Best Saltwater Spinning Reel Under 100

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  • Date: July 15, 2023
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In this article, we will discuss about a spinning reel that costs less than 100 dollars. If you are an angler that is looking for some budget friendly spinning reel and are not sure to make the specific decision, then don’t worry, we will sort the things out for you. If you are looking for one of the best spinning reel that costs less than 100$ and in terms of performance is unmatchable, then the spinning reel that I would suggest you would be none other than the Pflueger president.

 If you do not want to break your bank and also don’t want to compromise on the performance and efficiency of the spinning reel, then it is definitely one of the best option for you to consider. As a lot of spinning reel options are available in the market to select from but still, it is a difficult decision to make. While looking for a good spinning reel, there are certain aspects that need to be taken into consideration prior to making any decision.

 These aspects may include that apart from the price or the cost of the reel, we have to consider the material of the reel, the build quality and overall design of the reel. Further, an important aspect of any spinning reel is its drag system. Whether the reel offers smooth drag or not. Also, we have to take into consideration the performance of the reel in various conditions, we have to check for the line capacity and ratings etc. So, these are some of the important aspects to look at before making any decision regarding the purchase of a budget friendly spinning reel. And what I would say is that based on all of these aspects, the spinning reel that I thought is the most suitable or the best option in this regard is the Pflueger president spinning reel.

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Is the Pflueger president spinning reel under 100

This Pflueger president spinning reel is a completely redesigned reel that although being in expensive, has some amazing and mind blowing performance. It provides the anglers with some extraordinary features and characteristics at such a price range. This reel is definitely going to meet most of your inshore fishing requirements and would perform in the best manner.

Key features of the Pflueger president spinning reel

We will discuss some of the amazing key features and properties of this budget friendly spinning reel. Its key features are as follows.


If we talk about the overall body of this Pflueger president spinning reel, then the body of this reel is made from high quality graphite material. Due to the presence of graphite, the weight of the reel is very much minimized. Also, the rotor of this reel is also made of graphite. We can indeed say that this graphite body and rotor are the foundation of this reel. 

The use of graphite in the construction of this reel enables the reel to be extremely durable as well as lightweight. Although the weight of the reel is quite light but still despite being lightweight, no compromise has been made on the durability of the reel. This reel is highly durable and strong. The advantage of being lightweight and durable is that this reel can be used to do fishing all day long without any kind of fatigue. It is quite comfortable to use and it would not cause any kind of damage or fatigue to the wrist and arm of the angler due to all day long fishing. Overall, the body design is also quite ergonomic.

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Handle and knob

The Pflueger president spinning reel has a dimpled knob design. The knob is quite ergonomic and is quite convenient and comfortable to use. It is quite soft and the overall grip of the knob is also very much soft and comfortable. It is very convenient to use this knob and it also enhances the overall performance of the reel because of the sturdier grip that it provides. If we consider the handle of the Pflueger president reel, then it is made from aircraft grade aluminium. This aluminium is known for its extreme durability and strength. Overall, the knob and the handle of this reel are very much effective and impressive as well.

Drag system

The drag present in the Pflueger president spinning reel is of stainless steel/oil felt drag. This reel has quite impressive and consistent drag pressure and another important aspect is that it is corrosion resistant.

Ball bearings

If we consider the ball bearings of this reel, then this reel is equipped with 10 ball bearings and these bearings are made of stainless steel. Also, the bearings are resistant to corrosion and if we consider the functioning of these bearings, then these are quite impressive. These bearings provide quite smooth performance. The overall casting and retrieving process is quite smooth because of the presence of these bearings.

Sure click technology

Pflueger president spinning reel is also equipped with the sure click bail technology. This Pflueger’s sure click bail is basically constructed of heavy duty aluminium. This bail proves to be much stronger than the previous bails. Also, the sure click technology generally provides with an audible click that lets the angler know that the bail is open and is ready to be casted away.

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Therefore, what I conclude about this reel is that if we consider the features that this reel provides us with are quite impressive. While considering the price range of this reel and the features that it has, it is indeed very much impressive. What I would say is that this Pflueger president reel is quite more than what I expected. This is quite lightweight reel and is very much comfortable to use. The overall performance of this reel in various conditions is also impressive. This reel is quite precise and accurate. The drag system is also quite impressive in such a price category.

Therefore, I would conclude that the Pflueger president spinning reel is one of the best option to consider. If you are looking for a spinning reel that will be excellent in terms of its performance and should also be within the budget of 100$, then you should definitely choose this Pflueger president as it is the best available option in my opinion that would have extreme performance and would be within the specified budget.

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