Penn Pursuit 2 Spinning Reel Review

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  • Date: July 15, 2023
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Penn is indeed one of the most trusted quality reel manufacturers for a very long time. This Penn pursuit 2 is basically an entry-level reel that is in the Penn series of spinning reels.

This reel comes in an affordable price range and if we consider its weight, then it is a very lightweight fishing reel and another important aspect of this reel is that it is highly resistant to corrosion.

This reel has a graphite body along with a metal side plate and a graphite rotor as well. This Penn pursuit 2 series was launched in 2013 and this series basically comes in five variants or models.

These models start from the 3000 one an end to the 8000 model.

What I would consider is that if you are a beginner, and considering your budget, you should definitely use this reel.

This is a formidable reel and has a feather light feel during fishing.

This reel is very smooth and is indeed a sturdier product by Penn.

This reel displays a solid black color with an amazing silver lining that is very attractive and awesome looking.

Because of the graphite frame, this reel repels corrosion.

Key features – Penn Pursuit 2

The overall design of this spinning reel is very much stable. We also know that Penn stays at the top of the list in using new features and technologies into its reels. Similarly, this Penn pursuit 2 offers a lot of quite impressive features.


If we talk about the body of this reel, then it is made up of graphite. Due to the presence of the graphite body, this reel feels like a feather. The body as well as the rotor is made from high-quality graphite.

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This graphite construction also gives the reel overall durability as well. For additional durability, the side plate of Penn pursuit 2 is made from metal. This metal construction further enhances the overall durability and performance of the reel.

If we consider the spool of the pursuit 2 series, then the spool of this reel is constructed of anodized aluminium. Basically, the anodization process converts the lightweight aluminium into a hard material.

This reel has a machined anodized aluminium construction that provides overall precision and it also causes a smooth line release from the spool. Further, Penn has placed line capacity rings at regular intervals on the spool.

This presence of rings on the spool reveals the amount of line left on the spool and hence, it lets the fisherman know how much line is remaining.

Drag system

Penn in its pursuit 2 series uses the oiled felt drag system.

This drag system offers a very smooth experience and provides a drag ranging from 10 to 25 lbs.

This oiled felt technology basically keeps the drag system lubricated and prevents the troubles that are caused due to dry drag system.


Inside this Penn pursuit 2 reels, there are a total of five bearings.


These are stainless steel shielded bearings that offer an extremely smooth performance to the reel.

This bearing system provides a very smooth retrieve and this smooth performance of the reel remains even after many years of use. If we talk about the bearing shield, then it usually uses thin metal plating to cover the balls and it entraps them in the bearings.

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This method basically provides protection from particles and overall it reduces the wearing process.

Anti-reverse feature

The Penn pursuit 2 is also equipped with anti-reverse ball bearings. These anti-reverse bearings perform important functions. These prevent the back play of the reel.

Further, it also solid retrieve without any back play. Thus the pursuit 2 series is equipped with an advanced anti-reverse system that is very useful.



What I conclude is that Penn definitely creates some amazing fishing reels that are quite good in terms of their durability and performance.

This Penn pursuit 2 generally executes well under extreme conditions or during the fish fights.

The Penn pursuit 2 does offer the anglers an overall solid performing reel. Further, this pursuit 2 series is a very budget-friendly reel.

As compared to the features that it offers, its budget is quite reasonable. I do say that with proper care and maintenance, this reel will surely provide you with many years of service and performance. So, for the money that it asks, it is a good reel that will surely get you started for fishing.

The build of this reel is quite good and the body design is also very amazing. At the price that it offers, I conclude that it is a good reel that will surely perform well.

The price tag is quite fair and the bearings and drag system are also quite impressive in their functioning. The reel definitely offers smooth performance and above all, it is definitely branded by Penn, so what more is required.

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