Shimano Nasci Reel Review

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  • Date: July 15, 2023
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When it comes to the fishing reels, Shimano’s name is among one of the best manufacturers of these reels. Shimano has made its place in the hearts of the anglers. The fishing reels by Shimano are very much preferred by the fishermen because of the features that they provide. Shimano fishing reels are very much durable, strong and in terms of their performance are simply amazing. In this review, we will talk about the Nasci fishing reel by Shimano.

Shimano Nasci fishing reel Overview

This Nasci fishing reel by Shimano is basically an affordable fishing reel. The price range that it follows is very much reasonable. Also, this reel is durable and has a great performance. Shimano Nasci reel is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fishing conditions as well. The overall quality of the reel is very impressive and reel is very comfortable to use. Overall, this Shimano Nasci is a reliable fishing reel in terms of its performance.

Key features of Shimano Nasci

The Shimano Nasci reel is equipped with some extraordinary features and the overall quality of the reel is also very much impressive. Some of the main key features of this reel are as follows.


The overall body design of the Shimano Nasci is ergonomic. The design is very much attractive and makes the use of the reel very comfortable. Another important aspect of this reel’s body is that the centre of the mass of the reel has been slightly changed. This centre of mass has been shifted towards the rod. The reason behind doing this is that it basically enhances and improves the weight and balance in the hand. Overall, this results in a better fishing experience and is very much convenient and effective. Further, the body of the Nasci reel is designed in such a way that it will not put strain on the angler’s arms and wrist. This will lead to an easy and comfortable fishing experience throughout the day without causing any kind of stress or fatigue.

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If we consider these ratio of the Nasci reel, then it offers two gear ratio’s. One is the 5.0:1 while the other is the 6.2:1. These are the gear ratios offered by this reel. Further, if we consider the overall gears if this reel, then it contains the hagane cold forged gears. These are very efficient gears that provide the smoothest retrieve. These gears make the overall functioning of this reel extremely smooth and amazing. This gearing system is quite impressive and it functions effectively even under high pressure when you are catching a big fish.


X-ship technology is one of the key feature of fishing reels by Shimano. This X-ship technology is basically a combination of various features that work together and ultimately leads to the better performance of the reel. This X-ship technology basically positions the pinion gear close to the center line and as a result, more power is delivered towards the rotor. It makes it very easy to fight with big fish effectively. Further, it has 4+1 ball bearings. The Shimano’s A-RB ball bearings provide more stability and smoothness to the performance of the reel. These allow the reel to function very smoothly even in extreme conditions.

Water resistance

The Shimano Nasci is also equipped with coreprotect water resistant feature. This amazing feature by Shimano provides the reel protection from damage due to water. This coreprotect feature makes the reel resistant to water damage. This results in a better lifetime of the reel and ensuring its durability.

Also, the Shimano Nasci reel comes in five different variants or sizes. Starting from the smallest size that is the 1000 model upto the 5000 one. These variants differ in terms of the gear ratio and line retrieve rate as well. For the 1000 model, the gear ratio is 5.0:1 and the line retrieve rate is 26 inches whereas for the 5000 model, the gear ratio is about 6.2:1 and a line retrieve rate of about 42 inches.


What I conclude about this Shimano Nasci fishing reel is that it is indeed one of the best option for an angler if he is looking for a fishing reel that is amazing in terms of its performance and also is very much budget friendly. The Shimano Nasci reel is also resistant to damage caused due to water. Further, the hagane precision cold forged gears of the reel are simply amazing. This gearing system along with the X-ship technology and the Shimano’s A-RB bearings provide the reel with an extremely smooth performance and effectiveness. The overall fishing power of the reel is also amazing. The body design is quite ergonomic and compact. The reel is quite lightweight and is indeed very much comfortable for long time fishing. It is very comfortable and convenient to use and has a silky smooth functioning and performance.

Therefore, I would highly recommend this budget friendly yet amazing fishing reel to the anglers. It will surely make your fishing experience amazing.

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