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penn fishing tackle company

The PENN FISHING TACKLE Company was founded in 1932 by Otto Henze Pen. Since then, the Penn brand has remained at the forefront of fishing techniques: Millions of experienced fishermen around the world use Penn products every day. This trust is the symbol of a unique design and manufacturing quality. A pioneer in rotary spinning reels, the Penn brand is still a reference in this field by producing very robust and very powerful reels for everything related to the fishing of very large fish such as bluefin tuna or bluefin tuna. marlin for example.

Over the past fifteen years, technological advances in alloying and mechanical engineering have revolutionized the fishing reel industry. The number of reels offered on the market has grown exponentially to the point that we find today thousands of very specialized references to practice our favorite hobby, the entry-level model to less than 10 euros to high-end model proposed several hundred euros. In the face of an ever increasing number of references, and prices that vary from simple to a hundredfold, the neophyte often finds it difficult to navigate when it comes to choosing a fishing reel. Here is an overview of the world of sea fishing reels that should allow you to better target your choices.

The different types of reels:

Fixed Drum Reels: Also known as spinning reels, fixed drum reels are by far the most used both onboard and boat. Fishing in surf, lure, fishing to support, jig fishing.

Rotating-drum reels: There are two types of rotating-drum reels, non-throwing classics, which will be reserved for trolling, vertical, support or broumé so-called “Casting” reels that are designed to allow throwing.

1- Penn Slammer III Spinning Reel

Following a strong customer demand, the PENN Slammer is back. Designed for heavy fishing by boat or shore, it is a reel that has the confidence of charter masters worldwide.

In order to offer a spinning reel able to cope with the strongest fishing conditions on board or by boat, Penn has sought in these drawers an illustrious model to give it a new youth. The Slammer 3 is the new Penn flag in terms of sealing and braking

The Slammer III coils feature our new IP67 waterproof system that prevents water infiltration.

The new Slammer also uses the Dura-Drag braking system, more consistent and progressive than ever before.


  • Metal frame, flanges and rotor
  • CNC technology
  • Waterproof IP67 housing and coil
  • Slammer waterproof brake with Dura-Drag brake
  • 6 + 1 Stainless steel ball bearings

2- Penn Fierce II Spinning Reel

Penn Fierce II Spinning Reel

This Penn reel features an anodized aluminum machined coil, the “Line Capacity Rings” indicate the fill level at 1/3 and 2/3 full capacity and full reel. This is reinforced (coil “Braid Ready”) to withstand the pressure generated by the use of braids.

Precision infinite anti-backlash improves fishing comfort and the efficiency of shoeing.

The metal frame “Full Metal Body” ensures a perfect alignment of the gears, even when they are subjected to high stresses.

The gears are made of stainless steel: increased resistance and precision in the fluidity without weakening!

The aluminum pickup is light, strong and extremely well adjusted for flawless reliability even when fighting against strong opponents.

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Its handle with crank machined anodized aluminum allows a firm grip and comfortable.

A fishing reel at sea resolutely cut for the fight that will also be perfect in fresh water for who wants to compete with larger fish.

Characteristics :

  • Capacity: 200m of 0.31mm
  • Ratio: 6.2: 1
  • Recovery: 0.94 m / Crank Tower
  • Weight: 348 g
  • Brake: 5.8 kg
  • Metal frame and flanges for perfect alignment
  • Machined coil made of anodized aluminum
  • Stainless steel gears
  • 4 stainless steel ball bearings
  • Instant anti-return
  • Machined crank in anodized aluminum with comfortable handle

The PENN FIERCE II 4000 Reel is a robust and reliable reel with a superb price / quality ratio!

Penn Technologies of the Fierce II 4000 Reel:

Its sealed brake system has been tested and approved in the field, it is reliable and powerful enough to deal with big fish. With a metal frame, stainless steel gears, an aluminum pickup and its braided reel, the Fierce II reel has been designed to provide you with optimum performance even in the most extreme conditions!


  • Penn brand
  • weight 348
  • Recovery 6.2: 1/94 cm
  • Number of Bearings 4 1
  • Front brake
  • 200m capacity of 0.31mm

3- Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel

Roberto MARTINEZ MANTON’s point of view:

“I needed a quality weapon to go to war, and now there’s no question, the Battle II is one of the best reels right now.

An unbeatable value for money, adapts to any situation, in fresh water as in sea.

Thanks to its precision and its pulling power, you will be able to stop all the fish that you will fish.

Plus, I love her look … what more can I say? “

Penn Battle II 4000 Reel Technology

  • Braid Ready
  • Tecno-balanced
  • Full Metal Body
  • Superline
  • Line Capacity Rings
  • HT-100

Product’s details: Reel penn battle II

The Penn Battle II is a heavy-duty reel designed to optimize casting distances. This size 4000 has been created for mid-sea fishing. Ideal for boating, the Penn Battle II 4000 has a wide range of use: casting, fishing support, kayak fishing, fishing from the edge…

It is also widely used by freshwater anglers for zander, pike and catfish.

This Penn throwing reel has the famous metal frame and quality brake already known and recognized fishermen.

This Penn spinning reel has been designed to facilitate long distance throws and to withstand high pressures.

It has a better resistance to corrosion. For a perfectly balanced set, we recommend using it with Regiment rods.

This Penn reel benefits from the know-how of this great American brand: Penn, a name recognized throughout the world!

penn battle 2

Features of the Penn Battle II reel, size 4000:

  • 5 + 1 ball bearings
  • Metal frame
  • Strong and oversized basket handle
  • 15 lb. HT-100 sealed brake
  • Capacity inscribed on the spool
  • Specific design against corrosion
  • Techno rotor system for a more fluid recovery
  • Coil designed for the braid
  • Weight: 362 grams
  • Capacity: 245 m 28/100
  • Ratio: 6.2 / 1
  • Recovery: 94 cm per crank turn
  • Brake: 11.3 Kg

4- Reel penn clash 6000

    The Penn Clash 6000 reel is of proven robustness and precision. Perfect for fishing, among others, tuna with surface lures, popping or jig fishing.

