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If we talk about the penn slammer 3 fishing reel, then it has been the winner for the best saltwater reel at the iCast 2016. This reel has been the best saltwater fishing reel of 2016. The aspect that makes it much more distinguished from other similar reels is the durability it has. This reel has been designed to withstand the roughest use. This reel can withstand the harsh conditions of the saltwater fishing and even the surf casting. This spinning reel can take over a wide range of applications. It is indeed a heavy-duty fishing reel that an angler may encounter. This penn slammer 3 is equipped with many new innovative features and it outperforms many expensive reels. It is highly durable, made of high quality material and is even corrosion resistant.

The penn slammer 3 will definitely show outstanding performance to anglers even after years of use. This reel surely has an unmatched durability. Another important aspect of this reel is that it is very fairly priced. It is an affordable reel that can even handle big fish quite easily.

Key features of Penn Slammer 3

Some of the main and important key features of this fishing reel are as follows;

  • High quality construction
  • Brass gearing system
  • Sealed bearings
  • CNC gear technology
  • Aluminium interchangeable handle
  • Rock solid performance
  • Braided lines
  • Impressive line capacity
  • Sealed slammer drag system
  • Carbon washers
  • IPX6 sealed system
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Extreme resistance to water
  • Body and design:

This penn slammer 3 has a full metal body. If we consider the side plates and the rotor of this reel, them even those are all metal. These metal parts basically keep the pinion and the gears all aligned and make the overall retrieving process much smoother.

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The knob of the penn slammer 3 is a machined aluminium one. This reel also comes with a spare EVA knob that is much more comfortable.  The handle of this reel is also made of machined aluminium and is indeed interchangeable. So no need to worry about being a left handed or right handed person.

If we consider the weight of the penn slammer 3 series, then the weight range is quite significant. As we know that the reel is an all metal build, so it would definitely have some weight. If we consider the smallest model of penn slammer 3, then it weighs about 14 ounces, whereas the weight for the offshore model is 43 ounces. Therefore, we can conclude that the build of the penn slammer 3 is quite sturdy.

  • Durability:

Well, when you will take the reel into your hand, you would feel a difference from other reels. By just holding this penn slammer 3 reel, you would immediately feel the use of high quality material. The build of this reel is all metal. The overall frame of the reel is metal frame along with high grade aluminium. The build quality is so extraordinary that the reels performance is not effected even in harsh saltwater conditions. This high quality build of the reel also increases the time span of it. Without any doubt, one can say that solid performance and impressive specifications are the heart of this penn slammer 3.

  • Gearing system:

This penn slammer 3 is equipped with a full brass gearing system. This gearing system is cut using the CNC machine for precision as well as strength. This high quality gearing system ensures that the angler has cranking power that definitely lasts long. The gears are made of brass. This is because, the brass gears provide smoothness to the gears, it has more strength, can even resist corrosion and also, these will definitely stand the test of time. Such smoothness in the gears is not present in other material gears. Overall, one can say that the CNC brass gearing is surely enough to indicate the high quality of the gearing system.

  • Bearings:
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The penn slammer 3 is also equipped with IPX6 rubber seals. These do protect the bearings and basically provide an increased resistance to corrosion and provide longevity to the reel. This IPX6 system protects your reel from most saltwater harsh situations. This is designed in such a way that it is able to take sprays from all sides but still, you do not have to worry getting the water into the reel or yeh gearbox. A number of seals are present in the reel that prevent the saltwater to get into the reel.

  • Drag system:

This penn slammer 3 definitely provides a lot of fmdrag power. Even the smallest reel model that is the 3500, it even has a drag capacity of 30 lbs. Whereas if we consider the larger model that is the 9500 or 10500, then these variants offer a drag capacity of 60 lbs. The mechanism behind such an incredible drag system is the presence of sealed slammer drag system technology along with dura drag. This is indeed one of the best drag system that is available only in high end models of penn’s fishing reels.


Penn slammer 3 might look a bit expensive in the beginning but believe me it’s just an illusion. You can compare this penn slammer 3 to other reels that are available in the market. You will surely see some differences. Such features and such characteristics would not be found in any other fishing reel at such a price range. This reel definitely offers some great value. This reel has a strong metal build that makes it one of the most durable fishing reel. This reel is designed for durability that will serve you for many years.

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