performance.

The Tekota series has a hagane body. This means that the body of this reel is made from metal that is highly rigid.

The body doesn’t show any signs of flexing. Overall the reel transfers the angler’s action directly into cranking power.

The body of the Tekota is quite stiff and is indeed resistant to impacts.


The issue with fighting a big fish is the fear of spinning the handle. This is quite annoying and can even hurt the anglers sometimes. Shimano has taken care of this aspect by adding the super stopper in the Tekota series.


This super stopper basically prevents the handle of the reel from back spinning and is indeed quite useful as the function it performs is simply amazing. Furthermore, this super stopper also has core protect seals that protect it from salt water. Therefore enhancing its overall durability and lifetime.

Water resistance

The core protect feature by Shimano is quite useful for saltwater fishing conditions.

This core protect water resistance feature is very important for a reel especially in saltwater fishing. This basically prevents the reel from the damage caused due to water and also protects it from corrosion.

Cross carbon drag

Shimano Tekota series is also equipped with cross carbon drag. This is indeed the main reason behind the extremely smooth drag of the reel. For achieving this amazing smooth drag,

Shimano has made use of the carbon fiber disk on each side of the gear ultimately applying even pressure on both sides. The overall drag of this fishing reel is very smooth and amazing.

Spool and frame

The spool of this fishing reel is made of aluminum. This forged aluminum spool provides strength as well as durability to the reel. In terms of its construction, it is quite amazing.

The frame of the reel is also made of aluminum that is indeed very much durable. The frame is designed in such a way that the durability, performance, and effectiveness of the reel are not compromised along with being lightweight and comfortable as well.


If we consider the bearings of the Tekota series, then these are S-ARB bearings. These bearings are also shielded on both sides to prevent them from corrosion or damage from dirt.

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The Shimano Tekota 500 is indeed an amazing fishing reel that is definitely equipped with some quite impressive features and if we consider its price, then it is fairly reasonable for the features that it provides to the anglers.

This reel basically provides a premium look and the features are just amazing. The super stopper and the cross carbon drag are also outstanding in terms of their performance.


Further, the construction of the reel is just solid. The overall hagane body makes the reel much more durable but still, the weight is amazing.

This reel does not feel heavy in the hand and you can go fishing with this reel all day but still, you will feel easy and comfortable. Therefore, this is indeed one of the best reels available in the market.

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