 What better than fishing bluefin tuna for testing the power and resistance of a reel? The Penn Clash 6000 and 8000 fought dozens of bluefin tuna between 20 and 70 kg without fail.The brake with the famous discs HT 100 ultra fluid and progressive has helped to face the assaults and huge rushes well known to bluefin tuna.With its round handle EVA and excellent handling, it will allow you to fish both in popping and jigging . Cyril Gressot, fishing guide in the Mediterranean.

Penn Technologies Clash 6000: Robustness and precision! :

The Penn Clash Dura-Drag Water-Resistant Brake is based on the same principle used for racing cars: powerful, progressive and consistent over time, even under extreme braking forces. Its virtually indestructible HT-100 carbon brake rotors deliver superior stopping power and smoothness to all other materials.

The metal reel frame ensures perfect alignment of the gears, even when subjected to high stresses. The precision machined control wheel and pinion of a digital technology (“CNC GEAR ™” technology) improves flexibility of rotation and longevity. Heavy duty aluminum basket handle.

The Clash 6000 has a “Leveline” dual oscillation system ensuring excellent winding of the wire or braid on the coil.

Its “Techno-Balanced ™” rotor balancing system ensures a smoother and more consistent recovery. Engravings inside the coil indicate the fill level to 1/3 and 2/3 of the total capacity and full spool. This special braided reel is equipped with a rubber band on the hub avoiding the braid to slide during strong traction.

5- Penn Spinfisher VI Reel

Penn Spinfisher VI Reel

The new Penn Spinfisher VI reel has just landed, the sixth version of a long line of Penn reels, well known for their durability. The newest Spinfisher has the same rigid metal frame and the same HT-100 Drag system that made the Spinfisher a powerful model. What is new is that the Spinfisher VI has better water resistance, which means that its internal components are less likely to be damaged by water intrusion, as well as the CNC Gear technology of Penn offers you ultra-precise gears for exceptional durability and fluidity. Penn has added two new models to the Spinfisher range with size 2000 and size 4500, giving surfcasting enthusiasts, as well as coastal and offshore anglers, a Spinfisher VI that will fit any conceivable technique.

Main characteristics :

  • 5 + 1 stainless steel armored bearings
  • HT-100 brake system for smooth and durable braking even at extreme drag pressures
  • CNC gear technology
  • Brass sprocket on all models
  • Aluminum main gear (2500-5500)
  • Main brass (6500-10500)
  • Nylon rotor (2500-5500)
  • Aluminum rotor (6500-10500)
  • IPX5 waterproof rating (highly resistant to water): Protection against water jets in any direction.
  • Infinite Anti-Reverse
  • Interchangeable crank between left and right
  • Size 2500 to 8000
  • Smaller frame, lighter up to 18% (depending on models)

6- Spinfisher VI Live Liner

Here the version of the Spinfisher VI Live Liner namely the disengaged version of this robust and powerful reel. Its release lever releases the brake from the spool to let the thread spin with more or less resistance. This reel designed mainly for live fishing is used for peaches laid.

The spool of the Spinfisher VI Live Liner reel has a rubber band to avoid turning the braid and tighten it tight.

The size 6500 of the Spinfisher VI Live liner is very versatile, it allows to fish in sea as in freshwater.

This Penn reel has an IPX5 waterproofing system. So, whether you use this reel in the surf or let it float in the scum all day long, there is no risk of the seawater getting into the gearbox. drag system. HT 100 seals are housed in a fully sealed reel to provide the stopping power needed for large or very powerful fish. The frame and side plate, all metal, keep the CNC gear system in precise alignment under the weight of heavy loads.

Features of the Spinfisher VI Live liner reel in size 6500

  • Brake: 13.6Kg
  • Weight: 740 grams
  • Capacity: 355m in 0.33mm
  • Ratio: 5.6: 1
  • Recovery: 107cm per crank turn

7- Penn SENATOR Reel

You are looking for thrills, we have the reel you need.

  • Stainless steel sprockets
  • Heavy-duty bronze gears
  • Stainless steel reinforced flanges
  • Anodized aluminum coil

The PENN SENATOR reel holds more IGFA BIG GAME records than any other reel. It is undoubtedly for this reason that it enjoys such a consideration and recognition from sport fishermen.

The Penn SPECIAL Senator was created on the proven mechanism of the Penn Senator. It has a higher ratio and increased power. With a couple of overdrive recovery, the Penn Special Senator will surprise you. To be tested imperatively!

The Penn Senator is the most reliable and powerful on the market. A reel on which you can always count, even after years of intensive use. The multi-disc star brake, consisting of a stainless steel pinion makes this reel truly indestructible. The mythical powerful noisemaker is used in the soundtrack of the movie “The Teeth of the Sea”.

Models 113, 114 and 114L are ideal for fishing for sharks and big fish in general.

“Do not be fooled by their” classic “look as they have been greatly improved – the frame is now reinforced with a graphite piece that improves stiffness without increasing weight.The HT-100 carbon multi-disc brake provides a great excellent braking and stainless bearings ensure longevity. “

Alban Choinier


PENN is an American brand of sport fishing reels appreciated for the robustness and longevity of its production. PENN reels are strong, made to last. By choosing a PENN, you choose a quality material. We assure the fast and efficient after-sales service for all the reels of the brand.

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