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Shimano has been a trusted producer of high-quality spinning reels for many years. One of the most popular models ever produced by Shimano is the stradic range.

For a very long time, the stradic series has been the mainstream reel of the Shimano’s spinning lineup and if we consider the new and upgraded shimano stradic fk, then it is now all grown up and has a new philosophical design and a brand new set of features.

Shimano Stradic FK

This new stradic fk appeals the pro anglers and is quite a high performing spinning reel that is very much suitable for rigorous fishing. This shimano stradic fk is approved for saltwater as well as freshwater use.

Indeed the latest incarnation of Shimano’s stradic range is a beauty. This reel surely feels up in the quality stakes like the most expensive ones in its smoothness, winding, and engineering quality as well.

It is even light enough to be convenient and comfortable for long-time period fishing.

The overall style and finish of this reel are quite impressive. The styling is very pleasing.

The overall dark grey spool highlights, the sculpted lip, and the cold-forged aluminum spool do enhance the beauty of this reel. Shimano has indeed made improvements to every part and component of this reel.

The center of mass of the stradic FK has also been lowered for better handling and balancing of the reel.

This Shimano stradic FK series is also rated as water-resistant and it should definitely withstand water splashing and salt spray.

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Key features – Shimano Stradic Fishing Reel

Some of the important key features of the new Shimano stradic FK series include;

  • Superb casting
  • Excellent line management
  • Smooth drag
  • Low start up inertia
  • Excellent line capacity
  • Great power
  • Superb gear system
  • High line retrieval
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Hagane system
  • Gear ratio: 6.0:1/6.2:1
  • 6+1 bearing system (S A-RB)


If we consider the design of the new Shimano stradic FK, then it features a new and more angular design that is compact as well.

This stradic FK is all metal and that is the key concept behind the hagane design. As the word, hagane refers to high-quality steel that is used to make samurai swords.

Stradic fk has reinforced the design and manufacturing philosophy and is indeed made of highest-quality metal and components.

The new body design of this reel provides a more exacting tolerance.

The spool of the stradic FK is also made of cold-forged aluminium that will not bend or break because of normal pressure on the reel.

shimano stradic fk

Overall, the stradic fk fishing reel is quite impressive in its appearance and construction-wise, it is highly durable and is made of high-quality metal.

Hagane System

Hagane is like a three-pillar system. It means that it incorporates three things from shimano.


X-Ship is the double supported pinning gear which actually increases bearing support and it removes flex and makes sure that the teeth if the reel is in constant alignment between the pinning gear and the main gear.

This X-Ship technology uses key bearing placements within the gear system to support and align for a smooth running of the reel under extreme conditions.

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Hagane Gear

It is a cold-forged aluminium main gear that is stronger than previous generations because previous generations were of brass and the aluminium cold forged gear would not corrode.

These are made of cold-forged high-grade aluminium.

Hagane Body

It is the high-quality aluminium body that has increased stiffness and has aluminate flex when you are fighting fish.

With the hagane body and gear, all the power of the reel is funnelled efficiently into cranking and as a result, making the reel much more efficient in working larger fish.

Line Management Technology

The new stradic fk also features line management technology. It uses several new as well as previous technologies in its line management system.

This combination of technologies makes the working of the reel more efficient and surely contributes to the incredible casting of the reel.

If we talk about these line management technologies, then these include the Shimano’s aero warp II oscillation system that generally reduces friction between wraps when coming back of the spool.

Also, the power roller and propulsion line management system helps to add a little distance to the cast. Overall, it increases the casting distance to some extent.

Gear System

In my opinion, the point where stradic FK series stands out from its rivals is the gear system that it offers. As we do know that the gear system is the heart of spinning reels and is indeed a major determinant of the performance of a reel.

And the new and improved hagane gear system that the stradic fk is equipped with wi definitely outperform in every situation.

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The gears of this series are designed in such a way that they will remain in line and will perfectly contact with each other and as a result, turning smoothly when pressure is applied.

shimano stradic fk review


What differentiates stradic FK from its previous models is the power that it offers. stradic FK is able to provide a lot of power.

The difference between the power is visible when you get into a big fish. The stradic FK will have no issues in working and retrieving the line.

Hence, it is a powerful spinning reel indeed. Furthermore, the durability of this stradic FK is quite impressive.


The Shimano stradic fk is indeed a very good reel that offers excellent features.

Its new hagane system is quite impressive. It has an improved body design and an improved gear system. Overall, this stradic fk series is a beast in terms of its performance.

I would definitely recommend this Shimano’s stradic fk spinning reel even to pro anglers.

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