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Choosing a high-performance Redfish/trout fishing rod can be as easy as getting into your local fishing tackle store and buying the combo that is on sale for sixty euros. This is the fastest solution, but not the best. We can go much further in selecting the right fishing rod, which will increase your catch rate and allow you to catch more redfish and trout. 

Considering the construction, action, length, weight and even the reflective coating can have a positive effect on the way you fish for trout and redfish. The trout/redfish fishery has the advantage of being practiced at any time of the year and of the day. Nevertheless, we note that the redfish tends to move away from the bottom during the night to regain once the sun has risen.

 The most frequent catches are then made at nightfall. in the other side, freshwater fish such as trout are often very suspicious. They evolve in calm waters and are difficult to tempt by the first baits which one proposes to them. Once they bite the hook, you will have to act like a real pro to catch it, it requires of course good material, namely a rod made specifically for trout fishing.

Specificity of the cane to fish for trout?

The choice of a fishing rod depends very much on the type of fish you want to catch. The one dedicated to the trout must be: easy to handle, light and therefore easy to transport, tele-adjustable and resistant since it will have to do with big fish. The cane must also be flexible in its length. The minimum length of the cane for trout is 1m60 environment, it can reach up to 5m for a power of 5 and 35g. The choice of the length of the cane should take into account the places where you fish for trout.

You must know that trout is not easy to coax, it will be agitated when you take it out of the water, these craziness can break the cane if it is not resistant. It is therefore also important to ensure the flexibility of the cane so that it does not break at the wrong time.

TOP 4 best rods for trout fishing

1- Sänger spinning fishing rod

1- Sänger spinning fishing rod

 This spinning fishing rod is excellent for trout. It measures 2.70 meters while remaining very light (about 170 grams). It is suitable for fishing at any season. Its price is relatively considering the strength of the cane. If you translate the model, it literally means “iron trout”. The brand Sänger is not the best known in France, but it is a manufacturer specialized in fishing that offers good products and materials for trout.

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2- Fishing kit with cane and accessories

Fishing kit with cane and accessories

This ideal fishing kit for trout sells very well on the Amazon site. There are several variants available. The one you will find by following our link is a fishing rod, a reel, a line, lures, a net and a bag to store all your trout fishing gear.

The carbon rod is relatively small since it measures only 1.60 m. Telescopic, it slips into the bag provided for easy transport. Obviously, the manufacturer did everything to offer a light trout fishing rod.

Again, the price is very attractive, which means it’s not the best quality. This remains an excellent troubleshooting kit, to start or on vacation. If you are an experienced fisherman, you will surely go for more recognized brands.

3- Mitchell trout rod

Mitchell trout rod

 Made of fiber, this large fishing rod of 3.30 m is a very good accessory for trout. It comes with a size 30 reel running with a rear brake.

You also get a pot of trout, as well as a mounted line for trout and a disgorger. In short, it’s a good little kit for fishermen since everything is provided to begin. While we strongly recommend other accessories later, but this is necessary quality. It proves that it is not mandatory to spend a fortune before going to stand next to a river and fish for trout.

The cane is solid and the reel is correct. It obviously can not compete with an excellent Shimano reel, but is still a good buy.

4- Maxcatch trout fishing rod (complete kit)

Maxcatch trout fishing rod (complete kit)

 This reference is a complete kit for trout fishing. We find a rod, a reel and what to fish for trout fly. It’s not the best cane for trout in terms of quality,, but to offer a young fisherman or to serve as a kit during holidays, it is a very good value for money.

The handle of the cane is ergonomic and there is a good grip. The lureS provided are numerous and do the job. The reel remains a little light, but at this price, do not expect to have a war path

TOP 3 best rods for redfish fishing

1- Casting Shakespeare Rod Ugly Stik GX2

ugly stik

If you are looking for cheap quality fishing rods for redfish fishing, the Shakespeare brand will be happy to introduce you to one of its best fishing rod models in a pack of two.

It is indeed the rods of the collection Ugly Stik GX2 presented in a batch of two. These rods each have a length of 7 m, made of 2 sections provided with rings. These are fishing rods made of carbon fiber blended with fiberglass to ensure durability.

By buying this lot of Shakespeare casting rods, you will be able to invest in materials with a very good quality / price ratio. These medium power rods are equipped with a carbon fiber reel seat and a very comfortable EVA handle.

2- Cadence CR5 Spinning Rod

This special fishing rod for goldfish is made of 30-ton graphite and features significant amounts of stainless steel with SIC inserts, a Fuji seat reel and premium cork and EVA handles to optimize performance and comfort. Manufactured in high-end components of the cr5 series, cadence rods are designed to deliver exceptional value.

3- ST CROIX Triumph spinning rod

Tips to fishing dor trout

 When fishing for trout in sunny weather, some fly fishermen are known to sand the transparent reflective coating of their expensive fly rods in order to reduce glare and not give their presence to a trout that feeds . Some manufacturers of fishing rods have taken note and offer canes matte finish rather than shiny, and this is an important thing on my checklist when choosing a cane.

 There are many factors that can improve your chances of catching and landing a fish, putting the right fishing rod in your hand can do a lot to get there, but in the end we are all different and find the perfect cane is an individual thing. I can not and I would not recommend buying a particular cane, but I hope you will consider some of the above tips the next time you plan to buy a new trout cane.

 we can however recommend decoys for the effective trout or genarement on the fishing in the blue in our next article [Best bluefish lures]

Where to fish for redfish?

 Redfish are particularly fond of deep waters between 150 and 600 m (depending on the species) to find shrimps and fish.

It evolves mainly along the continental slopes, bordering large fishing banks, deep gutters, rocky and clay bottom in cold water between 3 and 8 °. It is in the narrow cavities formed by the rocky reefs that he chooses to hide in order to escape the predators.

WARNING: Fish to protect

The problem, according to the experts, is that these young rockfish can end up at the end of the line of smelt fishermen who use small hooks to catch these small fish.

These young rockfish take a long time to reach maturity and we must ensure their survival for the pleasure of finding them at the end of our lines in 5 or 10 years.

The most recent scientific opinion produced by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada indicates that the status of marine fish populations in the Saguenay River is disturbing. Remember that in order to preserve the ground fish stocks in the Saguenay, notably redfish, which has greatly decreased since 1995 and which represents more than 90% of the catches, the department has reduced the winter recreational fishing season to 45 days since 2015

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