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If we talk about the walleye fish, then it is predominantly nocturnal in nature. They generally enjoy the nightlife in the cold and deep waters of the lakes. They generally venture out in the shallow water during their nightlife but if we consider finding them in the daytime, then they can be found near logs and beneath aquatic plants.

It is indeed very interesting to catch this white-bellied walleye fish, but it is not that simple to catch it. As we know that different types of fish require to differ types of tackle in order to catch them.

Also, there are various ways to catch the walleye fish like spinning, jigging, or trolling. But for these different ways, we require different types of tackle that are specific to each type. Here, we will take into consideration the best spinning reel that will help an angler to catch the walleye fish.

If we talk about the spinning reels, then they are also called the reels with the fixed spool. These are attached to the foot of spinning rods and have a long stem.

Also, the spinning reels make use of the bail wire. Another important aspect of these spinning reels is that they also have the anti-reverse feature.

It basically allows the angler to set the hook and also stops the bail wire from turning backward. So, these spinning reel setups are indeed the most versatile fishing setups. 

Spinning reels also aid in enhancing the distance and cast of the line. These also help in subduing the fish.

Therefore, what leads us to the decision is that in order to catch the walleye fish, the best spinning reel that is present in the market is the Penn battle 2 spinning reel.

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Penn has been known for many years for producing some high quality and amazing spinning reels and the battle 2 series is indeed one of them. 

Key features – Penn Battle 2 spinning reel

The Penn Battle 2 series fishing reels are equipped with some amazing and high-quality features. The features present in this reel are as follows. 


The Penn Battle 2 fishing reel has a full metal body construction. Overall, all the body is built with high-quality metal. Also, if we talk about the side plate and rotor, then even these are made from metal. Because of this all-metal construction, the reel feels a little bit heavier.

But still, because of this amazing build quality of the body, the reel will not face any kind of flex during your fishing experience and would be able to withstand heavier use. 

Further, if we consider the paint of the reel, then the Battle 2 series fishing reels are also protected from rust and corrosion because of the high quality paint that is applied on these reels. This extremely better paint quality is quite effective in protecting the body of the reel from corrosion and makes it resistant to saltwater fishing conditions. 

Drag System

The Penn Battle 2 series is indeed equipped with an amazing and outstanding drag system even at such a price category.

This series is equipped with the HT-100 drag system. An important aspect of this drag system is that it makes use of the keyed carbon washers.

These carbon washers in place of the traditional washers basically lengthen the time span of the reel and also provide very smooth functioning of the reel.

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These make the drag system of the reel extremely smooth and amazing. The retrieval of lines feels extra smooth. 


Further, the use of keyed washers allows the reel to increase the drag pressure upto about 20 percent. Overall, the drag system of this Penn Battle 2 is absolutely amazing. 


The Penn Battle 2 series uses five stainless steel ball bearings. These ball bearings are of stainless steel and because of this, they provide extra protection from corrosion or damage from saltwater.

So, being stainless steel in nature makes these ball bearings more durable and effective. Apart from this, the Battle 2 fishing reel is also equipped with an instant anti-reverse feature. This instant anti-reverse feature basically eliminates the back play of the reel and all of this is accomplished by using a one way bearing design in the reel. 

Bail wire and spool

This Battle 2 series by Penn also has an extra heavy duty bail wire.

This bail wire can definitely stand the test of time and is quite durable. Further, this reel also has line capacity rings on its spool.

These lines on the spool generally provide the angler with the information of about how much line is left or is remaining on the spool. 


Indeed, the Penn Battle 2 series is quite comfortable to use. The overall body design is quite ergonomic and the rubber handle is also amazing.

Although the reel feels a little bit heavy still one can not say that it is not comfortable. Overall, the comfort level of the reel is amazing.

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An angler can do fishing with this reel all day long and would still not get tires from this. 



Therefore, if you are a walleye fisher, then I would definitely recommend this spinning reel to you guys. Because this spinning reel is very smooth and has a powerful drag system.

This powerful drag system is important when you are having a fight with a big fish and mainly a walleye fish. Further, the handle of this reel is also comfortable and will definitely be useful during your fight with the walleye. The Penn Battle 2 reel is light and durable. It is very convenient to use this reel and in terms of its performance, it is very effective and efficient.

Further, it is not that heavy on one’s wallet and has a very reasonable price tag. Therefore, what I conclude is that if you are looking for the best spinning reel to fight the walleye fish, then in my opinion the best available option in the spinning reels market is the Penn battle 2 spinning reel.

It is equipped with some extraordinary features and further is very comfortable to fight with some big fish or for the walleye. The drag system of this reel will not let the walleye escape from your grip. I would highly recommend this reel for catching the walleye.

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