Okuma Trio high speed review

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  • Date: July 15, 2023
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Trio high speed spinning reels are made by the brand-named Okuma. This spinning reels by Okuma offer a remarkable, elegant and unique crossover construction. This high speed reel is very solidly built and it definitely is as smooth as silk. These high-speed spinning reels are durable, strong and light weight also. It definitely features an extraordinary and an innovative design that breaks its competition with other spinning reels. These spinning reels are a remarkable and a kind of revolutionary crossover construction.

This remarkable construction also offers the feature of high speed gearing. In these spinning reels the crossover construction is recognized as the use of aluminium as well as graphite. In this, the addition of aluminum provides core strength whereas the graphite is integrated and implanted for the lightweight handling of the real. This trio high speed spinning reel is without any doubt, a remarkable construction that is an intelligently designed piece of art along with a beast of performance for all kinds of fishing experience.

The trio high speed reel contains a lot of extra ordinary key features. The main important key features of this gadget include;


  • Aluminum and graphite hybrid body design
  • Hybrid spool design
  • Solid reel stem (SRS)
  • Dual force drag system
  • Multi disc drag washers
  • Anti-reverse roller bearing
  • Corrosion resisting coating
  • High density gearing
  • Rigid precision two tone aluminum spool
  • Aluminum handle design
  • Precision elliptical gearing system
  • Hydro block water tight drags
  • 2:1 gear ratio

If we talk about the gear ratio of this spinning reel by Okuma, then they have provided the customers with a 6.2:1 gear ratio. One of the most important key feature of this trio high speed spinning reel is the new precision elliptical gearing system. This new gearing system aims at creating less friction during the casting for the increased lengths and distances.

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This elliptical gearing mechanism also provides with a much greater accuracy and a longer line life. It also aims at providing a much smoother and much uniform drag pressure. Further, the SRS or the solid reel stem is referred to as the crossover construction as in this piece of construction, a solid piece of aluminium is used for the stem of the reel along with the graphite sides that are lightweight. The aim and objective of this crossover construction is to provide the maximum strength to the reel as well as to achieve minimum weight.

If we talk about the quick set antireverse feature, then this anti reverse feature basically engages the reel in one direction for various rock-solid hook sets. For the overall efficiency and smoothness, the dual drag force feature is present in this spinning reel. This dual drag force features also maximized the high end drag pressure that results in smoothness and efficiency of the reel. This trio high speed reel provides precise gear alignment and ultimate durability. Henceforth, it is one of the most dynamic spinning reels that we will find.

Conclusion of the okuma Trio high speed

So, these were all the important key features of the trio high speed spinning reel and is discussed earlier that these spinning reels do have a lot of extraordinary features. In my opinion, what makes this reel to stand apart from the competition with various other spinning reels is its SRS or the solid reel stem.

If we talk about the stamped aluminum stem of this spinning reel, then this aluminium stem basically offers the precision gear alignment. This precise gear alignment actually provides the maximum longevity. Now, in addition to this SRS system, the hybrid rotor is also present. This hybrid rotor is made up of stamped aluminum and graphite. In this hybrid rotor, this stamped and aluminum basically offers the rigidity to the bail system whereas the graphite offers a lightweight reel. This trio spinning reel offers a high-density gearing. The role of this high-density gearing is to provide maximum strength and durability to the spinning reel. 

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This reel also contains ten stainless steel bearings and these bearings provide long-term durability and ultimate smoothness to the spinning reel. Furthermore, the spool system is also present in this reel. This spool system is also hybrid in nature and it means that it is also made up with aluminium along with graphite also. This hybrid spool system is highly durable and strong yet it is lightweight and it features the drag chamber system. It offers precision alignment of spool shaft and extreme smoothness.

Henceforth, I conclude that this definitely is a great reel system for both the freshwater and saltwater environments. This trio high speed is definitely one of the best packages offered by Okuma when you are talking about spinning reels.


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