Kastking sharky baitfeeder III

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Sharky baitfeeder III is a brand-new fishing reel. It is a new and unique baitfeeder style fishing reel that has some unique features. This new kastking fishing reel offers front as well as rear drag functions.

Also, it is very much suitable for freshwater as well as saltwater conditions. This is the new flagship fishing reel that is very much durable and lightweight. Although it is lightweight yet it is more powerful for big fishing games. Hence one can say that this new fishing reel by kastking is a unique baitfeeder style fishing reel that is approved for freshwater and saltwater fishing.

If we talk about some of its key features, then these features include;

  • Durable
  • Inspired design
  • Powerful
  • Versatile
  • Ball bearings 10+1
  • Spare spool
  • Gear ratio: 5.5:1
  • Approved for freshwater and saltwater
  • Lightweight
  • Extraordinary performance
  • Front and rear drag system
  • Baitfeeder lever


Review of the Kastking sharky baitfeeder III

These were some of the important features that the kastking sharky baitfeeder III provides its users with. It has a new style and a unique design. This design is very attractive and heart touching. The front and rear drag functions are really awesome. Also, it is worth mentioning that this kastking fishing reel has a corrosion free body that is made up of graphite. This corrosion free body of graphite makes this reel more durable and long lasting.

It also offers a grip T- handles that ensure the great performance of the spinning reel. Another important aspect of the handle is that it can be interchanged to the right or left.

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It is very much easy and comfortable to use even for left-handed people. If we talk about the drag washers of this fishing reel, then these are carbon fiber drag washers and these definitely have one of the smoothest fishing reel carbon drag in the entire fishing reels market.

This kastking sharky baitfeeder III definitely gives you a lot of solid options that some of the bait casting equipment will give you and it will also keep you in your comfort zone. For instance, if the spinning tackle is your comfort zone, this reel will definitely be going to give you those same options.

One thing that I like about this reel is that when it comes out of the box, it has two spools, the spool that’s present on the reel is going to be the braid ready spool. It will be an aluminum spool and will hold 300 yards of 60 pounds braid whereas the secondary spool will be a mono spool.

Another thing that I liked about this reel is its handle. This baitfeeder III has got a power handle and it allows you to get some good leverage on the fish. 

Kastking sharky baitfeeder III 2

Many people use to look for fishing reels that are reversible and to their amazement, this sharky baitfeeder III has a reversible handle, you can even swap the handle on left or right, so regardless if you are lefty or right, you can adjust the handle in a way in which you are comfortable.

This fishing reel has a lever on the back that engages the baitfeeder. It also has an adjustable rear drag that allows you to adjust the tension on the baitfeeder. The baitfeeder option on the fishing rods is a good feature in my opinion. 

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Kastking sharky baitfeeder III

The other important big part about selecting a fishing reel other than its features would be the cost. The cost of this sharky baitfeeder III is quite reasonable for the features that it is providing. For the cost, you cannot get better than this.

If you look at similar features fishing reels, those would be definitely very much expensive as compared to this baitfeeder. 

There are various models or sizes available for this sharky baitfeeder III and in my opinion, the best one is the 6000 model. This sharky baitfeeder III has a gear ratio of 5.5:1 and weighs approximately 16 ounces. These have ball bearings 10+1 and the braided line capacity is approximately 60/300.

This baitfeeder also offers a max drag at 26 and a half pounds. So, this reel has definitely got some nice specifications.


This reel has also got a good carbon fiber drag system. This reel doesn’t have any drawbacks so far. If you guys are thinking of upgrading your spinning tackle, then I would recommend you to try this sharky baitfeeder III.

As this baitfeeder will give you a little better versatility, some better options out on the water, so I would definitely recommend this kastking sharky baitfeeder III. Furthermore, its cost is also very much reasonable. 

Henceforth, I conclude this by saying that this kastking sharky baitfeeder III is the best option for you if you are looking for a fishing reel that costs less and has amazing features. This fishing reel is the best available option. 

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