Best Tuna Fishing Reel Review

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  • Date: July 15, 2023
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Enthusiastic fishermen know that how difficult it can be to catch a fish especially when the fish they are going to fight is tuna. Catching a tuna fish is indeed quite tricky. These tuna fish species are very fast when they are compared to other species of fish.

Therefore, that is the reason that having perfect gear is essential for catching tuna because using the best reel to catch tuna will definitely be very helpful. 

Tuna fishing is a little bit different from regular fishing. Tuna fish possesses a lot of power in their fins and their speed and power in water are simply amazing. Therefore, catching a tuna is not the work of all reels.

The reel you should use in order to catch a tuna should have more line capacity, should have some premium bearings, and must have an outstanding drag system.

All of these are necessary in order to have an amazing fishing experience.

So based on all of this, if you are planning to catch a tuna fish, then you should definitely be ready and fully equipped with the best gadgets and equipment.

Therefore, the reel that I would recommend for an angler to catch tuna is the Penn squall fishing reel.

In my opinion, it is one of the best fishing reels that is perfect for catching tuna fish.

Key features – Best Tuna Fishing Reel 

Penn squall fishing reel is indeed one of the best fishing reel ne Penn. This reel is equipped with some amazing features at this price range.

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The penn squall series has some amazing features that I would like to discuss. The features of this fishing reel by penn are as follows;


If we talk about the overall construction of the penn squall reels, then the frame and the side plate of this fishing reel are made from graphite. The presence of this graphite material makes the reel much durable and it also decreases the weight of the reel.

As we know that graphite is lightweight and is also much durable. Therefore, the presence of graphite in this reel enhances its durability and also makes it lightweight. Another important aspect of the presence of graphite is that it also prevents the reel from corrosion due to saltwater

Overall, the design of the reel is quite attractive. It seems to be an expensive fishing reel. The overall finish of this reel is also amazing. Further, the handle is designed in such a way so that it can be placed in two different positions.

Generally, this versa-handle design is quite effective during fishing as it provides the angler with two different speeds when they are retrieving. 

Drag system

As we already know that the dura drag system of Penn is quite famous in the fishing reels market.

The Penn squall series is also equipped with this amazing dura drag technology. It is said that this dura drag system is even better than the HT-100 drag system.

The reason behind such an amazing drag system is that the drag system contains a special coating of carbon washers. This presence of special coating enhances the overall smoothness and reduces friction.

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Therefore, making the squall series much smoother in their performance and functioning. Therefore, in terms of the drag system these reels have, the Penn squall series is outstanding.


Bearings and gears

The Penn squall lever drag variant generally comes with overall 6 stainless steel ball bearings whereas the lever drag 2 variant comes with 4 stainless steel ball bearings. This is the overall number of bearings in the squall series. 

Now if we consider the gears of the squall series, then these reels use stainless steel gears. The reason for using these gears is that these gears are much more durable and stronger. Another important aspect of using these gears is that they will not corrode, unlike the bronze gears. 

Anti-reverse feature

The anti-reverse feature of the squall series is called the silent double dog system. The main working principle of this anti-reverse feature is that this system provides a backup and it basically distributes the pressure on the anti-reverse across the two paws. The reason behind this is that this caused less wear and tear of the reel. 

Lever drag

This is also another important feature present in the squall series. This specific ratcheted drag lever basically keeps the drag from sliding even on rough seas.

This frame-flush ratcheted drag system is simply amazing. This enables the drag to move on its own and therefore, making the fishing experience much enjoyable.



The squall series of the fishing reel by Penn is definitely equipped with some high power and strength. Also, it is highly durable and strong. It has an amazing drag system and the drag force it possesses is quite powerful.


The overall build of this reel is also amazing and it is even resistant to corrosion. The gears and the bearings are all of high quality and are stainless steel in nature, ultimately making the components of the reel more durable and long-lasting. In terms of the overall drag system, these reels are just simply amazing. 

Therefore, what I conclude is that if you are looking for a fishing reel that would be very suitable for tuna fishing, then I would suggest you guys use the Penn squall fishing reel as this reel is the best available option for catching the tuna fish.

This fishing reel can perfectly match the power of a tuna fish and would even win the fight against tuna fish.

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